Lindt Easter Giveaway & Gold Bunny Challenge (ends 3/22/13)


Lindt Gold Bunny

Hippity hoppity Easter is on it’s way!

You know Easter is coming when you see the melt-in-your-mouth, delectable Lindt Gold Bunny. Our local grocery store carries them. I’m grateful for that because the Lindt store is no longer there. At least I know I can find my favorite chocolate bunny easily enough.

Lindt Gold Bunny has been a staple in Easter baskets for many years. It’s available in milk, dark and white chocolate (dark chocolate is my favorite). In addition this sweet bunny is available in sizes ranging for adorable 10g minis to a life size 1kg Gold Bunny. Imagine if you received a life size chocolate bunny? Mmmm! That’s a lot of chocolate.

Many people might not be aware that sales of the Lindt Gold Bunny helps to benefit a charity called Autism Speaks. For each bunny that is sold, Lindt donates .10 cents, up to $100,000. Autism Speaks is the world’s largest autism advocacy organization that sponsors autism research, conducts awareness and outreach programs and activities. You can learn more by visiting www.AutismSpeaks.org.

There is another wonderful thing that the Lindt Gold Bunny is doing this year. This year the Lindt Gold Bunny is having a Gold Bunny Challenge on Pinterest.

From March 11 through March 27, Pinterest users are asked to create boards focused on Easter traditions (egg hunts, basket building…). There needs to be at least one pin that features the Lindt Gold Bunny. Once 1,000 or more Pinterest users have participated in the challenge, Lindt will donate an additional $10,000 to Autism Speaks.  Also, all participants will be eligible to win one of ten gift baskets with the essentials for creating a memorable Easter ($100 of Lindt Easter products). Awesome! Since I love Pinterest I’m sure this will be super easy to do. Plus it’s for a great cause.

If you would like to learn more about Lindt, or the Lindt Gold Bunny, please visit www.LindtUSA.com. You can also find the brand on Facebook and Twitter. Don’t forget to check them out on Pinterest too. They have a lot of great ideas on their Pinterest page and pinboards, but be forewarned – there is a lot of chocolate. 🙂

Lindt Mini Eggs

Lindt would like to give a lucky reader their own Lindt Gold Bunny and melt-in-your-mouth creamy chocolate Easter Eggs. Thank you Lindt!

This giveaway is open to US residents only and will end on March 22, 2013 at 11:59 PM (EST). The winner will be chosen at random using a random number generator from all eligible entries. The winner will be notified via e-mail and will have three days to respond or a new winner will be chosen in their place.

To enter please leave a comment on this post and tell me about one of your Easter traditions.

For extra entries you can use the Rafflecopter widget (below) but you must complete the initial entry requirement or the additional entries won’t qualify (I do check). Extra entries are optional.

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*I received free product samples from Lindt in exchange for my participation. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and were not influenced in any way. Lindt will provide the prize package.  

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  1. We have an Easter egg hunt every year.

  2. Sandy VanHoey says:

    We hide our Easter baskets every year, thought everyone did this but found that not to be the case

  3. kelly willis says:

    we go to a kids easter party every year

  4. Every year – I make up an Easter basket for my husband. His favorite chocolate is Lindt White Chocolate, so I always buy alot of that and many others things to go in his basket. The best part is I leave notes around the house, telling him where to go look next, until the notes lead him to his basket.

  5. We hide our Easter Baskets and I make an Egg Cake every yr

  6. eating dinner with our family

  7. Tammy Hayden says:

    Every year I cook a big lunch and invite my whole family over. After we eat we have a big egg hunt. Awesome to have my whole family together!!

  8. Margaret Smith says:

    We hide our kids Easter baskets for them to find on Easter morning.

  9. picking the flowers and making the nest
    tcogbill at live dot com

  10. Jim Nichols says:

    Growing up, our baskets were hidden by the Easter Bunny.

  11. painting easter eggs 🙂

  12. Stephanie V. says:

    Easter Egg hunts and eating Lindt and See’s chocolate

  13. every easter the bunny hides eggs for the kids to find—

  14. We go to Easter SonRise Service at church and then come home and have an Easter Egg Hunt in the backyard.

  15. CherylS22 says:

    Our tradition is for family to gather for a dinner of homemade raviolis & ham.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  16. Jennifer says:

    My mom always makes a lamb shaped cake

  17. i eat chocolate

  18. I share Biblical info on Facebook

  19. We go to church have a brunch and then the children have an egg hunt

  20. alyce poalillo says:

    When I was a child my mother would make matching Easter outfits for us to go to church in. We also always had an Easter egg hunt.

