Keep your floors clean and germ free with The Amazing Mat

I’d like to think that I keep my home fairly clean, especially considering that I have two children, five cats and a dog. Even so, sometimes I clean my floors and I’m disgusted by all the dirt and debris that the vacuum and wet mop pick up.

We only have one viable entrance into our condo. We have a sliding glass door and balcony but being on the third floor we can’t use it as an entrance.

If you look in my hallway right now you would think that it’s clean. The wood laminate shiny and there are no visible “tumbleweeds” (clumps of pet hair that seem to roll around the floor). Sadly, if I were to take a vacuum to the hallway right now you would hear it pick up little bits of dirt and debris. If I take a wet mop to it (Swiffer) you will see the once white pad will turn dark gray.

As it turns out the hallway is probably the dirtiest floor in our home, even more so then that bathroom or kitchen. That is because everyone, including the dog, brings in dirt, germs and who knows what else in from the outside, and then treks it all over the home.

I do make the kids take their shoes off before leaving the hallway, and we do wipe down our dog’s feet when they are noticeably dirty, but that doesn’t prevent all dirt and germs from coming into our home.

There is an interesting product available called The Amazing Mat, which helps keep your floors clean and germ free.

The Amazing Mat is a huge (larger then our current “Welcome” mat) that has a wood chipboard backing (?) and layers of sticky plastic on the front. The sticky plastic layers are suppose to grab the dirt and germs and catch it before it enters your home.

When I first reviewed an Amazing Mat to review I was a bit skeptical. It doesn’t look like a “Welcome” mat. It looked like a HUGE notepad in a way. The sticky layer also didn’t seem that sticky. I was thinking it was going to be like tape or the paper on those rollers you use to remove lint from your clothing. The sticky layer on The Amazing Mat really wasn’t that sticky.

I put The Amazing Mat outside our door. I was going to put it in front of the litter box to catch litter but it’s way too huge to fit the area the litter box is in.

Within a day I noticed that The Amazing Mat really did work. I was beginning to see actual prints from my family’s shoes all over the mat.

Here is a picture of one. I “tweaked” the background color a bit so that the print was more noticeable.

Gross! All that dirt you see would have been in my home had the mat not picked it off the bottom of the shoe.

Each Amazing Mat has numbered “pages”. When the top layer is dirty or no longer sticking you can simply peel off the page and reveal a fresh, new page.

I like that each page is numbered so that you know how many pages are left before you have to replace The Amazing Mat. Each mat comes with 30 “sticky pages/layers”.

You can see when the upper “page” is getting really dirty. What shocked me was how dirty is REALLY was. It wasn’t until I peeled off the layer did I really see just how gross and dirty it was.

Here are three photos. The first two show a close up of the “page”. You can make out some shoe treads. In one photo I pointed out some dog hair that stuck to it as well.

The third photo shows the plastic layer crinkled up just before I tossed it. You can tell it’s dirty just by how gray it is.

I am not a scientist so I cannot tell you if germs were caught up in this gunk, but I’m fairly certain they are. I also have not noticed a visible difference in the dirt that gets trekked through my home, but seeing the dirt on each sheet makes me a believer.

Even though the pages don’t seem very sticky, my dog is not too keen on walking on it. He trie to step to the side of it to avoid it. He WILL step on it, but just rather not if it was possible.

My neighbor’s have commented on it. It doesn’t look like a regular doormat. They have been asking me how it’s been working. I have a feeling I’ll see a few more Amazing Mats popping up in front of my neighbor’s doors.

The Amazing Mat is available in a variety of designs to suit your personal taste or home decor. The mats sell for $29.95. Refill pages are available for $19.99 (page of 30) or 3 packs (3 – 30 page refills) for $29.95. Each mat comes pre-loaded with 30 adhesive sheets.

They even offer a 60 day money back guarantee.

Until March 15, 2012 you can also get FREE SHIPPING with the promotional code SHIPNOW.

To learn more about The Amazing Mat please visit www.TheAmazingMat.com. You can also follow them on Twitter (www.Twitter.com/AmazingMat) and on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/theamazingmat#!/pages/The-Amazing-Mat/220540621340522).



*I receieved a free product sample in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. Wow this mat is truly amazing! I can see how they came u with the name. What a great invention! 🙂
    Angela Michels