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My mom and dad

My mom and dad

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. The holiday is bittersweet for my husband and I. His mom and my mom passed away only seven months apart ten years ago. Our children were very little then (our son was three and our daughter was five and a half). They have very little memories of their wonderful grandmothers. I’m grateful that I have a stepmother so that my children have a grandmother in their lives.

A “mom” can be anyone – a grandmother, great-grandmother, aunt, sister or someone else. A mom is not necessarily the person who gave birth to you. I can testify to that because the woman who gave birth to me is not my mother. My mom is my paternal grandmother.

I won’t get into the nitty gritty details. In a nutshell my biological parents were very young when I was born. My biological mother gave birth to me when she was 16 years old. Shortly after I was born my biological father was shipped off to Okinawa, Japan (he was in the Army).

From what I can father my birth mother wasn’t ready to be a wife and mother. My paternal grandparents were concerned and offered to help care for me.

These two photos and a pair of baby rings are all I have from my birth mother.

These two photos and a pair of baby rings are all I have from my birth mother.

One day, out of the blue, my birth mother phoned my paternal grandmother and said to her “If you want her come and get her” (referring to me). When they arrived at the apartment there was no one there. My birth mother had packed up and left leaving behind me (18 months old) and their dog.

I was a very sick child at the time. My birth mother didn’t care for me properly. I ended up at a military hospital. After I was released I went home with my paternal grandparents.

My father was unable to return for a long time. During that time I started to call my paternal grandparents “mom” and “dad”. When my father was finally able to return my paternal grandmother thought it would be best if they raised me as their own child since my birth father was very young himself. They also didn’t want to confuse me by telling me to stop calling them “mom” and “dad”.

From that point on I was raised as their child. I was told my birth father was my “brother” and my aunt and uncle were my “sister” and “brother”. That is how I was raised until they told me the whole story when I was 21 years old. In my heart I always suspected something was up, but that is another story. I’ll save that for another day.

For the record I have a wonderful relationship with my birth father and stepmother. I am truly very grateful for that.

My birth mother was only seen one other time – when she went to the lawyer’s office to sign the divorce papers (my birth father filed for divorce when he returned) and to sign over full custody of me. She has never been in contact since, even though I lived in the same house with the same telephone number most of my life. She could have easily reached out to me if she truly wanted to.

My paternal grandmother always has been – and always will be in my heart – my mom. Even though she didn’t physically give birth to me that doesn’t make her any less of a mom.

My mom

My mom

My mom was always there for me. She cared for me when I was sick (and I was a very sickly child), she was there to kiss my boo-boos when I fell and scraped my knee, and she would be my shoulder to cry one when I had a broken heart. My mom would wait up for me until I got home when I went out late with my friends. Once she got up at 5 AM on Christmas morning to wish me a Merry Christmas and make me breakfast while I opened presents because I had to be at work at 6:30 AM that morning.

My mom even bought me my own Christmas tree every year to decorate the playroom. My sister (biological aunt) always decorated the “main” Christmas tree in the living room (the one Santa would leave presents under). I wanted to decorate the tree. My sister wasn’t great about “sharing” so my mom bought me my own tree and it became a tradition. Year after year I got my own tree to decorate. She even bought me a new ornament for my tree every year so that I had plenty of ornaments to decorate my Christmas tree when I got older and moved out on my own. Those ornaments still decorate our Christmas tree year after year. She even purchased ornaments every year for my children so that they had their own ornaments for their Christmas trees when they move out on their own.

My mom would make me Halloween costumes so I could be anything I wanted to be on Halloween. She would show up at school the moment she heard I was having problems in a certain subject to make sure I received extra help. My mom would drive 3 hours every other week to take me back and my cousin back and forth to each other’s home during summer vacation (we did this for years too).

Even when I got married and moved away my mom was always there. She knew we had very little money and were struggling when we first got married and later became parents. She would come down to visit us and to teach me recipes I could make. She would not only bring all the ingredients with her but also bags full of food and other supplies.

My mother in law - she was a wonderful woman too.

My mother in law – she was a wonderful woman too.

When our son was born prematurely and had to spend the first 33 days of his life in the hospital my mother would drive down every single day – 7 days a week – and care for our daughter so that I could spend time with our son who was in the hospital about 45 minutes from where we lived. She did that every day for an entire month. It was an hour drive each way for my mom.

My mom had a dream of seeing all of her grandchildren riding the Dumbo ride at Walt Disney World so she made arrangements for my family and my sister’s family to go to Florida (mom paid for everything!) just so she could see her wish come true. Not only did she get to see the grandkids on the Dumbo ride together she even got to sit with them on the Tea Cup ride (I think she regretted that – they spun her around like crazy – LOL). A year later she passed away. I often wonder if she some how knew that her time here on Earth was limited, that is why she made sure to take us all to Florida right away.

