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Sleep… oh how I love sleep. Sleep is a beautiful thing. I could sleep all day if left alone. Sadly I sleep in the living room so sleeping in is next to impossible.

My husband and I have to sleep on a sofa bed. We used to have a beautiful Queen sized bed that we slept on in the bedroom. At that time our infant daughter slept in her own room which was the dining room which we converted to a nursery. When we had our second child both kids fit comfortably in the small room. Once both of our children needed “big beds” we had no choice but to give up our bedroom (we live in a one bedroom condo). That meant my husband and I had to move into the living room.

Over the years we’ve slept on a sofa bed, air mattresses, a daybed/trundle set up and then back to a sofa bed. Needless to say we rarely get a good night’s sleep. Between the inconvenience of sleeping in the living room – which is open to the hallway, kitchen and dining room – and the lumpy sofa bed, we rarely get a good night’s sleep. It’s so bad that sometimes we talk about putting our Queen size bed back up in the living room. Of course we can’t  do that but there are nights we wish we could.

We almost moved into a house last year. That would have been a dream come true. What we wouldn’t give for a REAL bed.

These days the only time I get to sleep on a real bed is when I travel and stay at a hotel. My husband has not slept on a real bed since 2005 when we went to Lake George, NY with friends on vacation. Sigh…

Just because we can’t enjoy a real bed doesn’t mean that we don’t want to experience as much comfort as possible.

I recently learned about a bedding company called Boll & Branch. They sell 100% organic cotton products that are guaranteed to give you a sleep experience like no other. Hearing that I knew I just had to try out their sheets.

I have experienced 100% organic cotton products in the past and I know how soft and wonderful they can feel. I was excited to put these sheets on my bed.

Boll & Branch sheets are made without the use of harmful dyes or chemicals.

I was totally blown away when my sheets arrived. Instead of stuffing them in clear plastic bags like other sheet sets sometimes come in, the Boll & Branch sheets came in a beautiful keepsake box with a satin ribbon.



I felt like I was a Princess opening up the box. I have never seen bedding presented in such a way.

Inside I found a Queen sheet set (flat sheet, fitted sheet and two pillow cases) lovingly place in between some white tissue paper.



The bedding was not put inside plastic bags. Instead they were tucked inside beautiful, soft fabric “bags” with real button closures. They felt a lot like soft sheets (bedding). I think perhaps they might be made of the same material that the sheets are made of (organic cotton?).


Seriously…. I felt like royalty! I have never seen bedding sold in such a gorgeous set up. It was like nothing else I have ever seen before.

Each fabric “bag” even had an embroidered tag on it letting you know which piece of the bedding it was. For example “Q” for Queen (the bedding size) and the word “Flat” to let you know that the fabric bag had the flat sheet inside.


The sheets inside are pristine white. So pure white that I was reluctant to put them on my bed. I wanted them to stay clean and white like that forever.

We received the pleated set. There is a nice pleated embellishment both on the pillow cases and on the top sheet.


I could not wait to sleep on these sheets. I was looking forward to that first night.

The sheets are heavenly! They remind me of sleeping at a luxury hotel. If it wasn’t for the bar digging into my back from the sofa bed I could easily believe I was sleeping in a bed at a high end hotel. Even my hard to impress husband admitted that he truly enjoyed them too. Initially he was like “They are just sheets. What is the big deal?”. After spending a few nights on the sheets my husband admitted that he enjoys them. He does miss out flannel sheets (they are nice on chilly nights) but he certainly appreciates the Boll & Branch sheets. A couple of times I’ve heard him let out a sigh… “ahhh….” when he crawls into bed at night. I agree with him. When I am in bed I feel like saying “ahhh….” too.

This is quality bedding and worth every penny. I can only hope that some day we get our Queen bed back so I can put these on a real bed where they belong (not on our horrible sofa bed). Then we’ll truly feel like we are sleeping at a fancy hotel.

Boll & Branch wants to not only change the home textiles industry, but also the world, by donating a portion of every linen purchase to a non-profit charity called Not For Sale. It’s bedding that gives back.

You can learn more about the company’s involvement here –http://www.bollandbranch.com/about-us/not-for-sale.

I love it when a company gives back to our community. I am more likely to patronize a company that cares about others then I do companies that are only in it for the profits.

The bedding from Boll & Branch might not be “budge friendly” for most people, but if you have an opportunity to buy a set you certainly will not be disappointed. As I mentioned earlier it’s worth every penny.

For more information please visit www.BollandBranch.com. You can also find the brand on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.



*I received free product samples in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.

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  1. Thanks for the review, it’s hard to find organic bedding

  2. Hi Kimberly, thank you so much for reviewing our sheets. We’re so glad you love them!

  3. alicia k (Petite Pilates Pixie) says:

    great packaging! love it, looks luxurious

  4. These look beautiful! I have tried organic cotton sheets before but these sound so soft and nice. I would love to have a set.

  5. ellen beck says:

    I LOVE new sheets it is something I dont slurge on enough- at least not the high end kind. These look beautiful!

  6. These sounds so nice, I wish I could afford them maybe someday!