From Fabrics to Fabulous

Going from a pile of fabrics on your work table to a fabulous winter formal dress isn’t as difficult as it may sound. Creating your own fashion looks is fun and it’s a great way to build a one-of-a-kind wardrobe that others will envy. Start with a vision. You should have an idea of what fashion designs appeal to you the most.

The Basics Will Get You Going In the Right Direction

Knowing what you like and what works best with your body shape is a perfect beginning to a perfect dress for you. For instance, some women love the gorgeous effects of draping and others prefer a form-fitted look. However, tight fitting garments are not suited to every body shape.

Other things to consider include the desired length of your formal winter dress, color choices, and the types of fabrics you prefer. This basic information will help you come up with an ideal dress design.

Be Creative with Fabrics and More

Keep in mind what students at fashion colleges are taught, fashion designs repeat themselves. From specific styles to colors and fabrics, classics are the basis of all fashion.

Believe it or not, you may already have the perfect fabric hanging your closet. Think back to past formal dresses you have worn. Although the style may be outdated there is a good chance that you still love the fabric. You may be able to transform that old-style dress into a cutting-edge runway look.

An example of how to do this is turning a long formal into one with a shorter length, or adding darts and seams to create a totally different design. A dress with a higher neckline can be cut lower and you can consider adding ruffles or other decorative elements to the look.

Perhaps you have two old favorites in your closet. Why not combine the dresses to create a fantastic new look? For instance, if you have a basic black or white dress you can easily use it along with fabric in another color from a different dress. You might use this color to create a regal sash or a wrap around ‘belt’ that ties in the back with a bow that elegantly flows downward.

Starting Fresh

You may want to visit your local fabric shops for new material choices. This is an excellent way to get exactly what you want and need in a specific amount. Before you shop you should visit online websites that sell formal winter dresses. This will inspire you and provide information about what’s hot this season.

In addition to finding fabrics at these shops you can also purchase dress patterns. These can be used as a guideline only or you can create a dress exactly as pictured on the pattern package. Using patterns is a wonderful way to develop your design and sewing skills. This makes turning fabric into a spectacular fashion design simple.


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