I-Mego Throne Cambo Headphones for the music lover in your life (or you!)


I-MEGO Throne

I love listening to music. There are some days that I need the thump, thump, thump of great song or to to boost my energy levels and to get me through the day. I work from home and there is no one here with me except my dog and cats. They tend to be quite (except our dog – he barks a lot). With teenagers I usually cherish the quiet moments when I’m home alone. Other times I find the quietness makes me feel a bit lonely. That is why I enjoy having music to listen to.

I also like to listen to music when I’m walking the dog or traveling by air. Those 5+ hours flights to the West Coast can be boring without some good music to listen to or a good movie to watch.

I’m not a fan of ear buds or those headphones that attach to your ear. I find them to be very uncomfortable. Call me “old school” but I like the headphones that go over your head. I don’t care if it messes up my hair. As long as the sound quality is great and they are comfortable that is all the matters to me. Of course looking good is great too.

Throne Cambo Headphones

I recently received to review a pair of headphones from I-Mego. It’s called the Throne Cambo.

These headphones are really cool. The first thing I thought when I took them out of the box is that they had a bit of a retro, yet also modern, design to them. At first glance they reminded me of a pair of headphones my father used back in the 70’s. At the same time they have a modern appeal to them.

I have other headphones, and I have tried several others. Sometimes they can be very heavy and uncomfortable to wear. Heavy headphones also slip around when you are doing things like walking. The Throne Cambo headphones are surprisingly very light weight. They look heavy but they do not feel heavy, especially when you are wearing them. I’ve worn them a few times to take our dog out and they don’t slide around on my head like other headphones do. They stay in place.

These headphones are very comfortable too. They have premium quality ear pads that are very soft and comfy. I sometimes wear earrings which can make wearing headphones uncomfortable. These ear pads fit perfectly over my ears and didn’t bother my earrings. The adjustable headband with comfort foam also makes these very comfortable to wear.

Headphones I-MEGO Throne

The sound quality of these headphones is outstanding. Music is crisp and clear. There is no static of loss of sound when you move around. I’m not a techie but I know that the audio is provided by two high performance 40mm drivers. The headphones even have a gold plated 3.5 mm audio connection which works well with iPhones, iPods and other sound devices.

These would make a great gift idea for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or a graduation. Of course these are great for any music lover in your life, including you.

The purchase of these headphones also helps improve orphanages and schools in Cambodia. Project Cambodia is one of I-MEGO’s charity programs. They support improvement of orphanages and schools and help fun construction of new facilities to help children living in deprived conditions. A portion of the sale of these headphones goes to support this charity.

Throne Headphones I-MEGO

The I-MEGO Throne Cambo headphones are available in black (X1) and White (X2). They also have a gold version and one called “Poison”. Gold and Poison come with more accessories and are priced a bit more too.

They can be purchased on the I-MEGO website or Amazon.com. They retail for $79.99. They might be a bit pricey, but you are paying for exceptional sound quality and very comfortable to wear headphones.

For more information about these headphones and other I-MEGO products visit www.I-MEGO.com. They carry several headphone over the ear and in the ear headphones.

You can also find the brand on Facebook and Twitter.

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*I received a free product sample in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and were not influenced in any way.

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  1. Michael Murray says:

    I too do like the earbuds or the things you stick in your ears. I used to DJ in the clubs back in the days before CD’s and earbuds and I feel that headphones not just produce better sound but also cut down on outside interference. Of course even then we always looked for good quality and light weight and even today many of the good headphones are too heavy. These sound like they may very well be the perfect fit for me and I thank you for your review.