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Jungle Book

I am sorry for not making this announcement sooner. I have been dealing with a very nasty head cold for several days. Thank goodness I had several posts pre-written and scheduled to go “live” in my absence.

I am a huge Disney fan. I always have been.

When I was a young girl a local movie theater would show a new Disney movie each week during the summer. My mom would take me every week to see that week’s movie. As a result I have seen pretty much ever Disney movie ever made.

I appreciate the fact that the movie theater did that. That way I was able to see the beloved Disney films on the big screen. Movies like Peter Pan, Cinderella, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Dumbo and Bambi (to name a few) were all released long before I was born. Even Jungle Book was released in theaters a year before I was born. Thanks to that movie theater I was able to see all of these Disney films (and more!) on the big screen.

Over the years I have been collecting my favorite films as soon as they are available on Blu-ray and/or DVD. We still have plenty of Disney films on VHS tapes, even though we don’t have a VCR anymore.


One of my favorite films, Jungle Book, was released this past Tuesday and Blu-ray, DVD & Digital HD.

If you have not seen the movie yet, Jungle Book is the story of a young orphan boy who was found in the jungle by a black panther named Bagheera, She ends up raising the young boy as one of her own along side her own cubs. She names the boy Mowgli.

As Mowgli gets older Bagheera worries about his safety, specially from a man eating lion name Shere Khan who learned about Mowgli and wants to have him for dinner (and I don’t mean as a guest).

Mowgli doesn’t want to leave the jungle and live in the “man village”. He wants to stay in the jungle with his family and friends. As a result of his reluctance, Mowgli and Bagheera have a fight and she leaves him on his own.

Mowgli meets up with a fun loving bear name Baloo who shows Mowgli just how much fun living in the jungle can be. This only solidifies Mowgli’s reluctance to leave the jungle and join the other humans in the village.

Mowgli is then taken hostage by King Louie, ruler of a gang of monkeys. Baloo and Bagheera are able to rescue him. Bagheera also convinces Baloo to convince Mowgli to go to the man village. Feeling that he was tricked by his friends, Mowgli heads off on his own into the jungle. The jungle might be a fun place, but it’s also filled with dangers – especially Kaa the python and Shere Khan.

What will become of Mowgli? Will Bagheera’s worse fear come true and Mowgli will be eaten by Shere Khan, or will Mowgli realize that Bagheera has always had his best interest in mind and make his way to the human village? To find out you need to pick up a copy of Jungle Book, now available on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Download.

Jungle Book Screen Shot

Some bonus features on the Blu-ray include;

Music, Memories & Mowgli – Songwriter Richard Sherman, animator Floyd Norman and Walt Disney’s daughter Diane Miller reminisce about the film Jungle Book.

Alternate Ending – An alternate movie ending is shared with viewers in a storyboard fashion (meaning it’s not animated like the filim).

I Wan’na Be Like You – Disney child actors Blake Michael and G Hannelius visit Disney’s Animal Kingdom and get to care for some of the park’s residents (animals) and learn more about them.

Disney Animation: Sparking Creativity – An inside look into the Roy E. Disney Animation Building and how employees are able to share their innovative ideas in something called a Spark Showcase.

Bear-E-Oke Sing Along – A fun new way to enjoy sing along songs from the film. Don’t expect a bouncing white ball to follow along. Disney’s Oke Sing Alongs are more fun than that.

This is a fun film filled with plenty of action, excitement, comedy and whimsical songs that will have you singing right along with them. Right now I have the song Bare Necessities going through my mind. 🙂

Young and old alike will delight in this classic Disney film. Look for Jungle Book where ever movies are sold.

Here are some great activities that you can download, print out and enjoy with your family. Simply click on each graphic.

Download The Bare Necessities
Download Super Serpent Fun
Download Weekend Jungle Book Dance Party
Have you seen the film Jungle Book? Do you have a favorite character or song?


*I received a free screener copy in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.

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  1. This is still one of my all time favorite books and movies. s just something about it that you can’t help yourself but enjoy it at any age.