Make the most out of your money during the holidays ($300 giveaway ends 12/6/13) #HRBlockEA


Holiday Budget Stress

Turkey, stuffing, gift wrapping, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, traffic jams, fighting over parking spots, visiting Santa at the mall… Our minds are certainly on a lot of things these days. One thing I can guarantee is probably not first and foremost on your mind right now is something that we all dread – tax time!

Believe it or not the end of the year ins near. No sooner do you pack away the last ornament you’ll have to unpack your purchase receipts and income information. More on that later…

Right now I’m focused on trying to save up every dime I can to buy gifts for my kids. I had money saved up to take them some where special this year, but all that money disappeared in a matter of days thanks to a hefty vet bill and car repairs. Sigh… What I wouldn’t give for some extra cash for the holidays.

Having a limited budget means that I need to be creative when it comes to purchasing holiday gifts.

In years past I have always shopped ahead of time. Whenever I found a great deal I would purchase an item and hide it until Christmas time. That worked great when my kids were little and played with toys. They didn’t care about what was the “hottest toy of the season”. My kids were happy with any toy they received from Santa Christmas morning.

Gifts under the tree

Another thing I did when my kids were little was to shop online at Ebay or a local consignment shop or thrift store for gifts. My kids didn’t care if something wasn’t new or not – it was new to them and that was all that mattered.

You can also pick up gifts for others at thrift shops. You can add your own creative touches to something to give it a whole new life. A new coat of pant and some embellishments can turn something ordinary into the extraordinary. There are plenty of DIY websites and books to provide you with some inspiration.

Speaking of DIY, don’t discount handmade gifts. If you have a talent let it shine and make gifts for those on your holiday shopping list. If you can knit, make sweaters. If you are handy and able to build things, why not make someone a magazine rack or a bookcase. If you are handy with cars maybe you can offer a friend or family member a free oil change that you can do yourself.

Homemade food gifts are always nice. One of my favorites that I give away almost every year is Fireside Coffee. You can find the recipe on my site here. Cookies, cakes, fresh baked breads… these are all great gift ideas that don’t have to break the bank. Another thing to consider is cooking an entire meal for someone special (especially a shut-in or elderly person). A freezer full of pre-made meals would make a fabulous gift.

Fireside Coffee topped with whipped cream and crushed candy canes.

Fireside Coffee topped with whipped cream and crushed candy canes.

Gifts don’t always have to be something tangible that you can hold in your hands. A gift of “time” is also appreciated. Take a friend out to lunch and a movie (your treat!) or simply meet at a local coffee shop and give him/her 100% of your undivided attention, especially someone you don’t get to see or talk to that often.

When my kids were little they liked to make “coupons” for services such as washing the dishes, taking out the dog and doing the laundry. You could spin this same idea for a grown up too. You could offer some coupons for things like mowing the lawn, back massage, doing the dishes and other chores around the house. If I gave my hubby coupons for a free back massage from me he would probably turn in a coupon every day. LOL!

If you think it would work with the recipient you can always give them an IOU for a special gift. For example, our son LOVES New York City and would go there every weekend if possible. We won’t be able to go now, but we can promise to take him someplace he really wants to go when the weather is nicer, like the top of the Empire State Building.

As you can see, with a little creativity you can find ways to stretch your budget a bit and give people special gifts without having to take out a second mortgage to pay for Christmas. Ha Ha.

Whatever you do please don’t put things on your charge card. I think that makes it worse. Sure, you’ll be able to afford all the gifts you want for others for the holiday, but come January 1st you’ll regret that decision when the credit card bills start coming in.


There are other ways to afford the holiday season. Are you familiar with H&R Block’s Emerald Advance® line of credit? With this special line of credit applicants may be eligible for up to $1,000 that can be used NOW, and not have to worry our stress out about jumping through hoops. The application process starts on November 25, 2013, which means you could have a line of  credit available for holiday shopping, holiday travel, meal planning or unexpected expenses that might pop up.

