Holiday Gift Ideas for Far-Away Family and Friends

When the holidays approach, you know it’s time for sending gifts to your near and dear. It’s when you bond and connect with family and friends. But what about those loved ones who live far away?

Letting others know that they are loved, valued and well thought of, even if they live far away should be a priority for you. But each year you face the same problem: how to give a nice gift that they would cherish without having to spend gobs of money on shipping costs.

Given below are a few tips to help you send thoughtful holiday gifts with free or inexpensive shipping costs…

Magazine Subscription

Does your gift recipient love reading a certain magazine? Does he or she have interest in a particular area or have a regular hobby that they keep learning on?

By subscribing them to their favorite magazine or to one that would really interest them, you give a present that keeps giving, over and over again. It’s a gift idea that never fails to impress, especially if your recipient loves reading.

Lightweight Items

Mailing items to your far away loved ones isn’t a new idea. It has been done for ages. So for a holiday gift what you can do is mail the recipient a well made shawl or scarf.

You can also send them small yet expensive items such as earrings, necklace (for her) and cufflinks, designer tie (for him). Instead of spending big money on shipping aim at spending it at a gift that your recipient will cherish.


The gift of flowers isn’t new but it’s a classic for long distance friendships and relationships. They not only make a beautiful gift, but are also a symbol of care and love, which is why they’re always appreciated.

When you’re going for flowers, make sure you choose something that’s festive or seasonal. Something that would work great for their holiday decor or as a centerpiece for their dinner table. Hop on to proflowers.com to order and have your flowers delivered, possibly the same day.

Gift Card

Even though giving a gift card isn’t an original idea, it always seems to work. Why? For a simple reason that you’re never short of options!  You now have the opportunity to select a gift card that goes with the taste and personality of your recipient, making it highly personalized.

While there are many gift cards to choose from, the popular ones come from Amazon, Starbucks and iTunes. For instance, with the iTunes gift card your recipient can buy his or favorite music, movies, games, etc.

Your far away friends and relatives don’t have to be ignored. Even they have they the right to feel special like the ones who live near you. So don’t hesitate and  try out the above gift ideas and bring a smile to their face this holiday season!


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