Magic Mike Review & Autograph Pin Up Cards Giveaway (ends 10/31/12)

I have been anxious to see the film Magic Mike, ever since I saw the trailer for it months ago when it was in theaters. The film features a lot of… dare I say…smoking hot guys as male strippers. The lead role is played by Channing Tatum. I first saw him in She’s the Man. It was hard not to adore him after seeing him The Vow and Dear John. It’s impossible not to totally crush on him after seeing Magic Mike. 🙂

My 15 year old daughter is crazy for Channing Tatum. She really wants to see film but it’s rate R, and for good reason. There is nudity (bare male butt and women’s breasts) the first few minutes into the film. I am far from a prude, but I don’t think it’s something I want my 15 year old to see.

If you are uncomfortable with brief nudity and men in G-strips gyrating and thrusting their hips, then this might not be the film for you.

Magic Mike is NOT just about male strippers. There is a storyline within the film that doesn’t have to deal with the strip club.

Magic Mike takes viewers into a world most people never see… the world of male strippers.

Mike, aka “Magic Mike” (Tatum) is a man who wears many “hats”. By day he’s an entrepreneur who owns some small businesses and works as a roofer. By night he’s “Magic Mike”, a stripper at a local male strip club. Mike enjoys the perks of dancing, especially when it comes to money and tips, not to mention he gets a cut of the club’s profits. However he does want more out of life. He doesn’t want to be a 40+ year old stripper. He’s dream is to own his own furniture business where he can design and create custom furniture. In order to do that he needs to get a loan from the bank. Until that happens he’s stuck being a stripper.

One day at his roofing job Mike is paired up with a young man Adam. Adam is new to town and doesn’t have a job. He lives with his older sister, Brooke. Later that night Mike runs into Adam again, only to learn that he lost his job as a roofer because the boss accused him of stealing food. Feeling sorry for him Mike take Adam under his wing and tries to get him a job at the club where he works as a stripper, the Xquisite Strip Club  which is owned by a stripper name Dallas (Matthew McConaughey). Dallas is very “stuck on himself” (for lack of a better description) and plans on dominating the stripping world.

Initially Adam was going to help with the props for the dancers, that is until one of the dancers became ill. Adam was thrown on to the stage to dance by Dallas to fill the void the other stripper created. Both Dallas and Mike saw something in Adam and asked him to join them. By the end of the night Adam was transformed into “The Kid” and officially a male stripper.

Adam’s sister Brooke is not keen on the idea, but she will let Adam do what he wants to do as long as Mike watches over him. There is some chemistry between Mike and Brooke but it doesn’t really turn into much until the end.

Things seem to be going well for Adam, that is until he gets himself into some serious trouble selling and abusing drugs. Brooke blames Mike for this because he promised her he would take care of Adam.

Mike’s world seems to be crumbling down around him. He’s not able to get a loan for his furniture business, Dallas is taking control of the business and Mike is gradually being pushed out, Brooke is blaming him for what is wrong with Adam, and Adam is totally out of control and Mike blames himself.

Will Mike be able to save Adam before it’s too late? Will Brooke ever forgive him? Will Mike stick around and continue to strip at the Xquisite Strip Club? To find out you have to pick up a copy of Magic Mike. You can own it on Blu-ray Combo Pack or Digital Download on October 23, 2012 (http://bit.ly/MMPRWB).

I liked the film. I won’t lie and say seeing hot guys prancing around in G-strips wasn’t some serious “eye candy” (it was!) – but – I did like the underlying story too. Channing Tatum plays a very like able character. You find yourself rooting for him and wanting him to succeed in reaching his business goals, as well as getting the girl (Brooke played by Cody Horn). There is something really appealing about Channing, and it’s not just his good looks. He brings a certain warmth and vulnerability to his character. You DON’T just see him as a male stripper. You see him as man who is goal orientated, hardworking, like able and very down to Earth. You can see him running his own business making furniture and being a family man with a wife and kids, even a dog and a white picket fence. Stripping does not define who he is. It’s merely a job.