With H&R Block’s Emerald Advance® line of credit you can celebrate more and worry less.

You can start making appointments TODAY. All you need to apply is an unexpired government issued photo ID (such as a driver’s license) and your most recent pay stub (no W2 form required). That’s all you need. And you don’t even have to be an H&R Block client to apply. H&R Block’s Emerald Advance® line of credit is open to everyone as long as you have the required documents (photo ID & recent pay stub). It’s that easy.

With the H&R Block’s Emerald Advance® line of credit you can draw from as you need it. You can use it year-round for unexpected expenses and other short-term credit needs.

For more information or to make an appointment contact your local participating H&R Block office.

You can also check out H&R Block on Facebook and Twitter (@HRBlock). Their official hashtag is #HRBlockEA.

To help you have a wonderful holiday season, H&R Block would like to give a lucky reader a $300 gift card. Thank you H&R Block!

This giveaway is open to US residents only and will end on December 6, 2013 at 11:59 PM (EST). The winner will be chosen at random using a random number generator from all eligible entries. The winner will be notified via e-mail and will have three days to reply or a new winner will be chosen in their place.

To enter please leave a comment on this post and tell me what you think you would do with the $300 if you were the lucky winner – OR – Share a tip on how to save money or stick to your budget during the holiday season.

For extra entries you can use the Rafflecopter widget (below) but you must complete the initial entry requirement or the additional entries won’t qualify (I do check). Extra entries are optional.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


*H&R Block has asked me to help promote the Emerald Advance Line of Credit. The prize was provided and may be shipped to the winner by H&R Block, but all opinions expressed in the post are my own and not those of H&R Block. Entrants must be 18 or older and located in the US only. 

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  1. jeremy mclaughlin says:

    I would use the money to help pay off some bills.

    • I would use the money to buy my amazing 3 year old autistic son lots and lots of presents for christmas! 🙂

  2. Carey Parks says:

    My son is autistic and needs a tablet. I would get the tablet and send the giftcard for school for his CBI trips.

  3. Catharine R says:

    This year, I am “pre-shopping” online, making a list and not deviating from it, and keeping things simple.
    ceriehl at gmail dot com

  4. I would love to win! My older son wants a Surface 2 for christmas. Money is tight here too so we are trying to figure out to pay for it without charging it! This would be awesome!!

  5. I would use it for Christmas presents.

    Thank you!

  6. Wanda McHenry says:

    I would buy a flat screen tv!

  7. I would love to spend it partially on gifts and the rest on holiday decorations. We always borrow those and never seem to get our own.
    Billie recently posted..CampusBookRentals.com – Check out the New Rentback Option

  8. This would a wonderful joy to win. I know it would be so helpful in purchasing gifts and also groceries this season. To save money during the season I make baked goods and I handmake other items such as scarves.

  9. Jim Nichols says:

    I would use it to buy Christmas gifts for my family.

  10. Alana Vester says:

    I always shop around before buying something. I never go for the first deal that I find, I may find it somewhere else that is cheaper.

  11. Alana Vester says:

    I follow on BlogLovin’.

  12. I make a list of gifts to purchase and stick to it. Its how I’m able to budget during the holidays.

  13. Jeana O'donnell-Murphy says:

    I would use it for Christmss for my two teens because last and this year has been rouh

  14. Alana Vester says:
  15. I’d use the money for gas as we travel a lot during the holidays


  16. Mary Happymommy says:

    I would buy a flat screen TV for my hard-working husband.

  17. krystal pena says:

    I would save it for my husbands USA work perment

  18. I’d probably use the gc for holiday grocery shopping.

  19. If I won this I would spend it on my family for christmas I just lost my job and I still have a lot of family to buy for Xmas

  20. I have a handicapped brother who just moved in and I would like to get him something nice for the holidays thanks alan

  21. Danielle F. says:

    I’d use the money mostly on bills but I’d use a little bit on presents for the holidays – a few small things. Thanks for this giveaway!

