December OREO Kit Recipe Contest – Need YOUR Help to Pick a Winner!


Once again it’s time to share with you the wonderful recipes that were created by the OREO Play Up Dessert kit winners. Sadly I don’t have submissions from all five kit winners, but I do have most of them and they are AMAZING!!! I think each and every one of these kit winners should win the gift card because they all did a fantastic job. :-)!!!

I need YOUR help. I need for you to leave a comment and vote for your favorite recipe/photo. I am keeping them anonymous so you don’t know who the recipe belongs to. I’m simply labeling them “A”, “B”, “C” or “D”. All I need you to do is leave a comment and tell me which is your favorite. It’s that simple.

The winner will be the person with the most votes. The winner will receive a $100 gift card.

Voting will end on Friday, January 4, 2013 at 11:59 PM (EST).

Photo "A" - Mini peppermint Cheesecakes with an Oreo crust

Photo “A” – Mini peppermint Cheesecakes with an Oreo crust

Photo "B" - Oreo Holiday Christmas Tree

Photo “B” – Oreo Holiday Christmas Tree

Photo "C" - Winter Oreo Brownies Iced with Cream Cheese Frosting.

Photo “C” – Winter Oreo Brownies Iced with Cream Cheese Frosting.

Photo "D" - Holiday Hello Kitty Cake Pops made with Oreo Cookies

Photo “D” – Holiday Hello Kitty Cake Pops made with Oreo Cookies

Thank you for voting!

For more information about Oreo please visit their official website. You can also follow Oreo on Facebook and Twitter.



*I am being compensated for my participation in this campaign. I addition I also received a free kit. All opinions expressed are my own and are not influenced in any way.

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  1. I voted for ” C “

  2. Wow, they all look amazing.

    I vote for A.

  3. Very pretty- I vote for B 🙂

  4. I’m voting for C!

  5. I vote for “C”

  6. I vote for B!

  7. Lynne Judd says:

    I vote for C!

  8. Amy Sowers says:

    I vote for C! Yum!

  9. Linda Costanza says:

    My vote is for “C”

  10. voting for B

  11. Joyce Holland says:

    I cast my vote for “C”!

  12. I vote for C.

  13. I voted for ” C “

  14. I vote for C,

  15. I vote for A!

  16. I vote for C.

  17. I vote for B for presentation AND having kids and grandkids would be a showstopper AND be eaten up in a flurry…I mean HURRY!

  18. I like B.

  19. I vote for A.

  20. april yedinak says:


  21. Melissa P. says:

    I vote for B based off difficulty and creativity. Love it!

  22. Tracy Allen says:

    I vote for “B”
    It’s gorgeous and I really want to make it – and eat it.

  23. I vote for a

  24. A

  25. I vote for D

  26. awesome! I vote B

  27. Deanna G. says:

    I vote for B.

  28. Olivia Rubin says:

    B…heck they even had to balance them after decorating the,…mine would have toppled over

  29. I vote for D! So cute!

  30. I vote for D – love that Hello Kitty!!

  31. Angela Whitehouse says:

    I vote for D. My daughter would LOVE that.

  32. One vote for B.

  33. Wilma Woz says:

    Vote D

  34. D. Adorable!

  35. keneta summers says:

    I vote for d

  36. D is adorable!

  37. Ben Brown says:

    I vote for D!

  38. I’m voting D!

  39. B gets my vote, and I’ll say it’s mostly for presentation, because this tree is adorable!
    I totally understand why you wanted help making this decision, though. This was really tough. Everyone did a good job being creative with their Oreo cookie kits.
    Auriette recently posted..I love my Dyson vacuum!

  40. I vote for A – duh, it’s cheesecake!

  41. I vote for A!

  42. i vote for picture A

  43. A

  44. I vote B

  45. I vote b.

  46. I vote for b!

  47. I vote for B.

  48. I vote for B

  49. My vote for “B” looks great!

  50. I vote A

  51. I vote for B!

  52. I vote for B

  53. OnyxPrimal says:

    Photo B!

  54. Neil Merschbrock says:

    I vote for B

  55. Janette Rupple says:

    I vote for “B”!!

