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Most of my regular readers know that I have a mini-zoo at home – specifically five cats and a dog. Their health, happiness and well being is very important to us. That is why we want to make sure their every need is met, plus give them plenty of unconditional love, I have to admit that we spoil them rotten too. ūüôā

Making sure that our pets have fresh, clean water every day, all day long, is a must. You wouldn’t want to drink warm, stagnant water would you? Of course not! And neither does your pet. Just like you they enjoy a fresh, clean, cold beverage, especially on a warm day.

I clean out their water dish several times a day and refill it with cold tap water. Sadly the water turns into room temperate not too long after I serve it to them. To keep their water chilled longer I often drop in ice cubes. They love ice cubes. The cats love to lick them and our dog loves to eat them.

Now there is a new way to keep your pets water perfectly chilled. It’s called FrostyBowlz.

FrostyBowlz is a stainless steel pet bowl with matching tray. What makes FrostyBowlz different than other pet bowls is that FrostyBowlz also comes with a specially designed ice pack that fits perfectly underneath the bowl. The ice pack helps to keep your pets water chilled for up to 14 hours.

For the past two weeks I have put down both the FrostyBowlz filled with water (also with the ice pack) and our regular water dish. Every time I went in the kitchen and saw one¬† of our cats or our dog drinking it was always from the FrostyBowlz bowl. It does retain it’s chill for pretty much the whole day.

At night, before I go to bed, I take the FrostyBowlz and give it a good washing (our dog especially makes things slimy when he licks them). Then I pop the freezer pack into the freezer and let it freeze overnight. When I get up in the morning it’s frozen solid and all ready to go.


FrostyBowlz & Tray (L) and Ice Pack (R)

Tray (L) and Ice Pack (R)

Tray (L) and Ice Pack (R)

Ice Pack on top of Tray

Ice Pack on top of Tray

Tray (bottom), Ice Pack (middle) and FrostyBowlz (top)

Tray (bottom), Ice Pack (middle) and FrostyBowlz (top)

In addition to keep water cold the FrostyBowlz can also keep fresh foods and canned food cold. You can even poor a small amount of water in the try to prevent ants from making their way into the bowl. There is nothing worse then a bowl full of ants! Not only that, ants are attracted to food and the last thing you want is to provide ants with a regular stream of tasty treats. Before you know it the whole colony will make their way into your home (or where ever your pet’s bowl is).

FrostyBowlz is available in different sizes. You even have the option of buying one with an extra freezer pack, that way your pet can have chilled water 24 hours a day.

My pets love FrostyBowlz. I love that they are happy. I think it even encourages them to drink more because they enjoy the refreshing chilled water. I know I have to fill the bowl up a few times per day, more so then I do their other bowl.

FrostyBowlz ranges in prices from $19.99 (small dog or cat size) to $29.99 (large dog size). There is also a medium size that works with both dogs and cats (it’s the one we have).¬†That one sells for $24.99.

This pet mom love FrostyBowlz and our pets give it their tale wag of approval.

To learn more about FrostyBowlz visit www.FrostyBowlz.com. FrostyBowlz are available online for purchase. They are also available at many retail locations around the country including Bed, Bath & Beyond, Sears and Amazon.com.

You can also find FrostyBowlz on Facebook and Twitter.

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*I received a free product sample in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own unless otherwise noted.  

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  1. Love this idea! This would be so perfect for summer time, I always feel bad giving my pup warm water outsid.

  2. What a great product!! I would love to have this for my dog and cat, as I refill their water bowl several times a day so they have fresh,cold water.

  3. That is really neat especially if we’re going to be out for the day it will keep the kitty water cool