I could literally go on and on about my mom. She was always there for me and my family and always giving of herself without ever asking anything in return. Everything she did came from her heart.

As odd as it sounds I am grateful that my biological mother gave me up. I couldn’t asked for a better mother. My mom was the greatest mom (in my eyes) and she is still very much missed even 10+ years after she passed away.

We all have that special lady in our lives who are like “mom” to us – whether it’s your biological mom, adopted mom, grandmother, aunt and so forth. FTD.com would like to hear YOUR story.

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  1. Erika C. says:

    My mom is a wonderful mother – she raised my sister and I all by herself, she taught us both well and how to be great, productive women in life, and because of that we both live a happy, healthy life with our husbands and children.

  2. Cheryl W. says:

    My mother passed away when I was just eleven years old. At the age of 32, I met a very nice lady at church. She has since become a mother figure to me. She has taught me so much in how to be a woman after God’s heart. She has nurtured me, encouraged me and has never once ever judged me. Through her example, I am learning how to truly love and care for others selflessly. This precious lady, I could never repay for all that she has done and means to me. I can only learn and promise to try and be her to my daughters and to others. Thank you for the opportunity to share with you.

  3. My mother has been there for each one of us (and there are 7 of us) and my father. My sister had cancer about 12 yrs ago and my parents would go each day through chemo and radiation and be there with her. My sister is now 12yrs out from a bone marrow transplant. At the same time I was diagnosed with blood clots in my leg and my mother stayed in the hospital with me. A few years later she would come to my house to make me dinner because I was not feeling well. She again spend a few days in the hospital with me a few summers ago.
    My father had a stroke 2 yrs ago and then she spent the time with him. We all felt it necessary to be there for my mother who a few months later had the first of two heart surgeries in less than six months.
    My mother is still there for us. She baby sits for a sister and she wants only the best for her family.

  4. Mary Happymommy says:

    My mother-in-law is great with her grandkids as well as every child she comes in contact with. She has a great way with children.

  5. courtney b says:

    my mom has always been there for me no matter what. She’s always worried about me and always calls me wondering if i’m ok. Anyways, she’s just great and very thoughtful

  6. Stephanie V. says:

    My mom supports and loves unconditionally — through cancer, the good times, and everything in-between, often sacrificing to her own detriment. She deserves something beautiful for Mother’s Day!

  7. Margaret Smith says:

    My husbands 94 year old Aunt is like a Mom to us and a Grandma to our kids. Both my Mother & my Mother in law has passed away, but I’m blessed to have my husbands Aunt. She’s thoughtful, patient and really caring.

  8. Katherine says:

    My mother just passed away htis year on her birthday at the end of March. She lost her first husband when I was only 2 to an accident. 3 years later she married a man that had eight children together they had another. She worked hard, loved each and every one

  9. nicole dz says:

    Not sure how we are suppose to share the url of our story right away since ftd has to approve the post first before they post it on there site. So I guess I will have to come back here and give the link when they upload my picture. Thanks

  10. My mom is a wonderful mother and supports, loves unconditionally!

  11. Melissa M says:
  12. Here is my link: http://bit.ly/1fMEfJN

  13. Trisha Burgess says:
  14. Stephen Saunders says:

    I hope my mom has a great Mother’s Day this year and that I can help bring a smile to her face. Here is the link to my FTD.com/MothersDay post:


  15. Anna Pry says:

    link to my submission “Cheryl” by Anna P : https://apps.facebook.com/ftdcontest/showentry/Share-your-Photo/126314/

  16. christine jessamine says:
  17. joe gersch says:
  18. jeannine s says:
  19. My mother is the best. She is always supportive with endless love and a laugh.

  20. Karrie Millheim says:
  21. kellie rose wilson says:
  22. susan smoaks says:

    my mom encourages me. she helped me lose over 100 pounds. i am in great shape and i feel good. it’s all because my mom gave me the courage to start.

  23. tina reynolds says:

    Shared my entry on Facebook about my adventurous mom my name on Facebook and on entry is Tina R. It has not given me the link yet says it has to be approved

  24. tina reynolds says:

    My post was approved link to it http://bit.ly/1qbDsvM

  25. Stephanie Galbraith says:

    I entered, but apparently don’t have a link right away.. 🙁

    My Mom’s name is Veona, and she is one who always takes care of everyone.

  26. MARIA simon says:


  27. Sarah L says:

    I entered my story, but will have to wait for it to be approved.
    Thanks for the contest.