Happy 50th Birthday Ranger Rick plus fun new apps and magazine


Ranger Rick 50th Birthday

I’m not one to post press releases, but every now and then something comes along that I feel is worth mentioning. Such is the case with the National Wildlife Federation’s Ranger Rick and a new magazine and fun apps that are now available.

If you read my site on a regular basis you’ll know that I have a great love for all creatures great and small. That extends well past dogs, cats and fish. I love all animals. I also feel that it’s very important to teach our children and grandchildren about conversation and ways to protect these beautiful creatures. It breaks my heart to think that my grandchildren might never get to see a Polar Bear or Lion except from a picture in a book. Once these creatures are gone they are gone forever.

It’s hard to believe Ranger Rick is 50 years old.

I know that many parents are always on the look out for fun apps for their children, especially ones that have a bit of an educational component to them. These two new apps from the National Wildlife Federation are worth checking out.

The National Wildlife Federation? The NWF’s beloved raccoon mascot Ranger Rick marks his 50th birthday this year and he’s using the special occasion to introduce three new properties – a new children’s magazine and two apps for the iPad – to the next generation of nature-loving kids.

Intended to educate and instill a love for wildlife in a safe, ad-free environment, Ranger Rick’s Tree House (ages 7-12), Ranger Rick Jr. Appventures (ages 4-7), and Ranger Rick Jr. Magazine offer a wealth of interesting animal info. in the form of interactive photos, videos, games, puzzles and jokes. There’s also a brand new NWF character to guide kids though the different Appventures – Ricky the raccoon, a mini Ranger Rick!

Ranger Rick's Tree House App

Ranger Rick’s Tree House

Ranger Rick, everyone’s favorite raccoon is introducing today’s tech-savvy kids to a new, highly interactive, magazine app: Ranger Rick’s Tree House. This new product, from the editors of Ranger Rick magazine, totally re-envisions how children ages 7-12 read and consume magazine-like content on digital devices. No other digital children’s magazine is more innovative, interactive, or just plain fun! Instead of turning pages, kids enter Ranger Rick’s home in Deep Green Wood – a virtual tree house full of rooms they can explore at their own pace. The rooms are packed with clickable animal stories that come to life on the iPad screen; comic adventures, multi-level games, animal videos, nature activities, and wildlife mysteries. There are even opportunities for children to earn badges by correctly using what they learn in Ranger Rick’s Tree House.

Ranger Rick App

Ranger Rick Jr. Appventures

Children ages 4-7 can’t wait to get their hands on Ranger Rick Jr. Appventures! This new series of iPad story apps lets young kids use cutting-edge technology to Explore, Create, and Play their way through incredible animal adventures. Every Appventure includes an interactive photo story, engaging games, and creative play activities—all centered around a specific animal. The first one in the series opens with a ROAR as mascot Ricky Raccoon and his friend Lars the Lion take children on a trip to the African grasslands. There they discover how lions spend their days, raise their young, and much more! Ranger Rick Jr. Appventures  was developed by the Ranger Rick Jr. editorial team in partnership with Moonbot Studios, winners of the 2012 Academy Awards for Best Animated Short Film and makers of the award-winning apps, The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore and The Numberlys.

Ranger Rick Jr Magazine

Ranger Rick Jr. Magazine

Launched December 2012, beginning readers, ages 4-7, can now enjoy a Ranger Rick magazine specially designed for their interests and reading skills. Called Ranger Rick Jr., this new National Wildlife Federation publication uses dazzling wildlife photos and simple, easy-to-follow text to introduce young children to the amazing world of animals.  An enthusiastic and inquisitive young character named Ricky Raccoon guides children through the pages of the magazine, asking questions as well as providing informative and often humorous commentary about other animals. Included in every issue is “Green Time,” a page of activities that inspires kids to head outdoors to enjoy the wildlife in their own backyards.

I didn’t find the apps when searching through the App Store on my iPhone, but I do find them on iTunes.

Ranger Rick Appventures is $4.99 and Ranger Rick’s Tree House is FREE.

Ranger Rick Jr. Magazine is $19.95 for 10 issues (1 year) or $33.90 for 20 issues (2 years).

For more information about Ranger Rick Jr., games, apps and more fun stuff visit www.NWF.org/Kids.aspx. You can also check our Ranger Rick on Facebook and Twitter.

Ranger Rick Treehouse


*I was not compensated for this post. I posted this for the benefit and enjoyment of my site readers. Any opinions expressed are my own unless otherwise noted.

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