  21. Virginia Rowell says:

    We have our own egg hunt every year.

  22. Sue Ellison says:

    We have a family lunch.

  23. Michelle H. says:

    Dressing up for church is one of them.

  24. Tina Bartunek says:

    We always decorate Easter eggs.

  25. alicia campos says:

    My father cooks amazing food for Easter dinner!

  26. Ann Fantom says:

    We always have an Easter egg hunt with one plastic egg that contains hints on where the Easter basket is hidden.

  27. Ttrockwood says:

    We use a few of the dyed eggs to have colorful egg salad sandwiches the day after easter!

  28. My favorite Easter tradition is buying all the candy that goes on sale 🙂
    Sam recently posted..Holy Caramel Crack! (A Gelato Review)

  29. we love decorating easter eggs
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  30. We go to my parents house, and they have an Easter egg hunt for all their grandkids!

  31. Michelle C says:

    We like hunting eggs. Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  32. Every easter my family makes a wonderful thanksgiving style dinner and shares lots of laughs.

  33. this sound great!!

  34. We have a big Easter egg hunt at my grandmother’s house every year.

  35. We hide the Easter Baskets,as no matter how old you are if you live at home you have to go find your basket “-)

  36. We go to church and have dinner after. When I was a kid I decorate easter eggs.

  37. Church and family get together.

  38. renee walters says:

    We have our own egg hunt every year and a lovely family get-together..

  39. Cynthia C says:

    I host a family dinner

  40. Janet W. says:

    We do an Easter Egg Hunt for the little ones in our family each year!

  41. I always put a fox in my son’s Easter basket (he collected them)

  42. We dye eggs and do the egg hunt every year

  43. Tari Lawson says:

    We dye eggs.

  44. We go to brunch with my in-laws after attending Mass on Easter

  45. We hide eggs around the house so the kids can hunt them.
    Mary Happymommy recently posted..Tiny Prints $50 Giveaway

  46. Lenora Driskel says:

    Huge food and hunting and rehunting til the grownups are exhausted

  47. we have an egg hunt on Easter morning

  48. Debra Hall says:

    we have a big dinner than hunt for eggs

  49. We started a tradition of making resurrection rolls Easter morning 🙂
    Kristie recently posted..Our Possible Home Renovation

  50. Easter baskets. Even though I’m grown we still do easter baskets every year. 🙂

  51. We always have Easter dinner with the family.

  52. I always have a Easter dinner and an egg hunt and games for the kids.

  53. Amanda Starr says:

    We usually hang out with my sister, her family and my mom.

  54. Jessica To says:

    My older nephews will hide Easter eggs for their younger cousins.

  55. EMMA L HORTON says:


  56. tam childers says:

    We have an Easter egg hunt every year.

  57. I make carrot cupcakes for easter, decorate the Easter tree and make a ham dinner Oh and the Easter Bunny leaves the baskets over night kind of like Santa Clause

  58. D SCHMIDT says:

    We decorate eggs together as a family

  59. We always have a big Easter dinner with our family and friends.

  60. We color eggs and make Easter bread.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  61. Easter Egg Hunt, Dinner, Church

  62. Anna Memphis says:

    I’ve never had a Lindt bunny, believe it or not! We always had the peanut butter smidgens from Gertrude Hawk. I think I’ll have it this year, though. 🙂 We always dyed eggs as kids.

  63. we will have an Easter egg hunt

  64. Go to mass, everyone gets Easter candy, we cook our traditional turkey and salad dinner.

  65. Melissa Hartley says:

    Big dinner with ham, mashed potatoes OR homemade chicken/noodles 🙂

  66. Zan Caperton says:

    We have a family dinner. Sadly no little ones to hunt eggs.

  67. Even though my sister and I are 22 and 23 and stopped believing in the Easter Bunny long ago, we still love to do Easter egg hunts just for the thrill of it ^.^

    Thank you for this awesome giveaway!

  68. We hide Easter candy and the kids find it to fill their baskets

  69. brandy g. says:

    Every year we make Easter eggs the night before. We go to sunrise service at church and then I take my kids to a big Easter egg hunt. That night we have a big dinner at my Mom’s house.

