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Christmas Stocking With Gifts

I hate to have to say this… but Christmas is several weeks away. It’s time to start thinking about holiday gift ideas and stocking stuffers.

My kid are older now (sigh…). They don’t care about the latest and greatest “must have” toys of the seasons. Just last night our daughter was telling us what stores she wants gift cards too, and that she’d like new hubcaps for her car (she’s missing one). Our son wants gift cards to buy clothes and sneakers. I WISH they still wanted toys.

I do work with little children, and have plenty of younger nieces, nephews and family friends who have young children. Thankfully I still have a chance to pick up some fun toys for gifts.

I understand why kids these days want high-tech toys. That is just how kids are these days. I’m a bit more “old school” – I like toys that develop a child’s imagination and creativity. I would rather give a child a box full of clay, crayons, paper, paint and other arts and crafts supplies than a video game. That is just how I am. I’m sure the kids I gift those things too would rather have the video games, but I would rather a child learn to create their own fun.

When I was little I could play for hours with sticks, rocks and other things I found around our home and in the woods. I didn’t need a television, cellphone or iPad in order to have fun.

children computers

If you are interested in gifting a child a gift that not only promotes creativity, but also sparks their imagination, I have an idea for you – Build Your Own Wind-Up Toys from Precision RBS™. These 3D-Motokits are part puzzle, part toy.

The Build Your Own Wind-Up Toys come in a variety toys including construction vehicles, dinosaurs, animals and military vehicles.

The four series of 3D-Motokits™ available are,

  • Dinosaur Series 1– let your kids build all their favorites like the Tyrannosaurus Rex, Stegosaurus, Triceratops and Brachiosaurus.
  • Animals Series 1– bring the zoo to life with pandas, tigers, elephants and gorillas.
  • Construction Series 1– the basics needed to get any construction job done including: backhoes, dumpers, forklifts and loaders.
  • Military Series 1– featuring classic military vehicles such as tanks, helicopters, jet fighters and fighter planes.


Each kit comes with pieces that need to be popped out. Then, following the instructions, you need to assemble the pieces together to form the object.

Each kit also comes with the wind-up mechanism so that you can bring the object to life. There are no batteries required. You also don’t need glue – unless you plan making them a bit more sturdy.

I was sent some of the kits to review.

I’m not really good with tiny pieces, so I asked my teenage son if he could put them together for me. Sadly, he’s been too busy to help me out. So I had to ask my husband.

My husband tried two different kits. Even though they are made for children, he found them cumbersome to put together. When he tried to slide in one piece another piece would pop out. He actually got frustrated with the one he was working on (a construction vehicle) and gave up.

I figured I would give them a chance. I opened up the elephant kit. I too had a hard time putting it together. I found the instructions a bit confusing. Oddly enough there are a lot of pieces. When I offered to review them I didn’t expect that there would be so many tiny pieces.

Now, before you ASSUME the kits are too difficult – they were for us BUT they might not be for others. They are labeled for ages 6+, but I do feel like little ones will need parental assistance. This would actually be a great parent/child activity – you know, to bond and make memories with.

I have Carpal Tunnel, so doing things with tiny pieces is not that easy for me.


The small white thing at the bottom of the photo is the winding mechanism.

The small white thing at the bottom of the photo is the winding mechanism.

If you are able to follow directions and put together those fancy LEGO kits, then this should be no problem whatsoever.

These kits would be ideal for those snowy and cold winter days when you really can’t go out and play or a rainy day activity.

As a parent I appreciate toys like this. I like that its a bit challenging and teaches children how to follow instructions (there are no words – just photos). Plus I love that it will boost their confidence and self-esteem when they see the finished product, knowing that they made it themselves. Plus they look like a lot of fun too.

These kits are made by Super Impulse. I am a big fan of the brand. They make the World’s Smallest toys, which I love. I own several of them.

Look for these kits where ever toys are sold. You can also visit SuperImpluse.com for more information. You can also find the brand on social media. All of their links are found at the bottom of their website.

What do you think of these toys? Do they look like something your child/grandchild might like to do?



*I received free samples to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.


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  1. Angela Saver says:

    My nephews love dinosaurs so the dinosaur kit would be a big hit for them!