  22. april yedinak says:

    I would use the gc to get my kids some Christmas gifts and to have a nice Christmas dinner.

  23. april yedinak says:

    I follow on bloglovin
    april yedinak

  24. The best way to save money at Christmas is to keep things in perspective and the make the holiday about so much more than presents! Don’t overdo it on the gifts, but turn up the fun and experiences!

  25. I would buy a juicer.

  26. I would get a new washer

  27. Lisa Brown says:

    i would pay after holiday bills

  28. wendy rozema says:

    If I were the winner, i’d use the $300 on Christmas Presents!

  29. My car would love to get some attention and have the whole thing spent on it! My car has kept me safe and been reliable (sad they no longer make Saturns), so planning on returning the love with some much needed maintenance.

  30. it would help me buy gifts

  31. My tip for sticking to my budget during the Holiday’s is to shop throughout the year. I buy gifts when I see them and save them until Christmas. I also use coupons. Plus I see what online prices are before I go to the store. Most stores will match online prices.

  32. I would pay bills!!

  33. I follow you on Bloglovin’
    Sally Bridges-Stanbrough

  34. Nataly Carbonell says:

    If I win, I’d use it to buy a new computer 😉 thanks

  35. Angela Newsome says:

    It would definitely go towards Christmas gifts and my Daughter’s Birthday stuff!

  36. I would buy an iPad

  37. Sonya Morris says:

    I would splurge and treat my kids to a night at the Great Wolf Lodge.

  38. Sonya Morris says:
  39. I’d put it towards a new camera! My decade old Nikon is totally on its last legs!
    Crystal recently posted..Tuesday Tell All #3

  40. I would use the money to buy Christmas gifts for my family over the holidays!

  41. soha molina says:

    I will use it for gifts.

  42. Danielle Jones says:

    I would use it to buy my son’s Christmas presents.

  43. Danielle Jones says:

    I follow you on bloglovin danielle Jones

  44. amy pugmire says:

    I would put it towards Christmas! I have 3 little ones. and I love to shop all year round during the sales. that way I don’t blow all our money the last month.

  45. If I won this I would use it for holiday shopping. My husband is the only one working so this would help out a lot.

  46. I would love to use it for Christmas gifts for my family and friends…!!!!!!!
    lovely baby recently posted..Newborn Baby Care: Your Baby Up To One Month Old

  47. ellen beck says:

    I would use it to spay 3 female cats in the feral colony I care for!

  48. I would get my son something, plus buy Christmas dinner.

  49. My daughter will be going away to college next year. If I won $300, I would use it toward her expenses, room and board, etc. Thanks!
    Kari recently posted..Jolly Apple Fresh Holiday Wreath Giveaway from Wreaths for Door

  50. I save money by shopping at the farmer’s market for produce. Prices are often half of what they are at the grocery store!

  51. I’d use it for Christmas or groceries
    Kristie recently posted..Garden Harvest 2013

  52. alicia k (Petite Pilates Pixie) says:

    to stick to a budget, we write down all the cash we’ve set out and split it up

  53. Holly Thomas says:

    I would use it for clothes.

  54. We’re very lucky and have worked very hard to be in a position where we don’t have to stick to a tight budget. We’d use the $300 as an investment in my daughter’s college fund
    BusyWorkingMama recently posted..Energizer Bunny Happy Birthday Giveaway

  55. Leah Lucas says:

    I would use it towards Christmas presents

  56. Heather Hayes Panjon says:

    If I Win I’d Use The Gift Card Towards A Holiday Meal And Gifts!

  57. Heather Hayes Panjon says:
  58. I would buy new tires.

  59. I would use it towards Christmas presents. My tip is to write out a budget for how much you are spending on each person. It is so easy to go crazy and buy too much for somebody and then feel like you have to buy more for somebody else to make it fair and even

  60. Mary Casper says:

    i would pay off a credit card

  61. Victor Galbraith says:

    Get a Christmas present to myself

  62. Alana Vester says:
  63. I would use it for Christmas shopping

  64. I would buy some new DVDs and games for family night.

  65. Cindy Merrill says:

    $300 would buy at least 3 cords of wood, which would keep our wood stove heat going for at least 8 weeks.

