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With the holiday season there will be plenty of times you’ll find yourself (and your children) waiting on long lines (especially to see Santa). There will also be plenty of “…over the river and through the woods to Grandmother’s house you go…” (meaning many trips to visit distant family and friends). Chances are your little ones are going to get bored and need something fun to occupy their time.

If you have a smartphone that uses apps, iPad or iPod, you might be interested in a FREE app that can provide your child with hours of entertainment. The app is simply called Christmas Coloring Book.

Christmas Coloring Book is by Peep Software. They make other fun apps for kids, including a Thanksgiving coloring page app which you might want to check out for the holiday.

There is a paid version which removes the ads. That version is .99 cents.

The Christmas Coloring Book app is simple to use. All your child needs to do is scroll back and forth with their fingers along the bottom of the screen to choose the color “crayon” they want to color with. Then they simply swipe their finger around on the area they want to color with that crayon. They can also use the “fill” option to color large areas with the same color. There is also an eraser option for any mistakes your child wants to correct.

There are just shy of 30 images your child can color, plus the option to have a blank page where they can doodle their own designs to color. The available images include adorable seals, snowmen, bears, Santa, gifts and more.

There is also a gallery where you can save images plus access to more coloring books (they would need to be downloaded by a parent).

The “Store” option allows parents to remove ads (update to a paid version), restore purchase (in case you remove the app) and information about more apps.

Once your child is done coloring you can save the image to your phone (or device) which you can later print out or share on Facebook and Twitter with family and friends.

As far as FREE apps go, this is a fun holiday application that your child will enjoy. I even found myself coloring a few of the pages. 🙂 The only downside is that because it’s a FREE app you have to deal with ads. There is one very annoying full page ad that pops up when you use this app that says “FREE app of the Day!”(it pops up frequently). If your child clicks on it they will be taken to the app store where the FREE app of the day is. Without knowing your password your little one shouldn’t be able to download it – but – you never know. That is my only concern with this app. As I mentioned earlier in the post there is a .99 cent ad free option for this holiday coloring book application too.

If you would like to learn more about this application you can visit https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/christmas-coloring-book!/id475142710?mt=8. There you can download the app plus learn more about other applications from Peep Software. You can also do a search on your phone in the app store for Christmas Coloring Book (that is how I downloaded my copy).

If your child loves to color and doodle this app is worth checking out.



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