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I often refer to myself as “Frankenstein” because I have so many scars on my body. I have several huge scars from surgeries over the years. I also have what I lovenly refer to as “battle wounds”, which are scars I got when I was a child. They are from playing and have a great time. Oddly enough I can remember what I was doing and how I received most of my scars, like the one of my shin that I got when I was in PA visiting relatives and I fell on a bunch of sticks in the woods trying to get away from a brush fire. I also have a scar on my toe from when I was riding my bike barefoot down a steep hill.

Most of my recent scars are cat related. Our youngest cat Bella requires a lot of medications. She used to have to take pills, which she was NOT happy about. A few of my scars are from battling her to take her medications.

One night a few years ago we brought up our holiday decorations. The boxes were stacked in the hallway because we were too tired to finish. That night one of the cats must have knocked over a box causing a loud crashing noise. That freaked the cats out and a few of them ran across our bed (we sleep on a sofa bed in the living room). Both my husband and I got scratched up pretty bad.

My hand (left) and hubby's hand (right)

My hand (left) and hubby’s hand (right)

The worst scratch was on the back of my left hand. I thought for sure it would leave a nasty scar. Oddly enough the scar is not as noticeable as I thought it would be (thankfully).

I do have two scars that bother me because they are visible. One is on my left wrist (compliments of Bella) and the other is on my right foot (also a cat scratch from one of my cats running across the room and my foot).

I was sent a product called Scar Away to review in hopes of getting rid of my ugly scars, or at least making them less noticeable. I tried the product on both my wrist and my foot on the two scars that bother me the most.

The products were easy enough to use. I used the Scar Diminishing Serum for my hand and the Silicon Scar Sheets on my foot.

The Scar Diminishing Serum comes in a tube with metal rollers on the end. You use the rollers to massage the serum on to the scar. There is nothing for you to touch so you don’t need to worry about getting the serum on your hands. There is no scent either.

To use you need to apply the serum on to the scar and massage it into the scar with the rollers for 1-2 times, 2-3 times per day. It was a bit inconvenient but I did it. I mostly did it twice a day (when I got up in the morning and at night when I was getting ready for bed). Sometimes I would do it a third time if I thought about it.

Here is the before and after of my wrist.

Before - Left After - Right

Before – Left After – Right

Visually I see a little bit of a difference. The scar is a bit smoother to touch. The color is not as pink either.

I tried to take photos in the same positions as best as possible so you can see a good before and after image.

For my foot I used the silicon scar sheets. The box comes with a two month supply. Each patch can be worn (re-used) for up to 7 days.

To use simply apply the patch (similar to a band aid) to the scar and wear for 12 hours per day. I recommend applying it in the evening and wearing it throughout the night. That is what worked best for my foot, especially because the patch didn’t feel comfortable under my shoes (I wore it with shoes on once).

The patch is a lot easier to use and it’s great that you don’t have to remind yourself to apply it 2-3 times per day like the serum.

This is the before and after of my foot.


Before – Left After – Right

I honestly don’t see much of a difference on my foot. Maybe it’s a bit flatter than it was before and slightly faded on the one end (bottom). I’ve been using the product for several weeks. I had hoped to see a more noticeable difference.

I’m not sure if the depth of the original cut has anything to do with it. The original scratch on my foot was very deep where as the one on my wrist was not that bad.

I’m still “on the fence” about the product. I do see a little bit of an improvement, so it’s better than using nothing at all. At the same time I was hoping for more noticeable changes.

Both products are available at retailers across the country including Amazon, Walgreen, Drugstore.com and CVS.

For more product information visit www.MyScarAway.com. They also have a product to help with C-section scars. You can also find the brand on Facebook and Twitter.

Do you have any nasty scars you wish would disappear? Do you have any experience with ScarAway? Feel free to comment.



*I received free product samples in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.  

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  1. Christian Alejandro says:

    That’s pretty cool! Still pretty impressive battle wounds!

  2. Sherrie C. says:

    This product sounds great! I have a years old scar on my chin that I got when I fell off the top of camper on the hitch as a child that I would love to see faded as well as a few others here and there. Thanks for the review.

  3. md kennedy says:

    Based on your pictures, these actually work! I have TONS of cat scratch and bite scars from my TNR volunteer work (what? you are a feral cat and don’t want to go into a small cage to be fixed?). I should try some and see if my hands can look a bit more normal again!

  4. I used these scaraway sheets on deep bites on my arm from my parrot! Animal theme here? I saw a difference in a few weeks use and bought a second box because I was still seeing a little improvement week to week. End result was great! Barely visible now to the eye. Wish I had the original wound pics to post so you could see how different it looks now!

  5. Robin Wilson says:

    Cat scratches are the worst! They itch and seem to get at least a little infected. At any rate, I cannot see much difference in them from the photos. Guess I am just too old to worry about my battle scars. They are just testament to my journey. But if I had one on my face or back of the hand, I would at least try this.

  6. Sandy VanHoey says:

    Those cat scratches had to hurt for awhile…wow. It got y’all pretty good. I am like you with the scars and maybe if in time they would fade, it would surely be something to look into.

  7. I can see the difference on your arm but I agree there doesn’t seem to be much difference on your foot. I’ve never tried these before I will have to keep these in mind if I get any scars. I have had stitches a few times I don’t think anything can help that.
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  8. Kate F. says:

    I’ve wondered about these scar-ridding products. I have several scars I would love to see fade.

  9. I can see a difference in the scars on your arm. I am not so sure about your foot, maybe a little lighter in color. It would be interesting to see if you used these for a month or two what the end results were/

  10. I would love to try this product I have some nasty scars on my leg from horse riding accident thanks for the review

  11. i love this product!