Don’t Be This Guy on Parent-Teacher Interview Night! #OxfordLearning

The following is a true story (names changed to protect the guilty).

About a week after report card time, Mr. Carroll had an appointment to meet with his son Mike’s tenth-grade teachers. On his way out the door, he asks Mike if there is anything important he needs to discuss with the teachers. Mike shakes his head no.

Mr. Carroll arrives at the school and introduces himself to Mike’s math teacher.

Hello Mr. Smith, I am Mr. Carroll, Mike’s father. How is my son doing in your class?”

The teacher gives him a quizzical look.

Mr. Carroll, your son has not been present in my class for about two months!”

Moral of the story: Don’t be a Mr. Carroll!

It is important to be in contact with teachers throughout the school year to remain up to date with your child’s progress (or lack of). Keeping the lines of communication open with your children as well may prevent nasty surprises on parent-teacher night, and will encourage your children to come to you with difficulties, rather than hide them from you. The bottom line is: being actively involved in your child’s education will help him/her stay on track!

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