  70. My mom always make a cute bunny cake sitting in grass. The grass is green tinted coconut!
    Susan Chester recently posted..Daylight Savings Time

  71. Krystal Miller says:

    When I was a kid, my grandmother would host an Easter egg hunt for all of the cousins. It would be fun trying to find all the eggs in the various nooks and crannies of her huge yard! When everyone was done, we would decorate eggs and then see whose could roll down her hill the farthest without breaking!

  72. Linda Lansford says:

    we dye eggs

  73. Joseph Stowell says:

    I usually have a dinner for “orphans”—friends that cannot get to their families for the holiday.

  74. PAIGE CHANDLER says:

    We have a big ham and greens Easter supper.

  75. Katherine says:

    Easter Morning SUnrise service

  76. We get the entire family together for a hide n hunt where we hide over 200 pieces of fruit, toys and money filled plastic eggs.
    Jim Weaver recently posted..Puccini Tie Giveaway (ends 3/24/13)

  77. Audra Weathers says:

    We like to dye eggs; it was such fun when I was a little girl and my little girl enjoys it too. Then of course we hide them.

  78. danielle lima says:

    a huge egg hunt at my Father’s house

  79. Jen Haile says:

    We always dye and decorate eggs and take turns hiding them on Easter!

  80. kelly nicholson says:

    Please leave a comment on this post and tell me about one of your Easter traditions.

    sleeping..turning over and sleeping on the other side,dreaming about bunnys..not the chocolate kind

  81. Erica Barnes says:

    My dad and I always go to church and then to brunch afterwards.

  82. I help my friends hide eggs for their kids

  83. a big family dinner

  84. Daily Woman (Lacey) says:

    I always make my own Easter baskets.

  85. We have a ham dinner

  86. Cody Anderson says:

    We hunt for eggs.

  87. When I was way younger I would always go to the local egg hunt held at our town park. Lots of kids running around looking for eggs stuck on top of trees and swings.

  88. We visit our in-laws (about 40 miles away) and have breakfast with them and the rest of my husband’s family.

  89. Every year we go to a community hall and have a large family dinner and an Easter egg hunt for the kids. Thanks.

  90. Susan Broughton says:

    When my daughter was small we would get up to see what the Easter Bunny had left and hunt Easter eggs because the Easter Bunny had come to visit the night before. We could tell from all the bunny tracks he left on the counters and floors. Then we would go to church, come home and have a big Easter dinner

  91. We always attend a local Easter egg hunt!

  92. I remember dying eggs and having an egg hunt.
    BusyWorkingMama recently posted..List & Promote Your Give Away (3/16)

  93. kendra mcbride says:


  94. Every year I make a Easter basket for my step daughter and another for my husband. He didn’t get stuff like that when he was growing up and seemed surprised the first year I made him a basket too when we first got together but he seemed so happy with his basket that I’ve continued the tradition. I always put some chocolates and other candy in it but I also put other stuff, always at least one useful thing in their baskets….a shirt or pair of flip flops or something ele fun and useful that the can continue to use long after the candy is gone….

  95. We hide our Easter Baskets

  96. Anastasia says:

    Painting eggs & filling plastic eggs with candy / money and doing an Easter Egg hunt 🙂

  97. heather Swarthout says:

    We always hunt for easter eggs around the yard, every year . 🙂

  98. Lorena Keech says:

    We get together for dinner with the same group of friends every holiday.

  99. Donna George says:

    All my kids, even the grown ones get a basket

  100. Family egg hunts:)

  101. Monique Rizzo says:

    We do a neighborhood easter egg hunt.
    Thanks for the chance.

  102. I color eggs with the kids.

  103. Stephanie Larison says:

    We color eggs and do a egg hunt for my daughter

  104. Getting together with family and dying Easter Eggs.

  105. We love to go to church and celebrate the resurrection of our Savior!

    Thanks for the giveaway!
    Sarah recently posted..A Feathered Visitor

  106. We have a big family brunch

  107. Wanda McHenry says:

    We go to Easter Mass then have a nice brunch followed by a wonderful ham dinner!

  108. Jennifer T. says:

    We always dye eggs as a family and have dinner with my parents.

