Epic kicks off the summer movie season on May 24th, 2013!



A couple of months ago my husband and I were in the movie theater (I can’t remember what movie we were seeing at that time). Once of the previews was for a soon to be released film called Epic. My husband said it reminded him of an animated version of Avatar, but with tiny people and creatures. In a way I can see why he would think that.

Epic is a 3D CG adventure comedy that reveals a fantastical world unlike any other. From the creators of Ice Age and Rio, Epic tells the story of an ongoing battle between the forces of good, who keep the natural world alive, and the forces of evil, who wish to destroy it. When a teenage girl finds herself magically transported into this secret universe, she teams up with an elite band of warriors and a crew of comical, larger-than-life figures, to save their world…and ours.

Epic featutres the voice talents of an all star cast including Beyonce Knowles, Colin Farrell, Amanda Seyfried, Pitbull, Josh Hutcherson, Steven Tyler, Jason Sudeikis, Chris O’Dowd, Aziz Ansari and Christopher Waltz.

Here is the trailer for your enjoyment. If you happen to be reading this via e-mail you can view the trailer here, http://youtu.be/NPnSC4stKC4.


I’m super excited because me and my family will be attending the Red Carpet premiere of Epic in New York City in a couple of weeks. I’ll also be attending a press junket to interview some of the talent from the film including Colin Farrell and Amanda Seyfried. I can’t wait!

Keep an eye out for an Epic giveaway plus my experience at the Red Carpet event, the cast interviews and my review of the film.

If you would like to keep up to date on the film here are all of the film’s social networking pages.

Like Epic on Facebook

Follow @EpicTheMovie on Twitter #EpicTheMovie

Watch Epic videos on YouTube

Follow Epic on Instagram

You can even play Epic games! All of the games work on both desktops and tablets.

Moonhaven Match

Mub + Grub Fun button

Leafman Archery

Protect the Pod

Look for Epic in a theater near you on May 24, 2013.



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  1. Another good movie that the grand kids will like with lots of tiny people and critters. My grand kids have to be the first with all the movies LOL

  2. saminder gumer says:

    this movie is one the kids and i will enjoy together. i can’t wait for the summer movie season!!!

  3. I think my nephews will love this movie! They will definitely have to have it once it releases on DVD, even if they go see it in theaters 🙂

  4. How fun to junket to a Red Carpet premier of this movie. My nephew would get a kick out of this movie.

  5. How exciting to be able to attend the premiere! I am so happy you and your family get a chance to attend this event. I can’t wait to read all about it when you get back. Hopefully you will have a chance to get some great pictures.

  6. The guy on the poster looks a lot like Flynn Rider from Tangled! 🙂

  7. Sandy VanHoey says:

    My daughter loves taking my grandson to see movies so I’ll be looking forward to hearing your thoughts. Happy for you that you get to attend the premiere, that is awesome!

  8. this looks EPIC! ha!
    Alicia K recently posted..Dermatillomania, who knew?

  9. Janet W. says:

    This looks like such a great movie for kids! The graphics these days are just amazing!

  10. casance Kendrick says:

    I want to see this movie, I think it will be worth seeing

  11. I would love to win this and take my niece to it. She would really love this gift.

  12. Marie 0 Mounier says:

    Children’s movies have been getting more cinematic, better story lines and cooler CG action. I am excited for this one and would love to take my BFF. The planting pack is the icing on the cake!