Kraft Macaroni & Cheese – You know you LOVE it! (Giveaway ends 3/27/13)



As a mom to a pair of teenagers, its my responsibility to teach them how to fend for themselves for those times when my husband and I are not around, or when they are grown and on their own. So far our daughter has mastered doing laundry, but that is about it. When it comes to cooking they are still learning. My son can nuke a bowl of soup in the microwave (he won’t use the stove) and my daughter can open up a can of Tuna. Needless to say they have A LOT to learn.

When I was about 9 or 10 years old I learned to cook my first food – Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. In fact, that is the first thing my sister learned to make as well as my father (Mac & Cheese is just about the only thing my father can make for dinner too – LOL).

Why Kraft Macaroni & Cheese? Because it’s easy to make. All you need to do is measure out the water, boil it, drain it and add in the mix, milk and butter (optional). It’s a great way to teach someone the most simplest thing to do – boil water. Reading directions and measuring out the water and other ingredients is an easy lesson in following directions and measuring too.

Probably the #1 reason why making Kraft Macaroni & Cheese is always the first thing we learn to make in our family is because we love it. We all love it! From my young nephew to my grandfather – Kraft Macaroni & Cheese is one food we all love. It’s hard not to love the ooey gooey cheesy goodness. Mmmm…

Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Logo

Did you know that Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Dinner is celebrating 75 years? It was first introduced in 1937. Wow! That is a long time ago. I’m sure Kraft Macaroni & Cheese was just as loved then as it is now.

I grew up on the Kraft Macaroni & Cheese in the box. Over the years they have expanded their line to include shapes and characters, cups and bowls.

My kids like the SpongeBob and Phineas & Ferb shaped mac and cheese shapes. They insist that they taste different than the regular noodles. I don’t know about that. I think they taste the same.

I really like the Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Homestyle bowls. They make for a quick and easy lunch. I especially like the Southwest Tortilla variety with the crunchy tortillas you use to top off the mac and cheese. Yummy!

My family is not the only family to love Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. I know families across the country do too. In fact, Kraft created these funny videos to show just how much some people will go, especially parents, to get the mac and cheese away from their kids. 🙂



If you are reading this via e-mail you can view the videos here, http://bit.ly/YnlwNX and here, http://bit.ly/10G9wY7.

I love the looks on the faces of the ladies at the book club. Talk about awkward. LOL!

If you would like to learn more about ooey, gooey, oh-so-cheesy Kraft Macaroni & Cheese visit www.YouKnowYourLoveIt.com. You can also check them out on Facebook. They even have a Twitter page.

Kraft Macaroni & Cheese products are sold at my retail locations across the country, and even online. If you are looking for a specific product check out the Kraft Product Locator.

Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Prize Package

Do YOU love Kraft Macaroni & Cheese? If so, I have a great giveaway for two (2) readers. Each winner will receive the following;

  • 1 You know you love It shirt
  • 1 Pair of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Socks
  • 1 Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Homestyle Southwest Tortilla
  • 1 Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Homestyle Creamy Broccoli

This giveaway is open to US residents only and will end on March 27, 2013 at 11:59 PM (EST). The winners will be chosen at random using a random number generator from all eligible entries. The winners will be notified via e-mail and will have three days to reply or a new winner will be chosen in their place.

To enter please leave a comment on this post and tell me why you love Kraft Macaroni & Cheese – OR – If you have a special memory that involved Kraft Macaroni & Cheese leave a comment and tell me about it.

For extra entries you can use the Rafflecopter widget (below) but you must complete the initial entry requirement or the additional entries won’t qualify (I do check). Extra entries are optional.

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*I am receiving free product samples from Kraft for my participation. There is no other compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and were not  influenced in any way. Kraft will be providing the prizes.

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  1. Kelly Ann T. says:

    I love mac and cheese because it is easy and everyone in my family loves it. No complaining when mac and cheese is served.

  2. I like that it’s easy to make!
    Crystal recently posted..Bachelor Finale Recap!

  3. Kraft mac and cheese is easy to dress up, I add meats, vegetables and leftovers to make a meal. But my favorite is just plain cheesey goodness.

