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When my kids were younger and were invited to one party after another they used to come home with a lot of party favors. There are only so many tiny bottles of bubbles and gum that you really need. It got to a point where the kids weren’t even interested in the party favors because it was the same stuff all the time.

When you are planning a party, do you often think about other party favors you can offer guests that are a bit unique and different?

Fortune cookies are a fun favor that just about everyone would enjoy. They are even better when you can get them in different flavors and colors AND customize your own message that goes inside.

Custom Fortune Cookies offers consumers fortune cookies in several different flavors. Their available flavors include;

Strawberry (red)

Chocolate (brown)

Orange (orange)

Lime (green)

Raspberry (blue)

Coconut (yellow)

Not only are they flavored, they also come in bright colors.

Custom Fortune Cookies

Custom Fortune Cookies sent me some samples to try out for myself. When the package arrived I was surprised to see the rainbow of colors inside. They are very colorful.

I was most interested in the flavor. I couldn’t imagine a orange or lime flavored fortune cookie.

I found after sampling several of the fortune cookies that sometimes the cookies did have a subtle flavor to them. Other times they tasted like regular fortune cookies. The chocolate, orange and strawberry flavored ones seemed to taste like their flavors more so then the other flavors. When they did taste like their flavor it was just a subtle hint of the flavor. It wasn’t over powering at all.

If I were to order these I would certainly go for the chocolate ones first. Those were my favorites. 🙂

You can also order traditional fortune cookies with no added flavor.

Custom Fortune Cookies allows customers to create their own personal message that will go inside each of the cookies. Customization ranges in price from $19 for 50 customized fortune cookies upwards to $449.00 for 5,000 fortune cookies. Clearly most people will only order quantities of 50 or 100 for average parties. The bulk orders are more for businesses.

Each customized order allows you to create 10 personalized messages that will be distributed evenly among your order. For example, if you ordered 100 personalized fortune cookies and had 10 different messages, each message would appear in 10 cookies.

I think it would a welcome change of pace to offer personalized fortune cookies in different flavors and colors with your own special message inside. These would be a lot of fun for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, graduations and more.

Colored Fortune Cookies

I think it would be fun to match school colors and offer these are party favors at a graduation, or maybe even school colors to celebrate a victory win.

There are many events and occasions where personalized fortune cookies would make a great favor. What about green and red ones for Christmas or yellow and orange for Halloween?

If you have a business these would be fun to hand out to patrons. Maybe have the personalized message be a mini-coupon offering a percentage off on their next visit, or even a free menu option.

The possibilities are endless!

Over all I am very pleased with the fortune cookies that were sent to me to review from Custom Fortune Cookies. Although a few of them didn’t have much flavor, overall they were all fresh and tasted yummy.

If you would like to learn more about Custom Fortune Cookies for your next event visit www.Custom-Fortune-Cookies.com.

Flavored Fortune Cookies


*I received free product samples in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and were not influenced in any way.


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  1. Awesome! I had no idea there was flavored fortune cookies, and I love the fun colors

  2. This is so cool. It would be great for a Graduation party. Thanks for sharing!