Imagine receiving $7,000 a week – EVERY WEEK – for the rest of your life?

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It’s always great to get money in the mail. Far too often most mail is marked in big red letters DUE NOW. It’s rare (for me anyway) to get money or a check in the mail. From time to time I do, but those times are few and far between.

Imagine opening up your mailbox week after week and finding a check for $7,000 inside? Imagine if you receive that check week after week, month after month and year after year – for the rest of your life? That is exactly what will happen for one very lucky winner of the Publishers Cleaning House (PCH) “Win $7,000 a week for life” contest.

Did you know that PCH has awarded over $246 MILLION prizes to date? Wow! That is amazing.

I couldn’t imagine winning that kind of money. I was talking to my husband just the other day about this special contest. We both agree that the first few weeks or months will be exciting, but after you buy a new house, new car and go on a fun vacation what else do you do with the money?

My husband and I are fortunate that we don’t have many bills. We have a mortgage, one car loan and we owe my father some money. Once those things are paid off we are debt free. That would be a great feeling. I know if we were the lucky winners that would be the very first thing we did – pay off everything we owe.

As soon as we are debt free we would look into buying a house. We don’t need, nor do we want, a mansion. We don’t want a place that has more bathrooms than people in our family. A nice 4 bedroom house with a finished basement and a lovely property would surfice. Or maybe even a working, self sufficient farm.

Aside from a house, buying new cars, and a trip to Disney World, California and the United Kingdom (maybe Italy and Greece too) we would save the rest and set up some kind of yearly charity donation to our favorite charities. I would love to help relocate our local animal shelter and set them up with a new facility. Maybe I would even look into the book store/coffee house place I have always dreamed of owning.

Check out this one story from PCH when they gave away $5,000 a week for life to a very lucky (and stunned) young man.

Oh if only that could happen to me.

Would you like to enter? Click on this Win $7,000 a Week for Life from Publishers Clearing House link.

What would YOU do with $7,000 a week every week for the rest of your life (keep in mind you have to pay taxes on that $$$ too :-)).



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  1. All right, I’m a sucker. I try to enter contests with good odds. This is not, but I entered anyway. Hope you got paid for the link.

  2. i would never get bored of getting a check every week. I would get my surgery that i need, and then go on a trip around the world. maybe twice!
    Karen recently posted..5 Fun Things About Pumpkins In The News

  3. ellen beck says:

    After the new house on a beach with a built on no kill santuary I would get sucked and tucked and look 20 years younger and wear a bikini with a smile ear to ear.

  4. Eileen Richter says:

    First i’d get the treatment I need that insurance wont pay, and also get my teeth fixed like I have always wanted to. Give to various community charities and churches. I’d get the kids and grandkids set up for school, help my mom get all of her bucket wishes in tact (alone with mine…she’s 30 years older than me but MUCH healthier than I.) Then fun but non elaborate vacations for our entire families, newer boat for hubby, newer truck for him, and a nice car to replace our 15 year old van. Then, build a simple, smallish cabin retreat for ourselves and a resort type set of cabins for our families to visit on our farm setting. Organically farm the remaining 40 acres and plant lavender fields. Gardens. Oh, And hire a cook. I am so sick of cooking I need a break. Nothing really extravagant…we just are not that kind. Kinda rednecks really. LOL.