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If you read my blog on a regular basis you’ll recall that I have five cats (yes…FIVE!), a dog and some fish.

We love our furry (and slimy :-)) family members very much and spoil them like crazy. We provide them with love, fresh food & water, a soft place to sleep (although they prefer the furniture), toys and plenty of interaction.

It would seem that there are more things for dogs than there is for cats. I used to think that way but I keep seeing more and more great things for cats from PetSmart including interactive toys and beds so plush you wish YOU could sleep in them.

Our cats have the most plush and comfy looking bed made by Laurel Burch, and available at PetSmart. It features a fun and color print and a super soft and snugly interior. It’s “deep” (has high sides) and a super soft pillow in the middle. I think my cats love to feel surrounded by the soft sides. They love to squeeze themselves into small boxes, and like sleeping in the cat carrier. I think they find comfort in having something on all sides of them. I think that is why this bed is such a hit with my cats (and dog).

Here are two of my cats enjoying the Laurel Burch bed. Even though they look alike they are different cats. One is a girl, Padmé (pad-may) and the other is a boy, Anakin (Annie for short).



PetSmart Laurel Burch


Notice the funky colorful design/pattern on the side of the bed? Doesn’t it look snugly? I wish they made this bed in people size. LOL!

The Laurel Burch collection also consists of colorful pet bowls and even a pet bowl mat. There are currently only a few Laurel Burch items on the PetSmart website. Please check out your local PetSmart store for more of the collection.

Laurel BurchAnother collection that I really like that PetSmart carries is Martha Stewart. We have several Martha Stewart products for both dogs and cats.

We have one of the Martha Stewart Pets feeding mats. Let me tell you its a must have in my home. My cats are messy eaters. The mat helps to keep the food from getting all over the floor. It has sides on it as well to help trap any water spills as well.

Martha Stewart MatWe have a few cat toys from the Martha Stewart Pets line.

My cats love to play with those sticks that things dangle from. I’m sure you know what I’m referring to. You (the person) holds on to a stick and at the opposite end is a string or ribbon and at the end of the string/ribbon there is a toy that your cat can bat around or jump at.

I have gone through several of these toys. That is because they are almost always made with a thin piece of elastic that either rips or one of the cats chews through it. The Martha Stewart Pets dangly toys are made with a string that won’t snap and it would take a lot for a cat to chew through it. Unlike other dangly toys we’ve had in the past, the Martha Stewart Pet ones have lasted a long time. Thankfully!

Another thing about the Martha Stewart Pet toys that I like is that they come with interchangeable pieces. There is no need to buy several different wands/toys. Instead you can buy one wand and it comes with three different pieces you can change easily with a simple strip of Velcro.

Velcro Strip

The end pieces (the party your cat plays with) comes with a lot of things cats love like features, lose ribbons and bells.

Here is a photo of two different end pieces you can use (sorry that it’s hard to tell in the photo). I used arrows to point them out.


You can tell from the photos that the string is a lot thicker then other wands/dangly toys. The 3rd one is missing from the photo.

We have two wands/dangly toys – the one pictured above and another one from Martha Stewart Pets that doesn’t have the interchangeable pieces. The wand is much shorter too.

Even our dog Espn (es-pin) likes to play with the wand/dangly toys. Either that or he thinks he’s missing out on the fun when I play with the cats. 🙂

Cat Wand

Another thing I like about Martha Stewart Pets products is that they are colorful, but the colors are very soft. Her collection not only includes toys but also pet clothing, bedding, and more. The toys are so cute that I hate giving them to my dog because I know he’s going to chew them up and make them dirty. Some of her toys are so cute they look like children’s toys rather than pet toys.



Yes, these images are actually dog toys. They are so cute!

If you are a pet owner you know the importance play is for your cats and dog. It provides them with exercise. Without playing around cats can easily gain weight. Unlike dogs, cats are often confined to the home. They require physical activity (play) to stay in shape. With fun toys like those from Martha Stewart Pets you are sure to find plenty of toys your cat (and you!) will love.

Also, don’t forget that pets love to have snugly places to rest their heads too. A soft, snugly bed like the one from Laurel Burch is sure to be a huge hit with your furry friend.

Be on the look out for my post about the new Disney collection, available for only a short time at PetSmart. I have a few of the products and they are darling! Look for my post about them soon.

