How to Maintain Your Home Appliances


Home appliances become better-made yet more affordable; it seems, year after year. But this doesn’t mean we should all just keep buying new ones for our homes. That’s not only costly, but also impractical, since these appliances aren’t all made from the same mold, so the difference in shapes and sizes might not really fit into your current home layout. Regular maintenance is the key in prolonging the home appliances that you currently have, and even improve their performance. Additionally, ensuring that all your home appliances are in good working condition can help protect your family from infections possibly caused by dirty and poorly-maintained home appliances.

Here’s how you can maintain them:


This is probably that one appliance in your house that runs 24/7 – except for the times when you need to do the occasional defrosting. And it’s necessary, considering all the food items that you place in it. To maintain your refrigerator, use your vacuum to clean the back where the coils and wires are located to remove the dust that might otherwise start building up and affecting your refrigerator’s efficiency. Do remember to unplug the power before doing so.


Cleaning your dishwasher is a necessary chore that you’ll need to get used to, especially as your dishes will come into contact with it every time they need cleaning. Start by cleaning the food filter regularly, and keeping the seals moist at all times. Use a rinse aid and high heat to help reduce spotting and deposits of white calcium from hard water.


Whether you’re using a microwave oven, a toaster oven, or a convection oven, it will still need to be cleaned and maintained. With ovens, though, the best practice would still be to clean as you go, otherwise, the heat will meld any spills or leftovers to the oven surface making them almost impossible to remove. A cool tip is to mix white vinegar and dish-washing soap, and then spray the mixture to all the surfaces in your oven, wait a few minutes, and then wipe it down clean with a paper towel.

Air Conditioner

Remember to replace the filter for your air conditioner regularly – typically at least once every 3 months – and remove any dust from the visible vents. This will ensure that your unit can continue to work to efficiently and cool the room without needing to work too hard.

5. Washing Machine

Cleaning your washing machine is necessary to keep your clothes smelling fresh after a tumble in it. The inner surface of the washing machine can have a build up of calcium, which can clog its inlets and outlets. Decalcify it by the following steps: run an empty water cycle at the hottest level available, and then add baking soda or white vinegar before finishing the cycle. You can also use a lime decalcifier instead of the white vinegar or baking soda. Change your filters regularly, as well.

It doesn’t really take all that much to keep your home appliances running well. The older ones in particular were built to last, so taking a few simple steps to maintaining them should make them last as long as possible. Newer models might be less expensive, but if your current ones run well and are well-maintained, you’d have far better use for your money than to keep replacing your home appliances.

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