Just in time for the holiday season – Sprite® Cranberry!



When you think of the holidays what comes to mind? For most it would be great food and good times with friends and family.

One food that is prevalent this time of year is cranberries. They seem to pop up everywhere – in muffins, stuffing, cookies and of course in jellied form. I actually have a great recipe for Brandied Cranberry Sauce that I’ll be sharing soon.

One place you don’t normally find cranberries is in beverages. You can get cranberry juice, but that is about it.

Just in time for the holiday season Sprite has released two new soda flavors – Sprite Cranberry and Sprite Cranberry Zero.

Both varieties combine their classic Sprite flavor with a splash of sweet and tart cranberry notes.

“We’re incorporating one of the most popular flavors of the season with the No. 1 lemon-lime brand to celebrate the holidays,” said Kim Paige, Associate Vice President, Sprite Brands, The Coca-Cola Company. “Over the years, our fans have increasingly demanded Sprite with cranberry flavor, and we’re excited to give it to them with the crisp, clear, caffeine free, naturally flavored taste they already love about Sprite.”

I happen to love cranberries so I was excited to try out this soda.

If you follow me on Instagram (www.Instagram.com/SheScribes) you probably saw the photo I uploaded of Sprite Cranberry.

Sprite Cranberry Soda

I had the opportunity to try both flavors – Sprite Cranberry and Sprite Cranberry Zero.

For some reason I was thinking that the beverages would have a reddish tint to them. I forgot that they were clear. 🙂

I was pleasantly surprised at how tasty the cranberry flavored beverage was. The cranberry flavor is not overpowering. It’s just right.

My husband doesn’t like cranberries. I had him try the soda and he actually enjoyed it too. I didn’t tell him it had cranberry flavor in it. He actually thought it was cherry flavored Sprite. You can tell it has a bit of tartness to it, but it’s definitely cranberry. Since my hubby had never had cranberries before I can understand why he wasn’t able to recognize the flavor.

I liked Sprite Cranberry more so than the Sprite Cranberry Zero. I think it has a bit more of a cranberry flavor to it.

Sprite Cranberry Zero

Sprite Cranberry would be a great addition to holiday cocktails. Here is a recipe you might like to try.

Sprite Cranberry Sparkle


  • 4 cups of Sprite Cranberry
  • 3 cups of orange juice
  • 1 cup of pomegranate juice
  • 1/4 of a cup of lemon juice
  • 1 teaspoon of nutmeg
  • 1 teaspoon of cinnamon
  • Dried or fresh cranberries to garnish.

Directions: Combine all the ingredients and enjoy (makes two liters).

Both varieties are currently available and will be through the New Year. They will be available in 2 liter bottles, Fridge Packs (12-ounce cans) and 20-ounce bottles. You will be able to find the at mass market retailers, convenient stores and drug stores nation wide.

I think Sprite Cranberry and Sprite Cranberry Zero would make a wonderful addition to your holiday parties and holiday cocktails.

For more information you can visit www.Sprite.com or visit Sprite on Facebook.

Sprite Cranberry


*I received free product samples in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.

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  1. I saw some of this Sprite at the store and the kids were begging for it and I said no because I didn’t know how it would taste. I guess Im going to have to break down and give it a try.
    stephanie recently posted..50+ Awesome Cookie Recipes

  2. Cranberry flavored Sprite, can’t wait to try it. Thank you for this review and thank you for that great recipe, it sounds delicious.

  3. I love cranberries so you bet I am going to try this! I found canisters of Natural Cranberry Crystal Light at the 99 cent store and it was so good. I have pomegranate mix too so I’ll put them together to see if it tones down the pom mix (a little too strong). I wish cranberries weren’t so expensive or I’d eat tons of them!

  4. Holly Thomas says:

    I love this, I am so happy I could buy a quality Cranberry Soda!

  5. judy gardner says:

    i love cranberry gingerale, so i am sure i would love this!!

  6. I would love to try Sprite Cranberry Zero. I had stopped buying any soda for a number of reasons, but this sounds too good to pass up. I wish I could have some right now!!!

  7. I love cranberries and Sprite. What a perfect combo. I have got to look for this at my store. It is perfect to serve for your holiday get together.