PetSmart logo


*I received free product samples in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and were nto influenced in any way.

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  1. Your cats relaxing in their beds are so cute!

  2. Our house is always backwards…the dog sleeps on our blankets, and sometimes I DO sleep in the dog bed!! 🙂 Those things are comfy!
    Sam recently posted..Lindt Easter Giveaway!

  3. I am unable to have a pet so I go to Pet Smart regularly and visit the cats and birds there. Someday…

  4. Olivia Rubin says:

    My dogs bed is also super comfortable. It is a tempurpedic memory foam bed for dogs. I love it. I like how cute the Martha Stewart products are but have been disappointed in the past with the durability of the dog items. She had or has large chows..which I think can play hard. The toys she makes under her name are durable for tiny dogs, but not for large breeds. She also doesn’t make those cute holiday dresses to fit over 60 lbs.

    I like the tree stump toy a lot.

  5. Daily Woman (Lacey) says:

    I love all these cool cat toys. My cat is like one of my children. He loves his toys and bed .

  6. Donna George says:

    I have 3 cats and 1 teeny tiny teacup chihuahua who thinks he weighs 100 pounds. It is hard to find good toys for tiny dogs too

  7. Mallory H. says:

    I like the Martha Stewart toys, we have a few – very durable too!

  8. I love pet smart and we shop there a lot.

  9. Susan Broughton says:

    I love those cute toys for the cats! I wonder if my dogs would like them lol! My dogs sleep at the foot of our bed so dog beds wouldn’t work for us unfortunately…..wish it would

  10. Christina says:

    Oh, I love that cat bed!! I am going to have to look for it… one of our cats sleeps on the floor in a corner with her head propped against the wall like your cat has it propped on the side of the bed, I’ve been wanting to get a bed for the corner she prefers (behind the recliner) because I hate to see her sleeping on the hard floor (although I guess she must be comfortable lol). That bed looks perfect though.

    Oh and our kitten DID chew through one of those Martha Stewart wand toy strings…. in like 5 minutes (I don’t leave the wand toys out normally because of her chewing strings – I walked out to get the mail and we had a piece of mail that belonged to the neighbors so I walked it over there… in that time she chewed through it)! Not sure how she did it so easily either…. other than the fact she is TROUBLE lol. Our vet has nicknamed her Problem Child.

  11. I agree that it seems like there are more things for dogs then for cats. We have two cars that are beyond spoiled. We do buy a bunch of toys for them. I haven’t seen the Martha Stewart toys yet. I would love to have toys with interchangeable pieces. I will have to check Pet smart next time I am there. Thanks for the review.

  12. I love the pet bowl pictured above! Really cute design!

  13. I love the Martha Stewart dog toys, they are so cute. I have several different ones for my crew. I have eight doggies (three are rescues) and two rescue kitties…and a couple other critters….so love reading that you have five kitties and a dog. People always think I’m crazy for having multiple pets but I love them all and can’t imagine life without them! The bed your kitties have is real cute too but my little dogs would sleep in it instead of my cats….for whatever reason, my kitties refuse to sleep in a bed….

  14. Betty Baez says:

    love the bed. I need to get one of those mats because my kitty makes a mess while he’s eating im constantly sweeping it up

  15. I love cats, but sadly I am allergic to them now, even though I have had several cats throughout my childhood years.
    HilLesha @To the Motherhood recently posted..Heidi Klum’s Truly Scrumptiou​s

  16. Those are cute! My pets tend to drag their toys all over when i have company, so I like the thought of having presentable toys. Love the cat bed as well, it looks so cozy!

  17. sandy weinstein says:

    i go to petsmart on a ocassion, i shop for my pets mainly on line. i won a cat toy that i donated since dont have cats. i donate most of the things i get at petco and petsmart with coupons and winnings. i dont have a cat, but 3 dogs….

  18. Amy Orvin says:

    I love Petsmart! I was actually there yesterday and got alot of nice things for my babies!

  19. Oh wow! You have a lot of cats! 🙂 The honey toy by Martha Stewart looks super cute! 🙂

  20. That is one fat cat. I love the design on the bowls and the feeding mat the colors are so bright. I get a cozy for the cat and she would rather sleep in a box – go figure