Disney Channel’s Radio Rebel now on DVD

My kids watch the Disney Channel all the time. Some how we totally missed the made for TV movie Radio Rebel that aired on the Disney Channel. That is unfortunate. Thankfully the movie is not available on DVD so we’ve been able to watch it a couple of times.

Radio Rebel stars one of Disney’s many starlets, Debby Ryan as Tara. Tara is an ordinary high school student except for two things – she is painfully shy and she is the voice of Radio Rebel, the town’s most popular radio DJ.

Tara is overly shy. She can barely talk to anyone. I’m a shy person too but Tara is REALLY shy. It goes without saying that she can’t even muster up the nerve to speak to her secret crush, Gavin. Gavin also happens to be very popular at her high school.

When Tara has the opportunity to be “anonymous” while doing a POD cast from her bedroom she realizes that she has all the confidence in the world. She is a totally different person behind the microphone. She can talk about anything.

Tara’s stepfather happens to run a radio station called SLAM. When he learns about Tara’s POD cast he lets her do her POD cast from the radio station. The move only helps Tara to become more outspoken and reach out to more fans.

Tara doesn’t “practice what she preaches”. When she’s the voice on the radio (aka Radio Rebel) she encourages teens to be themselves, be confident and live life to the fullest – yet she doesn’t do those things herself.

As Radio Rebel, Tara encourages students to do things that others consider “acting out”. This upsets the school’s principal and he’s determined to find out exactly who Radio Rebel is.

Does Tara secret lift get exposed? Will the school learn who Radio Rebel really is? Will Tara’s Radio Rebel persona help her to break out of her shell and finally have the nerve to speak to her crush, Gavin? To find out you need to pick up a copy of Radio Rebel, now available on DVD.

The DVD also has plenty of bonus features for you to enjoy long after the movie is over. Like most DVDs this one also includes deleted scenes, behind the scenes with the movie’s star, Debby Ryan and bloopers. It’s always fun to see all the behind the scenes action. I think it helps you to appreciate what goes into making a movie.

Other bonus features include Who is Radio Rebel, From Prom to MORP and Rockin’ Out with Radio Rebel. I especially liked From Prom to MORP because the cast talked about their own Prom experiences and it made me think about when I went ot my Senior Prom.

This is a nice family friendly movie. Children, teens and adults can enjoy this film. The movie’s soundtrack is really cool too. Since Tara works at a radio station there are plenty of songs throughout the film. I believe Debby Ryan sings one of the songs from the film, We Got the Beat.

As a parent I like the positive message that this film is all about – Be yourself and don’t be afraid to stand out. It’s a message I express to my own children on a daily basis. Especially now that my kids are teens too.

I’m giving Radio Rebel two thumbs up.

Look for Radio Rebel where ever DVDs are sold.


*I received a free screener copy in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own.





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