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 Made by Dad 67 Blueprints for Making Cool Stuff Book

Now that Mother’s Day is almost here it’s time to start thinking about the next family holiday – Father’s Day.

I think that buying gifts for mom is A LOT easier than trying to find a gift for dad. I find it almost impossible to find something for Father’s Day. After all, there are only so many ties and tools a man truly needs.

This Father’s Day I have a unique gift idea that is not only fun for dad, but it can also create special bonding time between father and child.

There is a book is called MADE BY DAD: 67 Blueprints for Making Cool Stuff. I think this would make a wonderful Father’s Day gift.

Here is a little more information about the book.

Keeping the kids entertained is a full time job, but right now, it’s time for you to take a mini vacation—Dad has it covered with Made By Dad: 67 Blueprints for Making Cool Stuff (Workman, June 2013)! This book combines the rough-edged, handmade ethos of a Boy Scout manual, a sly sense of humor, and a bottomless pit of imagination to deliver a unique, whimsical, messy, and a slightly dangerous book of crafts for dads and the kids who love them.

From the clever imagination of WebbyAward–winning author Scott Bedford, Made By Dad shows dads how to turn simple household materials into hilarious, wacky, and unexpected projects. With just an X-acto knife, magic markers, a cardboard box, and a bottle of glue, Dad is well on his way to reinventing rainy days, parental rewards systems, bedroom decor, or on-the-go activities.

I received a free sample copy of the book to review. Since this book is geared more towards dad’s I let my husband look it over and give me his thoughts.

Made by Dad

Initially my husband said that chances are he couldn’t do any of the things in the book because he’s not very handy. He can take a computer apart and put it back together blindfolded (as an example of course) but he can’t hammer two piece of wood together (I’m over exaggerating of course). My husband feels like he’s the least handiest person around and assumed there was nothing in the book he would be able to do. To his surprise there are plenty of cool things he can make.

What I love about this book is that it offers readers photographs and detailed illustrations on how to compete projects step-by-step. Even a not-so-handy person can create fun projects that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Many of the projects can be done quickly, others might take a day to complete.

Once completed all the projects will yield many hours of imaginative play for both children and adults (after all, adults are just big kids at heart).

What makes this even more special is that almost all of the projects (the ones I read over at least) can be done together as a family. A child (or grandchild) could easily help their father or grandfather complete the projects. What a wonderful way to bond and create special memories with one another.

Check out this brief video about the book. You can also find the video here, http://bit.ly/10ff8pK.


My husband has not had the opportunity to make anything in the book yet. He’s been having a busy time and work and by the time he gets home he just wants to crash on the chair and rest. I’m sure he’ll start flipping through the pages in the near future to see what fun thing he can create on a Saturday afternoon. 🙂

If you are looking for a unique Father’s Day gift, even for a dad who thinks he’s not that handy, give him a copy of Made By Dad: 67 Blueprints for Making Cool Stuff. Look for it where ever books are sold.

67 Blueprint


*I received a free sample copy in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and were not influenced in any way.

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  1. Oh my gosh, this book is so cool! My daughter would love this.
    Jenn recently posted..Planet Fitness Gives Back In Honor of Mother’s Day

  2. Yes this does sound like a great book for Fathers Day giving them lots of ideas , pictures and instructions for many many things that they can build together and have fun doing.
    Things for the girls to do to. This book can also be good for the handy moms or grand parents too. thanks for the info

  3. This is awesome and so original!
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  4. Daily Woman (Lacey) says:

    Looks like a great book. I have 3 boys (one is my husband) and they love building things so I think this would be a great idea for a Fathers Day gift.

  5. Looks so cool! My son would love this!

  6. Tammy S says:

    I love this. What a great way to keep the kids busy. My kids love these types of projects. I will have to pick up a copy of this book.

  7. Rebecca Xavier says:

    This sounds like a great Father’s Day gift. My husband is not very handy either, but he loves to play and create with the kids.

  8. Kimberly, Thanks so much for taking the time to review Made by Dad! I’m so pleased you and some of your readers like it – that makes it all worth it! Scott 🙂

  9. md kennedy says:

    Awesome book! I am going to give this to husband as he is a fantastic granddad and he can share it with our grandson!