Everyone I know is into yoga – including men! In fact my good friend Dennis is a fan of something called “hot yoga”. It’s yoga you do under hot and humid conditions – another words you are sweating like crazy as you are doing your yoga. It sounds horrible, but my friend Dennis swears by it. It’s helped him to lose weight and get in shape. He’s still not a “skinny Minnie”, but he’s super flexible and it’s really helped him when it comes to playing volleyball.

My teenager daughter is into yoga too. Little by little she’s learning more about it.

As a plus size woman I never thought I could enjoy the benefits of yoga either. I’m lucky if I can bend my legs up to tie my shoes (while sitting down) let alone perform some of the yoga positions I have seen. I’m not Gumby! I can’t bend that way – or can I?

I was introduced to a yoga program called DDP Yoga. DDP stands for Diamond Dallas Page. Who is Diamond Dallas you might ask? Diamond Dallas is a former World Champion Wrestler. After an injury the doctors told him that his career was over. His wife recommended that he give yoga a try – and he loved it! However he didn’t think that the yoga had enough intensity needed to make it a full body workout. After 12 years of research and development, Diamond Dallas came up with his own hybrid form of yoga. His yoga combines yoga with calisthenics, breathing exercises, rehab techniques and resistance exercises. The best part is that this hybrid form of yoga is non-stressing on the joints.

Joint issues are something that I am slowly becoming aware of. My right knee is “wonky”. It’s always made a clicking sound when I walk, but these days it tends to “pop” or “twist”, even without doing any kind of strenuous activity or sudden movement. It also hurts to walk up stairs, but walking down stairs it’s fine. I’m not an athlete, and I haven’t been in any accidents, so I’m not sure why all of a sudden it’s acting this way. I have yet to break down and see a doctor about it.

I was asked if I wanted to review the program. At first I was a bit reluctant. After all, how can an out of shape, obese, non-bendy person going to be able to do yoga positions. Then I saw this video of a wounded war veteran name Arthur. Check it out for yourself and you’ll be truly amazed and understand why I wanted to give DDP Yoga a try.


Amazing. Truly amazing. Not only was Arthur injured but he was severely out of shape – just like me. In fact I could see myself in him in a way.

Arthur couldn’t walk without aid and overweight. The doctor’s said he would never walk unassisted again. After 10 months on DDP Yoga (and eating healthy) he lost 140 pounds and can now run – something the doctor’s told him was impossible.

Arthur before and after

If Arthur could totally transform his life and turn it around with the help of DDP Yoga, then that is something I need to try for myself. Not only that, with my knee acting up like it has been I worry about ending up having to use canes to help me walk.

Before I tried the program I made sure to watch the DVDs. I wanted to see for myself what I was going to get myself into. I’ll be honest when I saw I was a bit put off by what I saw. Some of the moves were easy enough – no matter how out of shape you are. But other moves looked too difficult for me at my current weight and abilities.

There are different DVD sets available with this program.

DDP Yoga Pack 1: Level 1 – Beginner – Intermediate – Advanced

Diamond Dozen – This gives you a walk through of the fundamental positions

Energy –Energy! take the Diamond Dozen positions and incorporates them into an energizing 20 minute workout designed to wake up your body. While it’s designed for beginners don’t be fooled! As you seek more deeply into the positions you can get an intense workout in these power packed 20 minutes.

Fat Burner – Crank it up and get ready to sweat! This 25 minute workout provides total body conditioning, including targeting problem areas like abs, arms, thighs and butt. This fast paced, high cardio emphasis focuses on carving fat off your body in a compact, time saving workout.

Red Hot Core – This workout will help you to get a sexy, slim waistlines and ripped abs in this red hot core workout! Take less than 15 focused minutes to build core strength and create that flat stomach or six pack of your dreams!

Below the Belt – This was geared more towards women, focusing on holding back the hands of time in your butt and thighs. And guys will gain incredible strength in your most powerful muscle groups – glutes and thighs

Diamond Cutter – This DVD focuses on every part of your body while to build strength, increase flexibility and give you a cardio workout like you’ve never had. Want to lose weight quickly or tune up? Guess what? This is for you!

