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When you’re a child every day has the potential of being a “Big Day”. That holds true for older children too (teens). In fact, every day has the potential to be a “Big Day” when you are an adult as well.

Some “Big Days” are totally unexpected, like the first time your child learns to ride a two wheeler without training wheels, or the first time they lose a tooth. Other “Big Days” are highly anticipated, like your child’s first dance, or for a teen, their first date.

My children are teenagers now. In fact my daughter is just about to turn “Sweet 16”. She is looking forward to many upcoming “Big Days” including getting her driver’s permit (not exactly something my husband and I are looking forward to – ha ha) and getting her first job. Another “Big Day” that we know is fast approaching is her first date with a boy. Although the longer we can push that one off the happier we’ll be.

To prepare yourself for those “Big Days” it’s important to start your day off right. Aside from getting a good night’s sleep it’s also important to start your day off with a wholesome, nutritious and filling breakfast.


Just this morning my daughter and I were talking about the importance of breakfast while we were waiting for her bus to arrive. She was curious to know why people say it’s important to have a good breakfast so that you can stay focused during the day. My daughter said that no matter what she eats she doesn’t have a problem staying focused and staying on task. I reminded her that almost every morning she has a good, nutritious breakfast. That is why she never seems to have a problem concentrating or getting her work done. I told her that when you are hungry your mind tends to wander on thoughts of food and when you’ll have a chance to eat next, not what happened during the War of 1812. Plus if your stomach is growling you might get embarrassed and be too worried about people hearing your tummy grumbling and not pay attention to what is going on in the classroom.

A healthy and nutritious breakfast can also help keep your child focused so that they do well on an important test (such as a mid-term or final) or an important presentation.

When my children were little I always made sure they ate a healthy breakfast every morning. Now that they are older and make their own breakfasts I make sure that there are plenty of healthy options available to them including plenty of fresh fruits, oatmeal, eggs (or another form of a protein) and high fiber cereals such as Frosted Mini Wheats. In fact, Frosted Mini Wheats are a favorite of my children. My daughter even loves to have them at snacks. She’s even taken some in a baggie to school with her (along with her lunch) to help keep her full throughout the day. Their favorite flavors are Strawberry (I almost always have Strawberry Frosted Mini Wheats in our pantry) and Blueberry. I love both flavors as well as Maple Brown Sugar and Original.

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If you would like to learn more about the different varieties of fiber packed Kellogg’s Frosted Mini Wheats visit www.FrostedMiniWheats.com.

Did you know that one bowl of Kellogg’s Frosted Mini Wheats provides your child with a whole day’s worth of whole grains as well as feeds their bodies with 22% of their daily value of dietary fiber. As you know, fiber helps to keep you feeling full and satisfied.

Scholastic even have a special website set up just to help you and your child celebrate the special “Big Days” in your life including first sleep over, first pet, first big game and more wonderful first “Big Days”. You can find great articles, videos, tips and more at www.Scholastic.com/PCBigDay. The site will be updated frequently with new content and information so you should bookmark it and check back often.

Oh how I miss the “firsts” talked about on the PC Big Day website. I still remember my daughter’s first sleep over and my son’s first lose tooth. Some how you never forever those special “Big Days”, no matter how much your child grows. 🙂

How do YOU help your child prepare for their “Big Day”? I would love to hear your thoughts. Feel free to comment and let me know. I always love to hear from my readers.

Kellogg's Frosted Mini Wheats


*I was provided the information by Kellogg’s Mini Wheats. This is a compensated post however the opinions expressed are my own and were not influenced in any way.

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