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Cats in the tree

From top to bottom – Bella, Padme (in the house), Kitty and Anakin. Missing from the photo is Velcro, our oldest cat.

If you read my blog on a regular basis you’ll know that we have five cats, a dog who thinks he’s a cat and some fish. Our cats range in age from a little over a year and a half to 12+ years old. Our youngest cat, Bella, suffers from Asthma, allergies and has Hyperthyroidism. She’s on four different pills that she has to take twice a day. I am officially the Queen of Pilling a Cat (well… my cat anyway… I wouldn’t want to pill anyone else’s out of fear of getting shredded to pieces).

I have to admit that we had been using whatever cat food we could afford and whatever litter was on sale. We are guilty of not giving our pets the best products for their health. With Bella’s health problems we’ve been feeding the cats and our dog grain free foods with limited ingredients (meaning they are a high quality and $$$$ foods).

Litter has always been an issue. Over the years we have tried just about every brand out there. We won’t touch the cheap stuff. When it comes to cat litter you get what you pay for.

My husband prefers litter that clumps. The brand he likes is fine, but it’s dusty. Whether you are pouring in new litter, or scooping up soiled litter, dust flies all over the place. I worry about the dust with Bella and her Asthma. It hasn’t been determined yet what her triggers are, but I wouldn’t be shocked if the litter dust was one of them.

Velcro - Our oldest cat.

Velcro – Our oldest cat.

Living in a small condo means that space is limited. We have two litter boxes, but one is on the balcony. Our door is normally open all the time, but in the dead of Winter we keep it closed and they are stuck using the one litter box. With five cats that means that I am constantly cleaning it out. The moment I hear someone in the box I stop what I’m doing and clean it out. Not only do I do that for their health, but I also do that so our place doesn’t smell like cat. Thankfully our place is free of cat odors. We’ve even had neighbors and our real estate agent walk through our home sniffing the air to see if they pick up the scent of cats (most especially the litter box). We’ve been told that besides the huge cat tree in the living room and cat toys all over the place (not to mention two of our cats who love to greet visitors) you would never know we have cats.

About a month or so ago I was asked if I’d like to try a cat litter called Fresh Air Cat Litter. It’s made by a company called Pet Loo. “Loo” is another word for toilet.

Fresh Air Cat Litter works differently then other litters.

Fresh Air Cat Litter

Fresh Air Cat Litter is the world’s first and only triple action odor & bacteria eliminating litter. Developed by Pet Loo, the non-clay litter eliminates urine at the molecular level by trapping ammonia and converting it into nitrogen and water that is then evaporated, significantly reducing health risks to owners and their pets. Since the urine is eliminated, Fresh Air Cat Litter is non-clumping, providing a maintenance free litter solution that costs less and lasts twice as long as traditional litter products.

Fresh Air Cat Litter works by placing a special carbon pad at the bottom of the litter box. Then you pour the Fresh Air Cat Litter on top of it. There is no need to worry about scooping up cat urine because it’s absorbed into the pad. The only thing you need to do is scoop out the cat poop. Sounds good to me. My cats seem to pee more then they poop. And anything that makes me have to jump up and clean out the litter box every five seconds (or so it would seem) would be wonderful.

Here is a video that gives you more information about the product, plus how it compares to other litters on the market. The video is very long, but certainly interesting.


If you are reading this post via e-mail you can find the video here, http://bit.ly/135TUi9.

Fresh Air Cat Litter comes in two sizes – a 9 pound box (1 pad) or a 14 pound box (2 pads). It’s suppose to last twice as long as regular litters.

Each box comes with a special carbon pad that goes at the bottom of the litter box, then you pour the Fresh Air Cat Litter on top of it. The idea is that when the cat pees the urine goes through the litter and is absorbed into the pad. The special cat kills the ammonia scent, making the litter box less stinky. If you have a cat you know that cat pee is not a pleasant smell.