Alex Pettyfer plays the part of Adam/The Kid. In the beginning you feel sorry for him. He’s down on his luck and just trying to make something of his life. By the time time the movie comes to an end you almost don’t like him. He took the kindness that Mike showed him and transformed himself into the new king of the strip club.

I heard that there has been some talk about a Magic Mike 2. They way the movie ended does lend it’s self to a sequel. There are plenty of unanswered questions that a sequel could answer for us.

Some could say that Magic Mike is loosely based on Channing Tatum’s life. When he was 19 he was down on his luck and took a job as a male stripper, similar to Adam in the film. Some of the characters in the film (strippers) are similar to what Channing encountered during his brief stint as a stripper.

Channing Tatum can dance. Oh boy! Does he have some serious moves. :-)!!!

Matt Bomer and Joe Manganiello also make for some  mighty fine viewing.

There are a few bonus features including a behind the scenes look at the making of the movie as well as how the actors learned to dance. There are also some deleted scenes which feature dances that were not included in the film.

Look for Magic Mike, available on October 23, 2012. For more Magic Mike goodies visit http://magicmikemovie.warnerbros.com/dvd.

Here is the film’s trailer for your viewing pleasure. If you are reading this via e-mail you can see the trailer here, http://bit.ly/QKcdBG, or at the link above.


I have a very special Magic Mike giveaway for TWO lucky readers. Each winner will recieved one (1) set of Magic Mike pin up cards autographed by Channing Tatum (yes, he really did autograph them!). Compliments of Warner Bros. Home Entertainment. The cards are printed on foil card stock and perforated, so they can be individually separated.

This giveaway is open to US residents only and will end on October 31, 2012 at 12:01 AM (EST). The winners will be chosen at random using a random number generator from all eligible entries. The winners will be notified via e-mail and will have three days to reply or a new winner will be chosen in their place.

To enter please leave a comment on this post and tell me why you really want to see this movie – OR – if you saw it already what did you like about the film. Also, let me know who would get the cards if you won (you or someone else)?

For extra entries you can use the Rafflecopter widget (below) but you must complete the initial entry requirement or the additional entries won’t qualify.

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*I was not compensated for this post. I received a free screener copy in order to do this review as well as a free set of cards. The opinions expressed are my own and were not influenced in any way.

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  1. I did see it and the men of course!! LOL Although I would like them myself, they would make a great gift!

  2. I did see Magic Mike with a few of my co-workers and we loved it! We had a ball and I wouldn’t mind owning a copy of this movie either. LOL And the cards would definitely be for me! LOL

  3. I haven’t seen it yet, but I want to see it because Channing is in it. I would keep them for myself.

  4. Serena Powell says:

    I would like to see this movie just to see Matthew Bomer shirtless
    I would give the card to my sister

  5. Annette D says:

    I saw it at the movie theater with a good friend. It was not what I expected but I liked the movie. I would give the card to my friend that I went to the movie with!

  6. chelsi Morgan says:

    I want to watch this movie because well…who wouldn’t want to see channing Tatum strip. And if I won I’d probably keep the pin up cards

  7. I haven’t seen it; it’d be for my sister.

  8. Rhonda Clemens says:

    My girlfriends say its a Great movie, It is on my list to watch, I would give the cards away!


  9. I want to see this movie just for the eye candy. I would try to keep the cards for myself but my two oldest teen daughters would probably take them.

  10. I want to see this movie because it looks like it would be fun to watch. I would like to keep the cards for myself.

  11. Maria Malaveci says:

    I have not had the chance to see it, but I am dying to see it because of all the yummy actors! Channing Tatum – Oh yes!, Joe M.! Oh yeah! I really would love to win this


  12. Tricia Andrews says:

    I saw the movie but I would like to see it again because it was so good. I would keep the cards for myself!