  109. The Easter Buuny leaves a basket full of goodies for my kids on Easter morning. And has special surprises hid all over the house.

  110. Helping the Easter Bunny pack baskets after the kids go to bed, and then eating all the candy that didn’t fit! No one is the wiser! 🙂

    coriwestphal at msn dot com
    Cori Westphal recently posted..Wordless Wednesday…a little late

  111. We have a round robin easter basket and take turns picking things from it.

  112. An Easter Egg for all the kids!

  113. Kelly Ann T. says:

    We take our dogs to the dog egg hunt. All the dogs love getting eggs with treats in them, and the registration fee goes to a pet charity.

  114. We all look forward to dying easter eggs every year. Everyone always gets a chocolate bunny in thier easter basket as well.

  115. Patti Hess says:

    We eat breakfast first then we go hunting for eggs and then we fall back asleep or the kids play with their toys or eat candy

    pattifritz2000 at yahoo dot com
    thank you

  116. Decorating easter eggs, having a easter egg hunt and of course going to church.

  117. We always have an egg hunt before we let anyone get into their Easter baskets.

  118. ryan minton says:

    we hide easter eggs at my moms house for my nephew and niece and we have a big ham dinner together


  119. We always got a chocolate bunny.

  120. We always got a chocolate bunny.

  121. On easter sunday we hide the kids candy and they have to find it and usually it is not all found and we find some months later!!!

  122. kyl neusch says:

    eating dinner with our family

  123. I have a family meal and have a relaxing day calling friends and loved ones.

  124. We have roast leg of lamb every year!

  125. Gennie Lancaster says:

    Easter egg hunt with one of the eggs worth $20.

  126. James Beck says:

    cooking colored eggs

  127. Annamarie Magee says:

    My family don’t believe in Easter in a religious way, we look at it as a family tradition, so we do all the hidden eggs at my mother’s house, which we end up hiding more than one time.

  128. Ally Marie says:

    we hide the basket

  129. We always color eggs the night before Easter.

  130. We have a funny tradition. Everyone sits down together and, at the same time, bites the ears off our chocolate bunnies! lol 😉

  131. Lisa Boyd says:

    Everyone at the dinner table gets a chocolate easter bunny

  132. We mostly just dedicate the day to overeating 🙂

  133. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says:

    egg hunt with the kids
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  134. Amanda Kinder says:

    Every Easter, we go out on a picnic. We play games, listen to music, and just hang out together.

  135. Julia E. says:

    Easter brunch with family

  136. I don’t celebrate Easter, but I love chocolate!

  137. Ellen C. says:

    My sisters and I like to bring all of the grandchildren to my parent’s house for an egg hunt. The kids absolutely love it. Thanks for the chance.

  138. We go to Grandma’s house, attend church in the morning, and gather together with the rest of the family for a big meal in the afternoon.

  139. Jessica Snow says:

    Coloring Easter Eggs! It doesn’t matter how old you are it’s a tradition in this house.
    Thanks for the giveaway!! =)

  140. Dinner at my grandma’s

  141. A large family dinner and chocolate !

  142. Maria Iemma says:

    The family comes to my house on Easter and there are 12 kids, we color decorate and hide easter eggs for all of them outside and everyone has a blast. Afterwards we have a buffet lunch. It is nice to see all the kids together having fun.

  143. We have a Easter dinner and a Easter egg hunt

  144. No little kids anymore and we still buy chocolate bunnies and eggs. Somehow it cannot be Easter without them:)

  145. Usually brunch followed by family time.

  146. Easter egg hunt for the kids and ham for dinner

  147. Rebecca Peters says:

    easter egg hunt with the kids

  148. Melanie Montgomery says:

    We go to church my with husbands grandparents

  149. Honey Baked Ham at grandpas house

  150. Lori Williams says:

    I always make special baskets for my family, with things they love in them. Including candy, of course!

  151. don’t have any Easter traditions

  152. Gloria S says:

    hiding Easter eggs before the kids get up

  153. Anthony H says:

    dyeing eggs and hiding them

  154. Erica C. says:

    We definitely always dye easter eggs.

  155. Ed Nemmers says:

    We color and decorate eggs the evening before Easter together, before we hide them the next morning!

  156. Kelly McGrew says:

    dying eggs!

  157. theodore esteghamat says:

    I love chocolate.