  4. Carmen S says:

    I love Kraft Mac and Cheese because it is good quality food for a great price and something everyone likes

  5. Margaret Smith says:

    I love the taste and how creamy Kraft Mac & cheese is.

  6. Mary Beth Elderton says:

    I love Mac N Cheese and can’t remember a time in my life without it!

  7. I love the socks, my kids would love them too.—

  8. Mac & Cheese is our go to meal. It is comfort food at it’s best. We have about 2-3 boxes in the pantry for nights when we just want to relax and enjoy.

  9. I love kraft because it is quick and easy, and I can throw in some peas and tuna and have a full meal.
    Jammie recently posted..My 3 Favorite Brain Teaser Apps for Android

  10. I remember eating mac&cheese when ever my parents were going out. I loved it bc it was a special treat for me!

  11. I love it because it reminds me of being a kid!

  12. this is really great!! mac & cheese is a quick comfort food.

  13. Childhood memories 🙂

  14. Amanda Williams says:

    I am honestly not a fan of boxed mac and cheese, but my sons LOVE it, so I make it for them all of the time. I like it because I can add green beans and hot dogs to it and they will eat it.

  15. I like it, because it is always good, and easy to make.

  16. Lenora Driskel says:

    This was what I made for an after school snack for my sisters and me for years

  17. What’s not to love you got pasta and cheese. Kraft mac and cheese has always been part of our lives. I love to add Velveeta to it to make it more cheesy and creamier and don’t forget the jalapeno’s.

  18. Kathy Lane says:

    Kraft mac and cheese has always been a family favorite.There is no other brand that tastes as good as Kraft.This is the brand that my grandkids ask for,and I love that they are easy to make,and there is never any leftovers.

  19. I shared this giveaway with a link to this post on FB.

  20. Vicki Wurgler says:

    the price is good, easy to prepare and the boys love it

  21. My family loves Kraft Macaroni and Cheese!

  22. april yedinak says:

    My ‘special’ memory of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese is from when I was about 13 and super proud of myself because I mixed tuna into the mac and cheese. I thought I was a real chef. Lol!

  23. Michele Behlen says:

    I love it because it is so easy. Mac and Cheese is one of my grandson’s favorite foods.

  24. I can remember my grandmother making me Kraft Mac & Cheese when I was young. She would call me into the house to eat lunch, and place my bowl in the window cell so I could sit on her stool and still see my friends outside waiting for me while I ate. Some of which were really jealous! lol

  25. Seyma Shabbir says:

    We love mac and cheese b/c it is yummy and easy to make!

  26. I love mac and cheese because it is so easy to make and all the kids like it. thanks

  27. Heather Hayes Panjon says:

    I Love Kraft Mac And Cheese Because It Is Budget Friendly And My Whole Family Enjoys It

  28. Deborah Mireles says:

    We love mac and cheese and next to homemade Kraft is the next best thing and outranks all other boxed brands!

  29. it tastes good and quick to make

  30. Because it is a quick and easy way to feed my kids.

  31. Debra Hall says:

    i love it we buy it in the 6 box

  32. Kimberly Schotz says:

    I like that Kraft Macaroni and Cheese is fast, easy and tastes good.

  33. I remember growing up with Kraft Mac & Cheese…that was about the only thing my dad would make for lucnhes on Sundays while my mom was working 🙂
    Kristie recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: An Ice Sculpting Treat!

  34. We really like the Homestyle varieties, especially the bacon one 🙂

  35. I love that I can have a filling lunch within minutes
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  36. Zan Caperton says:

    I loveit becaue it is easy and brings back childhood memories.

  37. Tammy Shelton says:

    I love it becasue it’s so easy to make and my Grands Love it.

  38. kyl neusch says:

    great food that is fast to make

  39. It really is my favorite food!

  40. Kraft Mac and Cheese is my ultimate comfort food!

  41. Kraft Mac and Cheese is my ultimate comfort foods. It brings back a lot of warm and fuzzy feelings from my childhood.