Our first problem was that the pad was not big enough to to cover the entire bottom of our litter box. We actually use a huge plastic storage box instead of a traditional litter box because one of our cats always pees over the side of the box and another one pees on the side of the box and when they miss the urine gets on the floor. Plus we were tired of them tracking litter every where. I ended up using both pads from the 14 pound box and putting both in the bottom of our box (I had to trim them a bit to make them fit). Great! Problem solved.

Fresh Air Cat Litter Pad

You have to make sure to maintain the litter to a certain height, otherwise your cat might dig through and scratch up the pad. One of our male cats, Anakin is a “digger”. Not only that he pees like a race horse. I have no idea how he holds that much urine in his system, but wow! It’s A LOT. Freakishly A LOT.

The pad does absorb the urine and did seem to cut down on the odor. I was certainly impressed by that. I liked only having to clean out the poop and not the pee. However I think our pads got overloaded too quickly because it soon turned into a big mess. The litter system is great for multiple cats, but maybe 5 cats is overkill, especially with the one box (it’s been too cold for them to use the outside one as often as they do in warmer weather). I don’t think the pads were meant to hold a massive amount of urine in a short amount of time. The pads DO work, but I think it would be better for less cats, or if you had multiple litter boxes where all the urine won’t be in the same litter box.

It also didn’t help that Anakin scratched up the pads in a few place. He’s curious about things and I guess he realized it was there and tried to dig it up. I kept trying to cover it up again but ever now and then I would see it’s been scratched at.

Anakin Looking Up


When the pad is full of urine (before it seems to evaporate or whatever it does) it’s gross.

Fresh Air Cat Litter has more of a sandy texture/appearance. It is also not dusty so when you are scooping out the cat poop you don’t have to worry about breathing in the dust. It also doesn’t have a scent which is good too. Clay litters have such a dirty smell to them.

Unfortunately the pad didn’t hold out as long a I had hoped. The litter is suppose to last about two months. Since we have five cats I figured at least a month would be great. The pad was just totally gross after a few days but we kept with it for a little over 2 weeks before we finally had to dump it all out. While it didn’t smell like ammonia, there was a weird odor coming from it. I also didn’t like the idea of the cats scratching at it. It’s normal for them to want to dig and hide their feces, and I worried about them scratching at the pad and getting who-knows-what on their paws and then liking it off and ingesting it.

We had two 14 pound boxes so we just cleaned out the litter box (scrubbed it out with hot soapy water), put the two pads in the bottom the way we had them before and put in new Fresh Air Cat Litter. The second time around lasted for about the same length (around 2 weeks). So essentially we went through 28 pounds of litter and 4 pads in a month. At around $60 for two boxes of Fresh Air Cat Litter that is very expensive. With the litter we normally use we pay around $12 a box and it lasts for around 2 weeks. On average we pay between $24-$36 a month for litter.

Bella and our dog Espn (Es-Pin) sleeping.

Bella and our dog Espn (Es-Pin) sleeping.

I like the Fresh Air Cat Litter. I like the concept. I like that it absorbs the ammonia smell from the car urine. I also like that it’s dust free. Over all it’s a great concept. The downside is that even though it’s OK for multiple cats, I am thinking maybe 3 cats at the most, unless you have multiple litter boxes, then this product should be fine.

I also think maybe the company can make additional pads available for a nominal fee. Larger pads too that can be trimmed or folded to fit various sizes of litter boxes. I also think that the pads should have some kind of adhesive backing on them so that there is no risk of a cat pulling them up (or worse yet if feces got underneath them – gross!).

The product is not readily available. PetCo does carry it but our local store does not have it, therefore I would have to pay for shipping so that would tack on another $10+ to the over all cost per month.

I would recommend Fresh Air Cat Litter to homes with 1-2 cats, or even kittens. The product works as claimed, just not so well with 5 cats.

For more information about Pet Loo’s Fresh Air Cat Litter or other Pet Loo products visit www.ThePetLoo.com. You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter.

Padme, Velcro and Bella hanging out on my daughter's messy unmade bed.

Padme, Velcro and Bella hanging out on my daughter’s messy unmade bed.


*I received free product samples in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and are not influenced in any way.

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