  158. We always dye eggs together, of course!

  159. We have an easter egg hunt in our backyard!

  160. kathy pease says:

    my kids are older but we always have a big ham dinner

  161. The kids love our annual Easter egg hunt. 🙂 Thank you.

  162. We hide plastic easter eggs filled with candy around the house Easter Morning.
    Colleen Busch recently posted..Healthier, Cute and Fun Easter Basket Ideas thanks to Annie’s Homegrown

  163. Kathleen Downes says:

    We decorate eggs every year.

  164. Jennifer Reed says:

    We have an Easter egg hunt in our yard when weather permits and have a nice dinner with the family.

  165. Brittney House says:

    We color eggs and do easter egg hunts

  166. Cadbury eggs, all kinds at our home is our tradition.

  167. We go Easter egg hunting at the local park!

  168. Julia Goldberg says:

    going back home to see family

  169. We always hide baskets for the kids to find.

  170. fun easter egg hunts!

  171. christine brady says:

    We have a fun “egg hunt’ for grown ups, with things like nail polish, chocolates, flower or vegetable seeds and nips.

  172. easter egg hunt

  173. Barbara S says:

    when my son was little we always did egg hunts and I would bake a beautiful cake and have a big dinner with family, we would go to my parents first and my mom always made us Big Beautiful baskets full f candy and stuffed animals & toys for my son. I miss her and her baskets we just spend the day together now my husband son & I and we celebrate quietly and simply, but I still make him a basket!

  174. Susan Smith says:

    We color eggs and hide them.

  175. thischickwins says:

    i have eaten a cadbury creme egg on every easter for many years

  176. We have dinner at my mother’s home and after dinner the kid’s hunt for eggs in the back yard.

  177. mary gardner says:

    nothing unusual – we have a family dinner and dye and hide eggs with the kids

    jagar0047 at yahoo dot com

  178. Marseira Noiloel says:

    One of our traditions is to wait until Easter candy is on sale.

  179. Saver Sara says:

    We have the kids go on an easter egg hunt.

  180. amy deeter says:

    painting easter eggs

  181. Jaclyn Reynolds says:

    Egg Hunts in the back yard!

  182. Kat Emerick says:

    getting all together for an Easter dinner.

  183. Only eating Cadbury Chocolates because i don’t celebrate Easter.
    Susan Climan recently posted..Short Cruise on the Carnival Victory

  184. Elizabeth Miller says:

    Hiding the basket for our son to find Easter morning.

  185. Chris Noe says:

    We don*t have kids but I am cheesy enough to hide eggs for my husband.

  186. wendy rozema says:

    easter egg hunt

  187. we have dinner and color eggs

  188. Shanda S. says:

    We do a family eater egg hunt and have lunch afterwards.

    shrish231 (at) gmail (dot) com

  189. My great-grandma and I made Italian cookies called Tarralles every Easter. She passed away several years ago, but I still make those cookies!
    Melissa L recently posted..L’Oreal Paris Magic BB Cream Review

  190. Mary Cloud says:

    We always dye eggs and hunt them together
    annabella @ centurytel dot net

  191. Samantha says:

    we go on easter egg hunts every year and get easter baskets

  192. susan smoaks says:

    we go to church and then an Easter egg hunt

  193. carol lewis says:

    we do the usual Easter we have a dinner for the family the day before so they can have Easter for the kids on Easter

  194. Shirley Zolenski says:

    Writing messages on the eggs before we color them

  195. Lucy Schwartz says:

    Making up the Easter Baskets and hiding them. It is more fun than finding them.

  196. Carolyn Daley says:

    Our tradition consist of hiding eggs for the kids and eating ham for dinner.

  197. Jeanette Champion says:

    We dye eggs- Have dinner with the kids/g-kids- off to church thanking Jesus for the cross- then the children hunt eggs looking for the prize egg!

  198. My mom and I always spend the day together, other then that we don’t really have any set traditions… I’m sure that will change with the arrival of my niece this year!

  199. we do an Easter egg hunt for the kids each year

  200. Katherine Donovan says:

    The Easter Bunny writes clues where their basket is hidden

  201. stephanie says:

    I love chocolateeee

  202. Christian Alejandro says:

    My favorite tradition is eating lots of cadbury mini eggs!

  203. Vikki Billings says:

    My grandkids come to our house for dinner each year and we have an egg hunt for them