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I know that many people, if not everyone, can relate to losing something valuable. I can be your wallet, cell phone, camera, a child’s favorite toy, or any number of other things.

My kids have both lost their cell phones. THANKFULLY they were both found.

My daughter left her cell phone on the bus she rode on when her chorus class went to see West Side Story on Broadway. Thankfully it wasn’t locked so the bus company was able to access her address book. They found a listening for “mom” and called it. I was so grateful that they called me. I immediately went to the bus company and retrieved her phone.

My son’s cell phone was found totally by chance. He left it at the playground. Unbeknown to us our neighbors from across the hall went to the same playground a few hours after we did. They happened to find his phone. They didn’t know it belonged to him. They looked at the phone to see if they could find a name when they stumbled across THEIR phone number. We had given our kids our neighbor’s number in case of an emergency. They know right away it was our phone and brought it home to us.

We were lucky both times. Sadly many other people are not as lucky. While it is true that there are plenty of dishonest people in the world who will find a camera or phone and keep it, others who are truly honest will do what they can to find the owner. That is easier said then done with no identification on the item. Even with a name it is not always easy to track down the owner. If you were to find a camera on the subway in New York City and the only identification on it was John Smith, how do you think you are going to track down THE John Smith who the camera truly belongs to.


FoundIt! has the solution. FoundIt! offers a variety of stickers in different sizes, as well as tags, that help to identify your products. Each FoundIt! sticker and tag features a phone number (FoundIt!’s number), URL (FoundIt.net) and an ID number. The ID number is going to help track you down if the item is found.

Let’s says that I lost my camera. I hope and pray that never happens (I love my camera!). I have a FoundIt! sticker on my camera and on my camera bag. Now let’s say John Smith finds my camera and he’s an honest person. He will see the FoundIt! tag. He can either call the number listed on the tag and give the FoundIt! rep the ID number, who will be able to find out that it’s my camera and notify me. Or John Smith could go online to FountIt.net and log in the ID number. John Smith will then have the option to send me an e-mail (which will be sent to my e-mail address listed on my account), he can call my phone number and speak with me directly (the phone number is kept private) or he can send me a text message to let me know he has my item. He could also text the ID number to the phone number on the sticker and then you get notified that your item has been found with the finders contact info (either email or cell phone number).

Hopefully I didn’t confuse you with the explanation about how the FoundIt! system works. Here is another explanation on the FountIt! website that might be easier to understand, http://foundit.net/howitworks.php.

My kids have been having fun trying to identify things they need to put a sticker or tag on. They put them on both of our iPads, all of our cell phones (except my husband’s work phone), their iPods, my daughter’s camera, my camera and camera bag, my son’s Nintendo DSi…the list goes on and on. I think we have labeled just about everything possible with a FoundIt! sticker or tag, yet my kids keep looking for more things. There are even tags you can put on your keys. Let’s face it, how often do we lose those? My kids lose their house key all the time. They two key tags we have from FoundIt! are on my kid’s house keys.

We even have a FoundIt! tag on our dog’s collar.

This is truly an awesome idea. I hope we never have a need for the service (meaning I hope we never lose anything valuable), but if we do at least we know that our items can possibly be returned to us, as long as the good Samaritan contacts FoundIt!

For more information please visit www.FoundIt.net.

FoundIt! would like to offer a lucky reader their MacDaddy package which includes the following:

– 4 years access to FoundIt Network

– Set of 62 stickers

– 2 key tags

– 3 bag tags

– 1 luggage tag/ID card

– 2 round tags (pet tag)

Thank you FoundIt!

To enter please comment on something you would like to put a FoundIt! sticker or tag on.

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*I received free product samples in order to do this review as part of the Family Review Network. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own. FoundIt! will provide the prize package.

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  1. Neat! I like the idea of putting the sticker on the dog’s tag!
    Joanna recently posted..How to Clean a Used Top Load Washer

  2. Anne Loyd says:

    I would love to put a sticker on my daughter when she rides the bus to school. They would also be good for putting on library books as she has already left one on the bus. Thankfully the bus driver had it!

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    I follow Found It on Twitter as Anneliz702.

  8. I would put one on my dog’s collar and one on my son’s phone. He has lost it so many times.

  9. I am a email subscriber.

  10. I am a gfc follower

  11. GrandmaAllen says:

    I would use a Foundit sticker on my camera 1st.

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  14. I am so happy that something like this exists!!! I would LOVE to put this on so many things…but the first one would be my phone!! It’s always on vibrate and I can NEVER find it!


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  18. I would like to put a Found It tag on my smartphone.
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  20. I would put them on my dog’s tag, my iPhone and my iPod.

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  24. Without a doubt, it would go on my macbook pro and my new canon rebel.

  25. I’d put one of these stickers on the inside of my son’s coat because he somehow lost it at school last year for over a month before it magically turned up.
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  26. My digital camera!

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  30. Diane Baum says:

    I would put it on my book bag for school

  31. i would like to put a FoundIt! sticker or tag on my daughters jacket.

  32. 1955nurse says:

    Besides members of my Family? Probably my Dog’s collar & my Laptop – I worked hard to afford & would NOT like to lose!!!((1955nursehjc4me(at)myway(dot)com)) TY!

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    I follow via GFC ((1955nursehjc4me(at)myway(dot)com)) 😉

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  36. Julie Jones says:

    The dog collar idea is really nice! It’s a more affordable way of tagging an animal vs the chip. Thanks for showing us this. It’s neat!

  37. susan smoaks says:

    this would be great for our phones and laptops

  38. Patti Hess says:

    This would be good on my house keys 🙂

    pattifritz2000 at yahoo dot com
    thanks for the chance

  39. This would be great on my husband….
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