Dinos have hit the streets in Manhattan! #DinoTails



On Wednesday I posted about how the Bronx Zoo Dinosaur Safari street team was going to be out and about in certain locations in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Hoboken, NJ.

Did you happen to see any of the street team members? They were kind of hard to miss. Check them out.




The street team donned a dinosaur tail to get attention and to tell people about the new Dinosaur Safari attraction at the Bronx Zoo.

This summer, Bronx Zoo guests will be immersed in the wonders of the  prehistoric world as they hop aboard a paleontologist’s wagon and take an  exciting journey back to a time when dinosaurs ruled the world. Visitors will  encounter 16 large-scale majestic animated creatures, as well as baby dinosaurs  and nests, representing numerous species that once roamed various areas of  the globe.

The limited engagement outdoor exhibit setting will evoke a primeval forest  where visitors will ride through a prehistoric environment that showcases the  brilliant colors, scales, and fins that latest scientific research reveals may  have adorned these incredible beasts.  By comparing these adaptations of  dinosaurs with similar features found in modern animals, the visitor will get  insight into why animals look the way they do across time and the fascinating  adaptations that help them thrive and survive.

Guests will disembark at the Dinosaur Safari Field site and experience what  it feels like to be at an archeological dig. Guests can uncover fossils at three  fossil digs, explore real dinosaur artifacts, pose for a picture atop a mighty T  Rex, and even control a robotic Stegosaurus! Within the park, visitors can  create hands-on dinosaur crafts and fossil rubbings, take home a memory from the  dinosaur merchandise cart, catch the 4-D experience; Ice Age; Dawn of the  Dinosaurs and watch the magical new theatrical performance of Adaptations!  A Dinosaur Musical.

My family and I will be checking out the Dinosaur Safari and other attractions over the summer. I’ll share our experience along with some photos of the various exhibits.

For more information visit www.BronxZoo.com/Dino.



*I am a Bronx Zoo ambassador. I received a free family membership in  exchange for my participation. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed  are my own and not influenced in any way.

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  1. Janet W. says:

    That is so funny! Such a clever way to advertise!

  2. Cassady says:

    The man with getting ice cream is too funny! lol

  3. We dont live in any of those states but this will surely attract the peoples attention when they see a dinosaurs tail on someone on the street especially the guy buying ice cream.
    Their sure to say Whats up with that?

  4. I haven’t been to the Bronx Zoo since I was a kid. That may have to change now that I’ve seen this and have dine crazy kids.
    Kathy B recently posted..Hi and welcome

  5. what a cute idea for marketing! and effective! I can’t imagine double dutch jump roping with a tail!