  42. My gkid loves cheese and KMC is a fav!

  43. I remember one day I fixed Kraft Mac and Cheeses for my grandson for lunch. I went into the bedroom and heard a rattling coming from the kitchen. When I came out my grandson had pulled a chair over to the counter and had the serving spoon from the pan in his hand and had Mac and Cheese all over his head, face, the counter and the floor. He heard me coming and turned to look at me with the most innocent look ever and just said “I like Mac and Cheese!”

  44. I love the cheesiness and my kids do too!

  45. Monique Rizzo says:

    I love it because it is so creamy and cheesy.
    Thanks for the chance.

  46. Susan Broughton says:

    I have a great memory of when my daughter was small sh wanted to eat your mac and cheese everyday. that was what she wanted with every meal and she still enjoys it today

  47. PAIGE CHANDLER says:

    I love Kraft mac and cheese because it.s the combo of the 2 best foods – mac and cheddar…Mmmmmm

  48. love it because it reminds me of my childhood and it’s super cheesy (and I’m a cheese addict lol)

  49. Cindy Merrill says:

    Do I love Kraft Macaroni and Cheese? Absolutely! I was raised on it. I lived with my aunt growing up- she was a busy college teacher, so Kraft Macaroni with whatever leftovers we had thrown in was my dinner for a least 3 days a week, My favorite was with bits of bacon added, still is.

  50. Jessica To says:

    I like that it is an easy, delicious side to any meal.

  51. Kraft macaroni and cheese (along with hot dogs) were my kids first cook for themselves meals.

  52. Linda Lansford says:

    love Kraft Macaroni & Cheese because it is a comfort food

  53. I like Kraft Macaroni & Cheese because it’s fast and easy to make and delicious.

  54. Jennifer says:

    A funny memory I have of it Kraft is daring my brother to pour sprite in his when we were kids and my mom making me eat it then

  55. It’s an easy side dish for any meal. The whole family loves it.

  56. steve weber says:

    because it’s the easiest meal to make and every kids loves it.

  57. Ttrockwood says:

    Mac and cheese is so awesome and comforting! I love to add green beans and serve ontop of spinach- i ate this 3xs a week all thru college!

  58. I love Kraft mac and cheese and my kids do too. They always ask for it and it has also become a part of our holiday dinners.

  59. Hollie Jahnke says:

    I love it because it tastes good and my kids eat it without complaints.

  60. casey everidge says:

    i love mac and cheese because it goes well with any dinner, or its great by itself!

  61. danielle lima says:

    Kraft Mac and Cheese is like the only Mac and Cheese I will eat

  62. i love Kraft Macaroni & Cheese because of it’s cheesy taste.

  63. Melissa Hartley says:

    Kraft Mac n’ Cheese is the best boxed m & c no doubt..I’ve been eating it since I was a child–love the taste so much!! 🙂
    Thank you!

  64. i can eat the whole box
    tcogbill at live dot com

  65. Why I love Mac n Cheese…welll my son cant live a day without it

  66. elven johnson says:

    We add a can of hoppin john to left overs for a great treat.

  67. Virginia Rowell says:

    I love it because it is easy to make, inexpensive and tastes so good.

  68. Tina Bartunek says:

    I love Kraft Mac. and Cheese because it tastes great! It is also the first food I learned how to cook.

  69. kelly nicholson says:

    been eating it since i was a tater tot

  70. Very easy to make, and the whole family loves it.

  71. Jennifer T. says:

    I love Kraft Macaroni and Cheese with cut-up hot dogs in it.

  72. Kraft Macaroni and Cheese is the first thing that my Mom let me cook. I remember that I was so excited to show my Dad. Gee~that was many years ago 🙂

  73. I love the cheesy sauce!

  74. I just love the cheesiness of Mac & Cheese – it has a distinct taste.
    Yona recently posted..10 Fantastic Smells

  75. It tastes like college to me, especially with tuna and peas.

  76. clarissa says:

    i like it because it is a quick easy inexpensive lunch for my kids

  77. The first thing I taught my kids to cook was Kraft Mac & Cheese

  78. Michelle C says:

    I like Mac N Cheese because I ate it when I was little, and now my kids love it, too. Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  79. Christine says:

    comfort food

  80. It’s so easy to prepare and tastes great, thanks!

  81. Stephanie Larison says:

    I love the taste. I remember growing up eating it with my mom, and now that I’m a mother, I’m glad to see my daughter loves it too!