  56. I vote for B

  57. Photo B

  58. I vote for “B”!

  59. Ciara Weaver says:

    I vote for B! YAY for B!!!!

  60. Adrienne T says:

    I vote for B.

  61. Juan Sanchez says:

    Well done everybody, but I vote for B!

  62. Kyron Parsons says:

    I vote for B! That’s awesome!!

  63. Cool stuff. My vote goes to B

  64. ellen beck says:

    They all look great B is a show stopper.

  65. I vote for B

  66. Rob Hestar says:

    I voted for b! 🙂

  67. I’m going to vote for C

  68. I vote for C.

  69. Billie Ketelsen says:

    I vote for B

  70. Nickelette says:

    I vote for B

  71. b is the best!

  72. I vote for A
    Meghan @JaMonkey recently posted..Easy Fashion with No nonsense

  73. I vote for A!
    Sara Phillips recently posted..Wordless Wednesday

  74. Shelly Brandli says:

    I vote for B!

  75. Federico Hernandez says:

    Im not a chef nor do I play one on TV, but if I did, Id have to choose B. B has the kind of look that makes me feel like a man while being able to express my cooking side. Yes 9 out of 10 dentists would agree B is the cats pajamas. Remember a vote for B is a vote for America & I say Go USA!

    • Federico Hernandez says:

      Whoops I guess I over did it? I thought it’d be nicer to put a smile on someones face than just say I vote for B. 😉

  76. Alex Cole says:

    Looking nice! I vote for B

  77. Nickelette says:

    vote for B

  78. B is my favorite!

  79. I vote B

  80. I vote for A!!!

  81. I vote for A.
    Elizabeth Atwood recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: Project Life 365 #Resolution

  82. A

  83. They all look super tasty! But I vote for A!
    Andrew Kardon recently posted..Win an Adventure Time Video Game for the Nintendo DS (Ends 1/15)

  84. I vote for A

  85. I LOVE Oreos! I vote for C!

  86. I vote for C. Very cute!

  87. Giving my vote to C!

  88. I vote for c! Yum!

  89. I vote for C …..lovely
    Lauri M recently posted..Free Ravelry Pattern!

  90. I vote for C

  91. I vote for C
    Melissa Rheinlander recently posted..Review & Giveaway: Yummy Earth Organic Gummy Bears

  92. I vote for C

  93. I vote for C

  94. I vote for “C”

  95. I vote for C.

  96. I vote for C!
    Karns recently posted..Project 365: Day 3

  97. I vote for C.

  98. I vote for C

  99. They all look good.

  100. I vote for C!

  101. I vote for B!

  102. Brianna Lepcks says:

    I vote for c

  103. I vote for C.

  104. I vote for C

  105. I vote for C

  106. B

  107. ChaoticOrder75 says:

    I vote for B

  108. B

  109. I vote for B.

  110. They all look good. I vote for C.

  111. Timothy Lawrence says:

    I vote for B

  112. I vote for B

  113. I vote for C

  114. I vote for c!!!

  115. I vote for C
    Lisa @ Snappy Gourmet recently posted..Happy New Year!

  116. I vote C

  117. I vote for C!
    K Smith recently posted..Giveaway: Potato Goodness Prize Pack

  118. I vote for C
    Erin Lowmaster recently posted..Owen’s First Hair Cut

  119. I vote for C

  120. Anything Hello Kitty get my vote! Going with C :0)
    Good luck to all your entries!
    Closer to Lucy recently posted..The Internet has them all

  121. Shanna Teague says:

    I vote for C!

  122. I vote for C
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  123. B!

  124. I vote for C.
    Scarlet recently posted..Five Ways to Teach Children to be Eco- Friendly

  125. I vote B!

  126. Emilee Reynolds says:

    I vote for c

  127. Photo B for sure! They all look good though.

  128. I vote for B!

  129. My vote is for B…You needed to taste to tell the differance…Graet treat.

  130. I vote for C!

  131. I Vote C.

  132. Voting for C
    Steph @ The Circus recently posted..For All The Casidee Fans In The House

  133. I vote for C !!!!
    Renee recently posted..We Have A Winner!

  134. I vote for B!

  135. Vote for B, that looks awesome!

  136. Paula Barnes says:

    I vote for photo B

  137. I vote for C.

  138. I vote for C 🙂

    Dawn recently posted..Spicy Spaghetti Recipe #whatsfordinner

  139. I vote for “C”!
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  140. Nickelette says:

    Vote for B!!