  66. I will use it towards Christmas gifts
    Melissa O recently posted..My Tangle Skein is giving away a Kindle Fire HDX!

  67. melikegarfield says:

    I would use half the money to help buy some groceries for my mom and the other half to pay down some debt.

  68. Karen Glatt says:

    I am on a fixed income, so this money would really help me buy gifts for my family for Christmas! I would buy my sister, brother and nephew a Christmas present.

  69. Mary Beth Elderton says:

    I use this on something for our new (older)home.

  70. I would pay off some bills

  71. Cheryl Abdelnour says:


  72. I would buy groceries.

  73. I try to save money by purchasing items throughout the year, using coupons and buying things on sale.

  74. Jennifer Rote says:

    I would make a mortgage payment.

  75. To stick to my budget, I go and get just what’s on my list. I remind myself that anything else I see that I’m tempted to buy would just be an impulse buy – and that is what can turn the budget upside down.
    Wendy T recently posted..My Story

  76. I would definately use the extra money to make the christmas a little better for my daughter she lost her job when the government shutdown happened and she just got another one so she won’t be able to provide any christmas for her kids so it is falling on my shoulders and this would help

  77. I follow on blog lovin crankyyanky1 at charter dot net

  78. I would use it to purchase Christmas gifts.

  79. To stick to your budget, make a list with a dollar amount for each item you want to purchase and research online for the best prices. Don’t go over the amount you budget for.

  80. Kim Henrichs says:

    I would hold onto it right now probably because my job is up in the air!

  81. Id use the money to defray gas expenses for my holiday travels

  82. Ann Fantom says:

    If I won, I would use the $300 to buy my husband a digital camera for Christmas

  83. Sonya Morris says:

    Following on Bloglovin as Sonya Morris.

  84. Ava Chavez says:

    I would use it to go visit my family in Alabama.

  85. I make a specific list with prices and stick to my list. I try to avoid the store and temptation to buy something that is a good deal. I shop online and get free shipping.

  86. During the holiday season I try to pay cash for everything so that I stay on budget. I would use the giftcard for Christmas gifts.

  87. Amanda Hoffman says:

    i would use it for christmas gifts

  88. I budget for Christmas and the holidays all year long, saving a little in a Christmas club account. I make sure I stick to the budget, pay cash and in addition I also shop all year round, purchasing clearance shoes/boots and clothing in bigger sizes so they will fit my grandsons the next year.

  89. A friend of mine’s daughter is very sick, and her treatment is $1000 a month, with no insurance help, I would donate towards her cause http://www.gofundme.com/TreatingKarynsLyme

  90. I would buy groceries for Christmas dinner and buy a little something for me!

  91. Kimberly Kihega says:

    I would use it to pay some of my tuition.

  92. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    I would get a jacket and pay some bills off.

  93. Thomas Murphy says:

    I would buy an ipad if I won.

  94. I’d take several of my closest friends out for a nice lunch and buy gas and groceries with the rest

  95. Melissa Hartley says:

    Groceries & Gas I’m sure:)
    Thank you

  96. Melissa Hartley says:

    Blog Lovin Follower:
    Melissa Green Hartley

  97. Priscilla P. says:

    I would complete my Christmas shopping.

  98. If I were the luck winner I would get an iPad for myself for Christmas.

  99. Kelly Ann T. says:

    I save money during the holiday season because I buy items on sale all through the year. This saves me from adding to my credit card balance.

  100. i would buy christmas gifts

    kport207 at gmail dot com
    Kathleen recently posted..Gymboree Glorious $100 Gift Card Giveaway Ends 12/6!

  101. Katie Amanda says:

    I try to buy things offline and shop through ebates.

