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I get A LOT of e-mail on a daily basis. Not only do I get blogging related e-mails but also personal e-mails, group e-mails, and tons of SPAM e-mails. On my laptop I have my e-mails set up to go into dedicated folders, so I can pick and choose which folder to go through first. It helps to streamline things better. On my iPad however it’s not as easy to organize my e-mails as I’d like to.

If you use your iPad for e-mail chances are when you get e-mails into your inbox it looks similar to this.

Email Screen Shot

All of your e-mail shows up as a long list with just the sender and a small “snippet” of what the e-mail is about. It makes prioritizing which e-mails to read first a little difficult. It would be nicer if you could scroll down the e-mail a bit further and read at least the first few sentences.

Incredimail has introduced a new email app that is tailor-made for the iPad.  The Incredimail app makes life easier and runs on an intuitive platform. Operating with completely different options than the desktop experience you’re used to, Incredimail revolutionizes email as we know it with style and features.

Here are some highlights of the Incredimail application for your iPad.

Unified Inbox: Add as many email accounts as you want and view them in a unified inbox, or view each account separately. Incredimail currently supports Gmail, Yahoo!, AOL, and any other IMAP account.

Quick Peeks: See a quick preview of emails directly from the inbox, without having to open them.

Photo Inbox: In addition to the regular email inbox, enjoy a photo inbox that features photos from friends and family, keeping you fully up to date with the people that matter most (starting with Facebook photos, others will be added soon).

Link Previews (a.k.a. Snippets): All links sent to you including photos, videos and articles, are presented as a preview within the email for a pleasant and uninterrupted email experience. Links you send are also viewed as previews by the email recipient.

Email Stationery: Enjoy a specially designed email stationery collection to add a personal style to emails you send. Additional stationery and rich content coming soon.

Built-In Web Browser:  Search and browse the web right inside your inbox, ensuring an uninterrupted experience.

Future features to include: POP3 email support, other social platforms like Facebook Twitter and LinkedIn, and more photo integration with Picasa Web, Flickr and Instagram.

The app was just released last week so it’s fairly new. As you can see from the above descriptions many new exciting features are on their way.

I used a POP3 account for my primary e-mails, but I also have a Yahoo account. I have been using the Incredimail app with my Yahoo e-mail. I cannot wait to add in my personal and blog e-mails too.

I love how you can incorporate all your e-mails into the app so there is no need to bounce around to different locations or accounts to check e-mail.

By far my favorite feature of the Incredimail app is ability to not only get previews of e-mails.

Incredimail Inbox

As you can see I had to cover up some of my e-mail information. 🙂

You’ll notice that you can see a bit more information for each e-mail compared to the regular way we view e-mail on the iPad. In addition to looking at it this way you can also view the e-mails on a full page. Within each e-mail section you can scroll up and down and get to see much more of the e-mail then just a single sentence.

Screen Shot of Incredimail Email

If you look where the arrow is pointing you can see options for forward, reply, star, delete and mark as read. In addition you can use your finger to scroll up and down on each individual e-mail so you can read a nice portion of it. This helps you to decide what to do with the e-mail (delete it, forward it, star it to save for later…). I believe this style of viewing is referred to as “magazine style”. It’s almost as if each e-mail is it’s own individual “article”.

If you notice at the bottom there are little dots (one highlighted in blue). That represents how many pages of e-mails you have. To go to the next page (or backwards) simply swipe your finger left or right on the screen.

Composing an e-mail is super easy too. To make your e-mail even better you can select from different backgrounds. There are a few backgrounds at the moment but there are more to come. If you are familiar with Incredimail for regular e-mail (computer – not iPad) you’ll know that they are infamous for having the coolest backgrounds, animations and special effects. I have no doubt that in due time the Incredimail iPad app will have all those “bells and whistles” too.


Incredimail Email

Incredimail Stationary

Incredimail iPad App

You can also easily add pictures to your e-mails. You can use photos already in your iPad’s photo album or take a new picture specially for the e-mail using the iPad’s camera (if your iPad has one).

Adding photos to Incredimail email

Another fun feature of Incredimail is that you can see all the photos recently uploaded on to Facebook by all your Facebook family and friends. Not only can you see all the recently added photos but you can also scroll back and forth between them by swiping your finger and you can click on them for a larger view.

Incredimail Facebook Photos

Facebook Photos Incredimail

New Incredimail App

The new Incredimail app for the iPad takes your e-mail to a whole new level. I find that I can go through my e-mail much more efficiently with this new app. I love being able to have more control over my e-mail experience. It truly makes things A LOT easier for me. I cannot wait until I can add my two primary e-mails to the Incredimail app. It’s going to be so nice to streamline everything and be better organized. Plus it’s nice not to miss out on any new photos that my friends and family post to Facebook. I’m very busy during the day and I don’t often have a chance to hop on Facebook. It’s nice not to miss out on newly uploaded photos.

I’m excited to see what new and exciting features and additions that are planned for the new Incredimail app for the iPad.

How much would you pay for something like this? Well guess what… you get all these great features for FREE! That’s right – this app is totally FREE! :-)!

If you would like to learn more about the app, or to download it, please visit the iTunes store, https://itunes.apple.com/app/id551945066?ls=1&mt=8.

For more information about Incredimail visit www.Incredimail.com. You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter. Incredimail is also available for your desktop. I used the desktop version for many years and loved it.

Incredimail App


*I received free products to assist with my review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and were not influenced in any way.

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  4. Olivia Rubin says:

    The reason I love my ipad so much is because it puts my 5 email accounts in the mail app together. The one feature I like most about this app that you featured is the versatility of layouts and the fact that you can add photos within the app to your email. The number of times I have written an email and then realized I can not add a picture from the “mail” area, but rather must enter “photos” and click send then format the email. This would be great.

  5. Love the stationary and photos!
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  6. I think this app sounds great. I hate opening my email on my ipad because it is all just one big mess. This would be so handy. I have got to check it out. I love the stationary. How cool. thanks for the review.

  7. Ttrockwood says:

    Awesome!!! Downloading this now!!