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Do you have a child in college or heading off to college for the first time?

My daughter is starting college this fall. I was hoping that back to school shopping would be easier and less expensive, but I was wrong. VERY WRONG! College is super expensive. Even the books are enough to make you take out a second mortgage. One book alone is $300! That is more money then I make in two weeks. Sigh…

I went to college but I didn’t live in a dorm or student housing. I was under the impression that a lot of what kids would need would be made available to them through the college like cooking appliances and seating. Little did I know that most college dorms are a clean slate and you need to bring every single item that you’ll need with you – from pots & pans to bedding and from seating to lighting.

I have heard from other parents I know with kids going off to college that they have to drive all over the county looking for everything their child would need for college. Who has time for that? Not only that, that is a lot of money for gas and time spent waiting online to make those purchases. It’s like going Christmas shopping. I avoid going to stores at all costs during the holidays to avoid the crowds and long lines. That is why I prefer to shop online.

Thankfully there is a “one stop shop” for all your dorm needs. It’s called DormCo. DormCo literally has everything you’r student will need when they are away from college – and even things you didn’t think they would need, but probably will.

Since I have a daughter in college, and one that will be starting in a few years, I wanted to see what things I could find at DormCo for them. As a parent I was very impressed with what I found on the site. For example, they have plenty of security and safety products for students. That is something I think A LOT about – my daughter’s safety and protecting her valuables from being stolen. DormCo has pepper spray, door stops, panic buttons, locks for your laptop and so much more.


I personally like the idea of a fridge lock. I think I need that in my house to keep my teenage son from eating us out of house and home. Ha Ha.

Seating is an issue in our home. Because our home is small we lack a lot of comfy seating where the kids can sit and relax, do homework, read or play on the tablet. Their only options really are their beds, the couch or the dining room table.

DormCo let me pick out something from their awesome site to review. I wanted to get something comfy for my kids to sit in (and for my daughter to take with her when she goes). There were so many options to choose from.

Originally I was going to go with the Papsan Dorm Sofa, but then I saw something else that caught my eye – The Coma Inducer!

What is the Coma Inducer? It’s a bean bag type chair that is filled with memory foam, not pellets like most bean bag chairs. That means it is not only incredibly comfortable, it also won’t lose it’s shape over time. The memory foam also gives you better support.

As a parent I like that the snugly fleece exterior can be removed and washed. I especially like that since it’s still in our home because our dog and cats see it as a giant pet bed. LOL!

I was surprised when it arrived. It was delivered in a compact box. Even when we opened the box (my son and I) the Coma Inducer looked like a giant brick – that is until my son started to mush it around and loosen things up.

Here is my son on the Coma Inducer in the living room shortly after we un-boxed it (when he was “fluffing” it up). Notice how our dog Espn seems to think it’s for him. LOL!

Coma Inducer from Dormco

Eventually we moved the Coma Inducer into his bedroom. Although both of my kids are welcome to use it, my son begged me to let him have it. And he hasn’t stopped using it since. He uses it all the time when he’s on his laptop.

Because it’s huge we are limited to where we can put it, but that hasn’t stopped my son from finding the perfect location.

Dormco Coma Inducer

That is our cat Padmé sitting next to him. I also see our dog next to him often too.

The dog and our cats are totally convinced it’s for them. I catch them snuggled up on the Coma Inducer often.

This is our cat Bella blissfully sleeping on the Coma Inducer.

Coma Inducer Memory Foam Chair

I should make note that this chair is HEAVY. Super heavy! It weighs around 50 pounds and it’s not easy to move it around. You either need help or you have to roll it around. I would suggest if you purchase this for your college bound student NOT to open the box it’s shipped in until you are at your child’s dorm room.

I have DormCo bookmarked on my computer and I have already been creating a “shopping list” of items I want to get for our daughter when she moves off to the dorm early next summer. She’s also been checking out the site and letting me know what she wants and thinks she’ll need.

Instead of driving all over town going from store to store looking for things your child would need for college, visit DormCo instead. Everything your child will need can be found there.

To check out DormCo for yourself visit DormCo.com. The brand can also be found on social media. All of the links are found at the bottom (right) of their website.

Do you have a child or grandchild heading off to college in the near future? What have been your experiences purchasing all of the supplies and items they will need?



*I received a free product sample in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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  1. Nataile Brown says:

    I don’t have a child in college but do live in an efficiency apartment so it’s kind of the same thing as far as space goes. This site sounds great for things I need too. I especially like the safety items. I just graduated with an associate’s degree a couple of years ago and never bought my books at the school unless it was a brand new edition not available elsewhere. Amazon and other sites have people selling books for great prices so that was a big money saver for me. 🙂