  102. If I were the lucky winner, I’d probably use it for moving expenses in order to move my son back home after he finishes college in December.

  103. I would use it to fly my daughter home for Christmas.

  104. Debra Hall says:

    i would buy gifts and hats and gloves for the homeless

  105. I would use it to work on my car. I need a tune-up and a couple of tires.

  106. I would use the money on Christmas presents for the kids.

  107. I would help my daughter if I won this. She is off work because she is having surgery next week and a nice gift would cheer her up.

  108. Susan Christy says:

    I lost some weight and could use some clothes for work

  109. I’ll get my car worked on. I shop year round for presents.
    Thanks for the contest.

  110. If I had $300 I’d spend it on bills and some holiday gifts

  111. If I was the lucky winner I would spend it on Christmas gifts for my family

  112. I would spend it on christmas gifts!

  113. Judy Estrin says:

    I would use the money to feed a special group of kids and buy them presents for the holiday season. Doing this would give me great joy.

  114. I would buy Christmas for my family! 🙂 It would help a LOT!! 🙂 Thanks so much!!

  115. Jennifer T. says:

    I’d use the money towards home repairs.

  116. I would use it for Christmas presents.

  117. ReggieMann says:

    Use it for a credit card payment

  118. I would use it for Christmas shopping!

  119. I would buy a lot of the food for our 7 day holiday family gathering in Alabama.

  120. The $300 would definitely go towards paying for Christmas presents!

  121. Alana Vester says:
  122. April Brenay says:

    I would use it for our grocery bill, we spend about 300 every two week for our family so this would really help

  123. Melinda Morse says:

    Christmas for my family, and a new pair of shoes for me since mine are falling apart.

  124. Marcia Goss says:

    I would use it for a trip to visit my Mom for Christmas.

  125. Tabathia B says:

    I would probably use to get an ipad mini or toward the new surface rt

  126. Brandi Price says:

    I would use the money for bill payments!

  127. Brandi Price says:

    I follow on BlogLovin’

  128. I’d use it towards Christmas gifts for my family

  129. I’d use this to hire someone to do my taxes next year.

  130. mark williams says:

    buy gift for wife

  131. Erica Best says:

    i would love to have this get my nephew some new clothes

  132. I would use it to pay some of my little girls dental bills, and a few christmas toys for her.

  133. following on bloglovin’

  134. kyl neusch says:

    use it for Christmas presents.

  135. Jennifer Speed says:

    I would definitely buy a new cellphone mine has been dropped like a thousand times and is running slow.

  136. nicole krutz says:

    i would use it towards bills

  137. Holly Storm-Burge says:

    I always Christmas shop with a list to make sure I don’t grab a gift for someone I’ve already bought for.

  138. I would use it to get an elliptical

  139. I would buy a tablet for my son or an XM radio for my DIL.

  140. If I was the lucky winner I would use the money to take my family out to a great dinner on New Year’s Eve.

  141. Cassandra Eastman says:

    I’d use it to buy Christmas gifts for everyone in the family! I love shopping online and finding great deals!

  142. I would use it to help buy gifts off of our local YMCA’s giving tree!
    Jennifer K. C. recently posted..He Would Have Been Twenty Five

  143. Terra Heck says:

    If I won, I’d purchase my husband a new recliner. Thanks.

  144. I’m expecting my first baby in Jan. so this money would go toward baby items.
    Ashley H recently posted..Lancome Dream Tone Review

  145. I would use this for last minute gifts!

  146. I would use the money for Christmas gifts

  147. I use an envelope system. One envelope that I’ve put money in all year is divided into a 1-envelope-per-person batch for shopping.

  148. I would use it for Christmas presents.
    Thanks for the chance!

  149. Alana Vester says:
  150. I subscribe on Bloglovin.

  151. Jennifer Speed says:
  152. I make sure to have all the sales flyers with me when I go shopping, that way I know what costs how much and where.

