Great Gifts for your Feline Family Members from Fat Cat

With the holidays upon us many people are frantically trying to compile their holiday shopping lists. You don’t want to forget those special people in your lives. Sometimes one important family member is over looked when it comes to gifts – your cat. Some people are obsessed with their cats (I have a friend who throws birthday parties for his cat!), others just see them as a cat and not someone who would appreciate a holiday gift. Trust me, cats (and dogs) love to get gifts and treats too during the holidays (and year round).

What exactly do you buy a cat as a gift? You can certainly fill a stocking up with small plush mice, catnip toys, and Mylar balls (my cats LOVE Mylar balls). You can also give a bigger gift such as the whimsical cat products by Fat Cat.

Fat Cat sent me a few of their products to review with my cats. I have five cats (and one dog). Apparently they don’t share too well because our youngest cat, Bella (16 months old) seemed to feel that the Fat Cat products were hers and hers only. Ha! She’s the little princess of the group. No worries. My other cats make sure to get their time with the products too.

Fat Cat sent me the following goodies to try out with my cats.

Fat Cat Kitty Kahuna Beach Ball Cat Scratcher Toy – This is a rather unique cat toy. It’s HUGE. It’s more like a dog toy. My dog thinks it’s his. I can’t blame him. It’s the ball in the above picture.

This interesting toy is part toy, part scratcher. There are a few stripes of burlap on the sides that allow cats to scratch at it if they want to. Most of my cats don’t bother with this toy. My youngest cat and second youngest cat (he’s 5) tend to bat it around from time to time. Mostly our dog likes to play with it. 🙂

Fat Cat Kitty Kahuna CabanaRama Cat Toy Structure – My cats LOVE scratchers. It doesn’t matter what shape or form they come in. They love to scratch (and thankfully it’s not always the furniture). They love the kind made from corrugated cardboard. I have a couple of them in my home because with five cats they tend to tear through them within a couple of weeks (or sooner).

I’m sure the cats like the cardboard over the other kind of scratchers because it’s softer on their paws. They are usually comfy (for cats) to lie on.

The Fat Cat Kahuna CabanaRama Cat Toy Structur features a removable “tent” that can be taken down when the scratcher is not in use. We leave ours on all the time.

Bella tried to jump on top of the tent but found at the hard way that it didn’t hold her weight. I’ve seen her scratch at it too but for the most part she leaves the tend part alone.

Fat Cat Boogie Mat Refillable Catnip Mat – My cats LOVE this mat. They fight over it. I don’t know what their obsession is with it, but I’m sure it has to do with the combination of cat nip and the crunchy/crackling sound it makes when they lie and roll around on it.

The mat is big, which is great since I have huge cats (two are over 20+ pounds). Bella, seen in the photos, is actually very small (I guesstimate her weight to be around 8 pounds). That should give you an idea of how big the mat is.

I love the whimsical and colorful design. Most of Fat Cat products are cute and colorful.

The mat retails for around $9.99, making it a budget friendly gift your furry friend will love.

This holiday season don’t forget your little furbaby. Consider picking up your cats some special treats and toys too. I am sure they will appreciate the thought very much.

Fat Cat products are carried by many pet retail locations, both online and off line.

For more information visit www.FatCatInc.com.


*I received free product samples in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and are not influenced in any way.

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  1. These look fun! I wonder if my cat would like the mat seeing as she will plop down on newspapers or whatever paperwork I happen to be working on! She’s not too easy to buy cat toys for. She much prefers a simple cardboard box to any toys I’ve purchased for her. SIGH….

  2. We used to have one of the Boogie Mats… my cat loved it! I should get a new one for the 2 we have now.