  13. I’d love to watch the movie with my daughter. The pin-up card would be for her…we’re both Channing fans!

  14. I haven’t seen the movie, I wanted too but it never came to my small town’s theater. I can’t wait to see it on DVD. 🙂 These would be for me, who doesn’t want a little autographed eye candy on their wall 😉

  15. Melissa Nix says:

    I seen the movie for Channing Tatum, and I really liked the movie!

  16. Jessica Rose says:

    Shirtless Hunks. #1 reason why I want to see this movie 😀

  17. Roberta Horn says:

    WHY DO I WANT TO SEE THIS??? REALLY!?!? MATTHEW MC of course!!! The cards would be for me, me, me!!!

  18. Colleen Turner says:

    I did go see this movie in theatres with my cousin and we had the best time! It was a lot of fun with all the women shouting and hooting when the men danced :). I would give these cards to her as a funny gift for Christmas!

  19. Les Johnson says:

    I want to see this movie because of the men who are in it 🙂 And the cards would be for my sister-in-law who is about to get married.

  20. Christine says:

    I haven’t seen it yet. I would keep them for myself.
    Thanks for the chance!

  21. I saw this movie with my daughter, and can’t wait to see it with my mom. It’s a really fun movie. Nice on the eyes. 🙂

  22. I haven’t seen it yet.. sounds fun.

  23. Christian Alejandro N. says:

    I haven’t seen it, but my sister loved it. I would give the win to her!

  24. Casey Everidge says:

    ive seen it:) it was pretty good. i would keep these.

  25. I have 3 adult daughters and my self who all love Tatum. WOW, yummy but I’d give the cards to them. I have not seen the movie YET, but will be probably this weekend or during deer hunt when the guys are all out. A little drink of OH…MY…GAWD!

  26. Two Words Joe Maggalalalaaaaaaaaaaa

  27. I did see it. It’s not going to win any Oscars, but, the dancing, mucic, and actors bodies made it worth seeing. The cards would be for me. I love Channing Tatum .

  28. Stephanie Larison says:

    I haven’t seen it just yet, but can’t wait! Lol it looks hot!

  29. Shelley P says:

    I haven’t seen it yet but want to because Channing Tatum is in it. I would keep the cards for myself : )

  30. Vicki Wurgler says:

    I saw the movie with my sister and we loved it! and the cards would be for me

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    I saw this movie and it was so good!! These cards would definitely be shared between me and my friends as we all love Channing Tatum and the cast!

  32. Suzanne M says:

    I saw this as part of my bachelorette party and it was SO AWESOME! I have great memories of watching this with my girlfriends. Would keep it for myself!

  33. I haven’t seen the movie. I would love to win the movie and signed cards for my sister. She loved the movie.

  34. Heather M says:

    I saw the movie and LOVED it : ) I would share the cards with the girls at work!!!

  35. my favorite part of the movie was channing tatum. nuff said

  36. Anastasia says:

    I’d like to see it because it has some great actors in it 🙂 And I would totally keep the cards for myself 🙂

  37. haven’t seen it but i heard it was HOT
    Thanks for the giveaway! Janna Johnson jannajanna@hotmail.com Janna@feedyourpig on gfc

  38. I loved the movie it made our girl’s night out great. I’d love to give these cards to my middle sister. Thanks for the chance.

  39. Jessica W says:

    I haven’t seen the movie, but would give this to my friend who is a HUGE Channing Tatum fan!!

  40. christal c w says:

    It would be for me and I just want to watch channing tatum….}

  41. Laurie Emerson says:

    I want to see this movie as I missed it in the theaters and is one which I know I will absolutely love as two of the actors are ones I watch on my tv shows. I have to admit that I would keep the cards for myself.
    lauraemerson17 at yahoo dot com

  42. I would like to give these to my sister in law for Christmas!

  43. the cards would be for my wife. i have not seen it, but my wife has.

  44. Brutus Duffy says:

    I want to have this because it would make a great girl’s nigh in movie, and I love Joe!

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    I wanna see cause I like channing tatum

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    I seen the movie and I loved it. I would keep the cards for myself.