  82. I love kraft Mac and cheese…..for many years as a small child, the only thing I would eat, kraft Mac and cheese and grilled cheese sandwiches made with kraft sliced cheese…..seriously, kraft kept me alive! LOL. My fond memory is eating this yummy goodness so many days as a child. My mom, to this date, cannot stand the smell of kraft mac& cheese because she cooked it so many thousands of times for me as a child. I still love it to this day.

  83. Patti Hess says:

    I remember first making it for my daughter …. actually she is my step daughter but I call her my daughter…and I was so scared to mess it up for her I kept calling her Dad for support and questions …well, I finally made it and it turned out okay

    pattifritz2000 at yahoo dot com

  84. Suzanne Denys says:

    I love mac N cheese. So creamy! I add a little steak seasoning to it too.

  85. My son is a picky eater and only eats certain foods, one of which is Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. I’m concerned he will have a problem if they remove the yellow dyes but I hope they do. That would help make it less artificial and to me, that’s a good thing.

  86. Kraft mac is very convenient.

  87. Donna George says:

    I love, love Mac and cheese. I ate a LOT of it in college

  88. I love Kraft Macaroni & Cheese — I’ve been serving it to my husband for over 40 yrs. His favorite and very versatile. He likes me to add tuna and a can of cream of mushroom soup to it.

  89. Jessica White says:

    I love Kraft Mac and Cheese, I have it for dinner many times because the kids love it and so do I.

  90. Annmarie W. says:

    I have loved Kraft mac ‘n cheese since college! So easy to make, so creamy & cheesy…the perfect comfort food!

  91. I love making it with my friend Danny. Seeing how much he loves it makes me like it more LOL
    Becca recently posted..$100 Kohl’s gift card

  92. We all love Kraft Mac and Cheese. Easy and handy meal. Tastes great!

  93. I love Kraft mac-n-cheese because it reminds me of being a kid. It’s fun to eat, cheesy and creamy.

  94. I love it because it’s easy and filling.

  95. I love kraft mac and cheese because it’s so easy to make and my kids love eating it. It is always a hit in our house. Thanks!

  96. This may be weird,but ever since my siblings and I were little,we’d make Kraft macaroni and cheese and add ketchup to it. It’s really good! And it’s a tradition that we still carry on today!

  97. Mary Cloud says:

    I love Kraft Mac and Cheese because my kids do – it’s the one they always ask for
    annabella @ centurytel dot net

  98. You know You Love It! Who couldn’t? Having 4 boys go lots of it, yes I enjoy too!

  99. I love Kraft Mac & Cheese because it is such a great side dish to any meal. Its easy to make and delicious.

  100. Lorena Keech says:

    We like it because it is so easy when we are crazy busy.

  101. I remember liking it when they came out with the white cheddar.

  102. Carmen Peterson says:

    We like our with vienna sausges

  103. I love that the cheese is so creamy

  104. I like it because it’s tasty and easy and everyone in my family likes it.

  105. Brittney House says:

    I love how cheesy it is

  106. kraft mac and cheese was what we had growing up and we loved it! Although my kids like it differently- they add veggies- it is still that same comfort food!

  107. Desiree Dunbar says:

    I love Kraft Macaroni and Cheese because I grew up eating it since I was a kid. I have always liked it because it is yummy!!

  108. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says:

    makes me remember being a little kid with cut up hotdogs
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  109. Angela W says:

    I love the taste

  110. Amanda Kinder says:

    I love Mac & Cheese because not only is it quick to make, it’s delicious!

  111. I like it because it’s fast, easy, and my kids love it.

  112. Rebecca Peters says:

    I love it because its just so good!

  113. Paula Tavernie says:

    I love the great cheese flavor!
    ptavernie at yahoo dot com

  114. Eileen Burke says:

    I love it because it’s the one thing I know my kids will eat

  115. billum stage says:

    we luv mac and cheese mixed with chilli for a quick meal

  116. Of everything out there, Mac and Cheese is one of those things you cant substitute with a cheaper brand! I love me some Kraft mac and Cheese! I have to have the Spirals and cheese though! For some reason, that one is the best!