The second two DVD’s include:

Wake Up –Work out the kinks first thing in the morning, with this 10 minute routine to wake up your muscles, loosen your joints, and fill your body with energy. Wake up is a great way to start your day and keep you going all day long!

Stand Up – A 30-minute highly condensed workout completely on its feet. No lying down at any point. This DVD is designed to improve your balance, coordination and flexibility while giving you a great fat burning workout.

Strength Builder – A 35-minute workout that focuses on strengthening those body parts that tend to break down first — knees, shoulders and back — to keep you strong and healthy.

Red Hot Core – Another DVD that helps you build and strengthen your core.

Mix Tape – The most challenging positions form all the workouts and condensed them into an action-packed 30-minute workout called Mix Tape. It’s a mash-up of all Diamond Dallas’ favorite hits!

Double Black Diamond – Get ready to sweat and swear! This is Diamond Dallas’s own personal workout for serious fanatics who are ready for the challenge –  or think they’re ready! In Double Black Diamond, they turn up the burn, sweat it out, and take strength, cardio, and flexibility to a whole new level. If you’re willing to push yourself to the limit, this is the DVD for you!

There is also an extreme collection. I’m far from that level. 🙂

In addition to the DVDs you also get a handy workout poster called “Diamond Dozen Positions” that you can use as a reference guide. My daughter actually refers to this poster to create her own workout routine (she’s more flexible than I am – LOL).

There is also a program guide that provides you with a workout schedule, nutrition guide, recipes and an important food journal.


If you find that you are needing some inspiration check out the before and after transformations on the DDP Yoga website. In addition to photos you can read more from each individual transformed their lives using the DDP Yoga program.

Please remember that each individual is different. Some people lose weight faster than others. Plus each person’s body is different. Your individual results might vary.

The program does require you to be truly committed. Using the DVDs once in a while is not going to help you.

Like Arthur did in the video, I did fall a few times. I lost my balance and tipped over. I’m a bit better at it now (I haven’t tipped over in a long time. :-)).

I’m not physically able to use all of the DVDs in the program – yet. I’m still working on the basics. My wonky knee gets the better of me sometimes. Plus when it gets hot and humid it makes it uncomfortable to work out (I’m not into the hot yoga like my friend Dennis is – ha ha). My favorites are Energy and Fat Burner. I’m trying to work my way up to the Diamond Cutter (I get out of breath and tired after a few minutes). I haven’t progressed to the second DVD series yet.

My teenage daughter can follow along with the DVDs with no problems at all. We’re trying to talk my teenage son into trying them because he has a little bit of a “spare tire” in his middle, but he is convinced that yoga is a “girl thing” even though he clearly sees guys doing it too.

I’ve noticed on my daughter that her waist is a bit slimmer. She’s NOT overweight or out of shape at all. In fact she’s the perfect weight for her height and build. But I have noticed that her waist seems a bit slimmer. Of course she’s happy to hear that. I think the program has helped her to firm up and tone her body more so than get flexible and lose weight.

I think the program is great and I can see how it can work for many people. Some people, like me, need to build up to the more advanced DVDs, which is fine. There is nothing wrong with taking “baby steps” as long as they are moving you to the right direction.

If you would like to learn more about DDP Yoga visit www.DDPYoga.com. You can also check them out on Facebook and Twitter.

DDP Yoga Logo


*I received free product samples in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.


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  1. that’s great! I had taken a book out of the library that had a lot of exercises, many yoga-type, by a man who had been in a terrible motorcycle accident and he didn’t have much of a future, he could hardly move. He faithfully exercised every day, and much of it includes stretching & balance, he is now a teacher and he can do things that seem impossible for anyone, never mind someone who started out that way. However, it must be someone with a huge amount of determination, like your husband.

  2. Nice article with proper images to explain it practically. Liked it and lean from it. 🙂