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Wiener Dog Nationals

The weather has been horrendous lately here in New York. So much so that no one wants to go outside, myself included. That means I need to find things my family can do inside to keep them entertained. Putting together a “Family Movie Night” with popcorn and a fun movie is something my whole family enjoys – even my hard to impress teenagers.

It’s not always easy to find a family friendly movie that my teenagers won’t grumble about. They don’t want to watch movie meant for “babies” (to quote them). We tend to watch PG-13 and some times R rated films (as long as it doesn’t have nudity and sex). My kids gift me grief if I suggest a rated G movie, except for if the movie has to do with animals. Then they don’t mind as much.

We recently received a screener copy of a film called Wiener Dog Nationals which is available today on DVD. By the time the movie was over we all wanted to adopt a Dachshund. My father has one (Sammy) and he’s adorable. After watching Wiener Dog Nationals we appreciate the breed even more.

Wiener Dog Nationals is the story of a family who is trying to overcome the loss of their mother. Their father, Phil, is doing the best he can to raise his three children on his own.

One day his son Danny comes across an old photo of his mom when she was a young girl. In the photo was her pet Dachshund dog that she used to race.

On a side note there really are Wiener Dog races!

For his birthday Danny tells his father that he wants a dog for his birthday. Not just any type of dog either, he wants a Dachshund just like his mom used to own when she was a little girl.

Danny’s father agrees to his son’s request and the whole family goes to an adoption event to find the perfect dog. That is when they meet Shelly – an adorable little Dachshund.

The family decides to try Shelly out in a Wiener Dog race. To their surprise Shelly does very well and places in the Wiener Dog Nationals. The reining champion’s owner, Ms. Merryweather, is not pleased by the new competition and sets out to do all she can to keep Shelly from winning the nationals.

While Shelly was advancing to the nationals one of the judges befriends the family. Her name is Melanie. As soon as Ms. Merryweather finds out she makes sure to have Melanie fired. Now it’s up to Melanie to help Shelly’s family keep one step ahead of Ms. Merryweather so she doesn’t destroy Shelly’s chances of winning the nationals.

Will Ms. Merryweather get her way and keep Shelly out of the nationals? Will Shelly be able to run, and possibly win, the nationals? To find out you need to pick up a copy of Wiener Dog Nationals, now available on DVD where ever movies are sold.

Check out the film’s trailer.


Over all I thought it was a cute movie. Unlike other animal movies, this was not about talking dogs. In fact I think the movie was more about the family than their dog Shelly.

I can see why this film was made to go straight to DVD and not in the theaters. It didn’t quite have what it takes to be on the big screen. The acting was a little “cheesy” at time and the plot was a bit predictable.

Ms. Merryweather is played by Morgan Fairchild. She came off as a live action Cruella DeVille, only this time its with Dachshunds, not Dalmatians.

My kids both thought the movie was cute, but they were not overly impressed. My son (age 13) thinks the movie was better for kids under 10 years old. My daughter (16) said the dogs were adorable and wishes they had more screen time. As per my daughter she thinks the movie could have been better if the dogs talked and it was more about the dogs and not the family. I tend to agree with both of my kids.

Don’t get me wrong, this is a cute movie and if you have younger children and are looking for a cute family friendly movie then this is a movie worth checking out. Just don’t expect an Academy Award winning film or acting. 🙂

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*I received a free screener copy to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.

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  1. We have a Dachshund. I love the breed. This movie sounds adorable. Thank you for the review. I’m going to see if the Walmart near us sells it.

  2. Sherrie C. says:

    I think my granddaughter would like this film. She adores anything to do with animals, especially dogs, and wiener dogs are so cute. Also, I can’t believe they actually have Wiener Dog races! That’s must be seriously funny to watch. Thanks for the review 🙂