  117. they are a quick and easy dinner

  118. theodore esteghamat says:

    I’ve loved it since I was a kid.

  119. Denise Donaldson says:

    I love it cuz its cheesy!

  120. Ed Nemmers says:

    It’s the cheesiest—and to this day I always refer to it as Cheese and Macaroni!

  121. Peggy Rydzewski says:

    Love them.. It is our family favorite

  122. s riches says:

    I like that Kraft mac and cheese is easy to make and always tastes good.

  123. Lucy Schwartz says:

    It is one of the meals everyone likes. Love it cuz it is cheesy.

  124. I love it because my son can make it for his sisters if I can get their lunch right away.

  125. Melanie Montgomery says:

    Kraft has the cheesiest mac and cheese ever.

  126. Holly Kennedy says:

    I love mac and cheese. My fiance is a fantastic cook and gets so irritated when I have to have it.

  127. Gennie Lancaster says:

    I love it because it always taste good and is fast and easy to make!

  128. natalia ryjova says:

    I love it because my husband can make it for my kids when Im out

  129. Amanda G. says:

    It’s inexpensive, easy to prepare, and my whole family loves it.

  130. tracey byram says:

    Kraft mac & cheese is a quick side dish for rushed weeknight dinners.

  131. Kraft Mac & Cheese can stand alone as a meal or can be an addition to a meal.

  132. DeeAnn S says:

    We love Kraft Mac & Cheese because it’s easy to prepare and you can add different ingredients to “kick it up” a notch. My favorite thing to add is diced ham and peas. Thanks.

  133. I love Kraft Macaroni & Cheese because it is great for all ages. It is nice and cheesy!

  134. elizabeth p says:

    I love Kraft Mac n Cheese because it is so versatile.

  135. wendy rozema says:

    I like that it’s easy to make and tastes so good!

  136. krystal wethington says:

    we have always used Kraft mac and cheese in our home.I grew up with it and will continue to use it.

  137. Diana Stanhope says:

    We love it because it is easy, versatile and delicious.

  138. susan smoaks says:

    i love kraft macaroni and cheese because we grew up eating it, it’s the first thing i learned how to cook!

  139. kraft macaroni & cheese is the best.

  140. kathy pease says:

    i love it because it tastes so delicious ans is quick to make

  141. I love the taste

  142. cassandra (rab pom) says:

    I love Kraft mainly cause of how affordable it is! I like being creative with it though I like the regular taste also. My family likes adding Spinach!

  143. Saver Sara says:

    It’s a great quick and easy comforting meal. I remember eating it at my Grandma’s house.

  144. Erica C. says:

    It’s creamy and delicious!

  145. amy deeter says:

    its so good and tasty

  146. I love it because it tastes good and goes with just about any meal.

  147. Danielle F. says:

    Love it because it’s fast, easy, and affordable

  148. I love it because I used to eat it as a kid and still do!

  149. we love the taste of kraft if cant be beat

  150. Samantha says:

    I love it because it’s so cheesy and now has such a variety! I could have a different kind every night and not get sick of it!

  151. I love the taste of kraft mac and cheese

  152. Vikki Billings says:

    I love Kraft Mac N Cheese because it is creamy and is yummy

  153. Katherine Donovan says:

    I love Kraft mac & cheese because it’s cheesy and delicious!

  154. jessica schueler says:

    We love Kraft macaroni and cheese, I remember adding green food coloring for my son one year it looked soooo gross but it was good lol

  155. Laurie Emerson says:

    I love Kraft Mac and Cheese as it tastes as if it is homemade and it is perfect for dinner or even a late night snack.

  156. Shirley Zolenski says:

    I love Kraft Mac and cheese because it is very creamy

  157. Corey Olomon says:

    I love Kraft Mac & Cheese because it is one of the VERY few things my sons will eat!

  158. Marcy Strahan says:

    I love Kraft Macaroni & Cheese because it’s all warm & cheesey. It’s been putting a smile on my face since I was a kid!

  159. Creamy!