  141. Dominic R. says:

    I vote for B

  142. I vote for C.

  143. I vote for C!
    Hannahviolin recently posted..Midlife Crisis

  144. Certifiedninja1 says:

    Photo B for sure.

  145. I vote for C
    Heather recently posted..$0.83 per issue for All You Magazine

  146. I vote for C

  147. I vote for C!
    I would love to try it!
    Christine D. @ Oh, Chrys! recently posted..Cover Reveal: Retribution by Amy Thompson

  148. I vote for C!
    Melissa Lawler recently posted..Malware Warning

  149. Shanna Teague says:


  150. I vote for b
    Kelli Bliss recently posted..Skoy Cloth Review and Giveaway!

  151. I Vote for C!

  152. Mocha Dad says:

    I vote for C
    Mocha Dad recently posted..Family Goal Setting for the New Year

  153. I vote for C.

  154. LIsa Gibson says:

    I vote for B So cute!!!!

  155. I vote for C
    OutnumberedMama recently posted..Ring Slings – Baby Wearing past the infant stage

  156. I vote for c

  157. C!
    Mel recently posted..Chewy Granola Bars

  158. I vote for B!

  159. Anushka W. says:

    Voting for B!

  160. Wow! All of them look equally yummy! But if I had to choose, I’d vote for C. Love cream cheese frosting!
    shelly recently posted..Bloggers Wanted: Mom Powered Media Birthday Celebration

  161. I vote for B.

  162. I vote for C.
    Alicia recently posted..On Location Tours Winner!

  163. Deena Smith says:

    I like B!

  164. I vote for C 🙂

  165. Kelli McD says:

    I vote for b

  166. I vote for C

  167. I vote B

  168. B!

  169. Debbie H. says:

    I vote C

  170. I vote for C!!

  171. My vote is for B!

  172. I vote for C! Those sound amazing!
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  173. i vote for c

  174. B

  175. B

  176. I vote for C

  177. I vote for C!
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  178. I vote for B. ( :

  179. I vote for B

  180. I vote for B!!!!!

  181. Cece Lockwood says:

    I think that ‘B’ is really neat!

  182. Thomas_CAG says:

    I’m voting for B but would eat them all if given the chance.

  183. lllwithleslie says:

    I vote for C.

  184. voting for C!
    Heidi Zapolski recently posted..Simple From Scratch Play Dough

  185. I vote for C.

  186. They all look fabulous! But, I’ll vote for C. 🙂
    Rena (An Ordinary Housewife) recently posted..My New Year’s Resolutions

  187. I vote for C! They’re all great though!
    Trisha G. recently posted..No nonsense: Style Made Easy! Tights and Leggings Review

  188. I vote for B.

  189. I vote for the tree! “B” very creative!
    Byn recently posted..Stop Motion Animation: Hey Diddle Diddle w/Free Printable Coloring Pages for Kids

  190. I vote for C

  191. I vote for C, yummy.

  192. I vote for B

  193. d

  194. I vote for c!
    Kristen recently posted..2 Weeks Old Already!

  195. I vote for C.
    Heather recently posted..21 Day Declutter Challenge: Day 3

  196. Photo B

  197. Alicia C. says:


  198. I vote for C

  199. I vote for B.

  200. I vote for C.

  201. I vote for C

  202. I vote for B!

  203. I vote for C!

  204. I vote for photo B

  205. I vote for C! Looks so cute and delish!
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  206. I vote for the lovely B Christmas tree!

  207. Brad Epperley says:

    I vote B

  208. I vote for C!

  209. I vote for C.

  210. Josh Nicholls says:

    I vote for B, the Oreo Holiday Christmas Tree

  211. I vote for “B”.

  212. domenic paolo says:

    I vote for B! 🙂

  213. I vote B

  214. Tiffany Christie says:

    I vote for C. 🙂