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I have to admit that I’m not really into jewelry. I used to be. There was a time when I would make sure that I had on earrings, a necklace, bracelet and rings. I would buy things in sets as well as mix and match pieces. I always used jewelry as a way to accent what I was wearing.

Being a stay at home/work from home mom for the past 16 years has changed me. It’s not that I don’t like to get dressed up (I do!) it’s just that my normal day-to-day look usually involved my hair in a ponytail, little to no make up, and whatever feels comfortable to wear. These days I don’t usually wear jewelry unless I’m going out and/or running errands.

Even if I don’t get all dressed up like I used to doesn’t change the fact that I am a “girl” and I am attracted to beautiful things – especially things that sparkle and shine.

When I am at the mall I am always attracted to the jewelry stores – like a mouth attracted to a light. 🙂 I simply cannot resist looking at things that sparkle in the light.

I would love a diamond ring – especially an Anniversary ring. I’m sure one day when we can afford it my hubby will get me one. I was hoping for our 10th wedding anniversary. Maybe for our 2oth which is in a few more years (we’ll be celebrating our 17th next month).

I don’t need a REAL diamond ring. A lovely design and a realistic looking ring is fine with me.

I always Google rings in hopes of finding “the one” – preferably one that won’t cost a fortune. I’m not kidding when I say if the ring looks real but costs under $100 I am totally fine with that.

Not too long ago a jewelry company called BERRICLE offered to send me a ring to review. I was super exited about this because I love rings that spark and shine. I only own one diamond ring (a real one) which is my engagement ring. It’s a solitaire and I believe it’s 1/10th of a karat. So it’s an itty bitty diamond, but I still love it.



I received to review the Sterling Silver Ring – Round Cubic Zirconia.

I have had “fake” jewelry before and after a few days, or weeks, of wearing it my skin turns green, the “diamonds” start to look gray and the fake gold, or even gold plating wears off.

I knew from the moment I opened the box that this ring was different. I knew it was a Cubic Zirconia, but if I didn’t know that upfront I would have sworn it was the real deal. Talk about bling!

I can never take good photos of jewelry. It never does the piece justice.

Here is a photo that I uploaded to my blog’s Instagram account one day when I was enjoying the beautiful shine that was coming from this gorgeous ring. The ring looks so much nicer in person.


I love the ring. It’s beautiful. I wear it all the time when I’m out and about, even if I’m just running errands or going down the street to put gas in my car. I find myself looking at it all the time, the way a new bride would admire her ring. I look at the ring with my hand up close and from far away. I can’t stop from looking at it.

If this ring was made with real diamonds it would cost thousands of dollars. Not at BERRICLE. They offer this lovely ring for only $59.99. There is an pretty band that you can buy to go with this ring too.

I have been wearing this ring for weeks, and on a regular basis. The ring looks just as good as it did the first time I took it out of the box and placed it on my finger. It has not worn out and the CZ diamonds look just as wonderful as they did when I first received the ring.

BERRICLE carries a wide array of jewelry including earrings, necklaces, bracelets, sets and even men’s jewelry. They offer jewelry in silver and gold as well as a variety of stones/colors.

Here are a few examples of the gorgeous jewelry you can find at BERRICLE.





What I love about this jewelry is that it’s jewelry for “real people”. I honestly don’t think I would want a ring or any kind of jewelry that costs thousands of dollars. I would be afraid to wear it. I wouldn’t want it to get lost, stolen or damaged. What fun would it be to have an expensive diamond ring and be too scared to wear it out of the house.

With jewelry like the kind you can find at BERRICLE you can enjoy the luxurious look of expensive jewelry, but without the high price tag. This is the kind of jewelry you can feel comfortable about wearing on errands, to the office or on a night on the town and not have to worry about lost, theft or damage – or even insurance! LOL! This is what I would call “every day jewelry” – jewelry you can wear every day and not save for special occasions.

BERRICLE has jewelry to fit any budget. They also carry a variety of sizes, colors, karat weight, metal, stone cut and settings. They even have hypoallergenic jewelry too.

For more information, or to check out the jewelry for yourself, visit www.BERRICLE.com. You can also check them out on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.



*I received a free product sample in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.

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  1. I’m not that into jewelry either, but that first ring is REALLY pretty, I wouldn’t mind having that to wear.

  2. What a beautiful ring, I am not too into jewelry either and I don’t wear makeup very often. I work outside the home Mon-Friday but I just like to be more low maintenance it works much better for me.
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  3. I love the asscher/emerald cut combo at the top