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Buying a new piece of furniture is a lot like buying a car – you need to do your research, make sure what you are looking at will suit your needs and make sure the price is right. After all, you wouldn’t want to have “buyer’s remorse”. Not only do you want to make sure you purchase exactly what you need, but you also want the buying experience to be a pleasant one.

My family needed a new bookcase in addition to a new television stand for the kid’s room. We REALLY needed a new bookcase because the one we had prior to it (located in the corner of the kid’s room) had literally collapsed. It was stuffed full of books. The shelves couldn’t support the weight anymore and it broke.

After we tossed out the bookcase I weeded through the books and donated the ones we didn’t need or want to the library. After that the remainder of the books just sat piled up in the corner for many months. We could have easily bought any old bookcase and remedied the situation, but I wanted something that would not only support the books but also be an appealing piece of furniture.

In addition to the bookcase we wanted a smaller television stand for the bedroom. We were using a horizontal bookcase as a television stand but even that was starting to fall apart. It was also not made to support televisions and we always worried that the bookcase would tip over due to the weight of the TV.

tv stand

We have purchased Sauder brand products in the past including an entertainment center, bookcase and desk. We knew that was the brand we wanted to look into first and foremost. Not only are their pieces attractive but they are also affordable and relatively easy to assemble.

The Sauder.com website is very easy to navigate. You can shop product (desk, bookcase, dresser…), space (bedroom, dining room…) or collection (French Mills, Lake Point…). There are even more sections available to help you find the perfect piece of furniture – even starting with the finish first – as well as images to help provide you with inspiration.

Since I new exactly what I was looking for (a bookcase and a television stand) I searched under products. Once I was in the section that I needed there were other options available to me to help narrow down my choices based on personal preferences (features, size, style, width, collection…) or simply scroll through all the furniture options. You can also search using price (high to low).

The only downside I found with shopping at Sauder.com was that they had too many wonderful pieces of furniture to choose from. It took me a few days to narrow down my choices. I finally opted on the following;


Bookcase from the Barrister Lane Collection.


TV Stand from the Beginnings Collection.

I was not 100% sure about the bookcase, but I was drawn to it for some reason. I really like how it has the face plates on the front so you can organize your books by the letters of the alphabet or genre. I also liked that it had different “cubbies” so that I could group books together in ways that seemed logical to me.

It also looks very sturdy and it looked like it’s a piece of furniture that will last for many years.

I chose the television stand for two reasons – it was compact (we don’t have much space in our condo) and because it had shelves for the equipment and books (specially school books). At $69.99 the price was great too.

We needed a sturdy bookcase and television stand for the kid’s room. We also needed pieces that would not take up a lot of room and ideally last us for many, many years to come. That is why I chose the pieces that I did.

I could also see the furniture serving other functions. When my kids are on their own I might use the bookcase for storing movies (I can separate them by genres). The TV stand would also be perfect for our hallway. I need a piece where I can put the car keys, mail and other things I need at hand when I am leaving our home. I like pieces that can serve more than one function. It’s like getting more for your money.

The ordering process was a breeze. I was also pleasantly surprised at how quickly both pieces showed up (on the same day too!).

I wasn’t about to assemble these on my own. I don’t have the patience for it. I had my husband put them together for me.

Originally he was going to do one a day but they were both very easy to put together that he ended up putting them both together. It took him about an hour or so to put them both together.

As per my husband the directions were easy to understand. The pieces were also labeled so it was easy for him to find the piece he needed to complete a step.

My husband had a sense of accomplishment once they were put together. He knew he did a great job. He was also impressed that he was able to do it without getting angry. LOL!

assembly 1

Hubby putting together the television stand

assembly 2

Television stand almost complete – just need to add shelves

assembly 3

My husband putting together the bookcase. Our cat Bella thought it was a cool new cat home. LOL!

I LOVE both pieces – most especially the bookcase. I can’t believe I was entirely sure about the bookcase. I really love it! So much so that if we ever moved and had a bigger place I would want to get one or two more to use with all our books (we have a few other bookcases).

I love the finish on it. Oddly enough it doesn’t seem to attract as much dust as other pieces. Maybe I just don’t see it. Our fireplace/TV stand in the living room is like a dust magnet.

Here are both of the pieces and how they look today.


Please disregard the mess. I also haven’t added papers to the face plates yet, however the books are separated and organized so much better with this bookcase then any other bookcase we’ve ever owned. The entire bottom is filled with cookbooks. The middle section (from left to right) are sports books, miscellaneous books (two middle sections) and comic book (right). On the top shelf it’s coffee table books (left), reference books, non-fiction books and then books about animals (right).

I like the top shelf (where the clock and air purifier are). You could add more books there (with book ends).

This bookcase is VERY sturdy. I am impressed by the quality of it. It looks and feels like an expensive piece that was purchased from a fine furniture store – not an affordable piece of furniture that my husband assembled in less than an hour.
TV stand

The television stand is really nice too. My kids have some books on it, DVDs and some of their school books on the bottom shelf. There is also plenty of room for the DVD player, satellite dish receiver and our Roku.

Their TV is 42″ if you would curious to know. Also, please disregard their mess.

Both pieces together (not including shipping) cost under $250.00. You could easily spend that one just a televsion stand if you purchase one from a furniture store – not including shipping to your home.

Don’t let assembly scare you from enjoying any of the beautiful furniture from Sauder. My husband assures me it was very easy to put together because the directions are clear to understand and the pieces are labeled. It takes my husband more time to put together our Christmas tree then it did to put either of these pieces together.

If you are in the market for new furniture add Sauder as one of your shopping destinations. Visit Sauder.com to check out all the available furniture and collections.

What do you think of our new furniture? Is it something you would purchase for your home?

Are you in the market for new furniture? If so, do you think you’ll check out what Sauder has to offer?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section of this post.



This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Sauder. The opinions and text are all mine.

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