  153. I follow on Bloglovin.
    mysweetiepiepie recently posted..Vintage Sewing Pattern 70s A Line Zip Front Dress Tunic Blouse Pants by mysweetiepiepie

  154. kortney nelson says:

    I would be more than happy to spend this on a friends children that cannot receive very much for Christmas as they struggle big time!

  155. I would use it for Christmas gifts

  156. Bloglovin’ follower, Billie R.
    Billie recently posted..How to Save on Cyber Monday & $100 Amazon Giveaway

  157. I would use a little on Christmas, then the rest on bills.

  158. I would use it towards Christmas presents!

  159. I would use it toward a new sofa.

  160. Sarah Hirsch says:

    i would get a new washing machine

  161. I’m due with our second child just after Christmas, so I’d use it for the inevitable trips to pick up little necessities after she arrives and also for some take-out because I know I won’t feel like cooking!

  162. I’d put it toward Christmas gifts.

  163. angelia medlin says:

    My answer is probably a very boring answer, but if I won the money I would pay bills. My hubby is laid off work and any extra money is put towards bills. Not a very exciting response but its the facts of life. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  164. I would use the money to pay bills!

  165. I would use it to help pay to get a storm door installed on our front door. And get a quart of front door paint. (yes, they make front door paint especially made not to fade!)
    tammigirl recently posted..Kindle Fire Giveaway

  166. Allison Downes says:

    I would use the money to go towards a new phone

    Thank you for the chance to win!

  167. Tanya Sgroi-Wilson says:

    There is an elderly couple that live in my cul-de-sac that have had a difficult year in terms of health and financial catastrophes. They are raising their 6 year old granddaughter after their son passed away from an accident. The girl’s Mother is no where to be found. They aren’t able to physically join us for Thanksgiving dinner, so we will bring it to them, the same for Christmas breakfast and Christmas Dinner. My daughters and I bring home cooked meals over to them 2-3 times a week anyway for the past 2 months. Recently, I found out that their microwave broke, so I would love to be able to purchase a new one for them as well as a few gifts for the Grand daughter.

  168. The GC would just give me an added boost to the Christmas budget…I am a really savvy online shopper, and I’m not afraid to purchase used when appropriate.
    Yona recently posted..Lancome DreamTone Color Corrector Serum – Medium #2

  169. rebecca shockley says:

    Spend it on Christmas shopping for the family!

  170. rebecca shockley says:

    follower on bloglovin

  171. Lauren-Olivia Wood says:

    I would buy great presents for my family!

  172. I would use it toward the new laptop my college aged daughter needs.

  173. If I was the lucky winner I would use it for Christmas baking supplies!

  174. I would adopt a family for Christmas and buy them some gifts.

  175. Alana Vester says:
  176. I would help pay my daughters school loan

  177. Jacob LaFountaine says:

    I would put it towards a Sony Playstation 4 system

  178. I’d buy some winter boots.

  179. I stick to my budget by using coupons and discount codes.

  180. I’d definitely use the $300 toward train or airfare to be able to visit my parents over the holidays!

  181. Audra O'Hara says:

    If I were lucky enough to win, I would put the money towards Christmas presents this year. One way I try to stay on budget, is to shop during sales and use online coupon codes.

  182. subscribe email: slehandwc at gmail dot com

  183. Jessica To says:

    I would use it to buy Christmas presents for my son.

  184. I would get caught up on some bills!

  185. use it for christmas presents

  186. I’d pay my bills!

  187. I would use it for gifts and groceries

  188. I would use it to buy Christmas gifts as they currently aren’t in the budget!

  189. I home school so I would buy my 13 y/o a Chromebook to use for research and schoolwork.

  190. Virginia Rowell says:

    I would use it to get some Christmas presents and some groceries.

  191. car repairs
    lorraine m recently posted..Movie Review: A Christmas Tree Miracle

  192. michelle elizondo says:

    I would pay bills with it.

  193. If I won I would use for bills, gas, camera card.

  194. Alana Vester says:
  195. Cassie suduth says:

    I would split it with a good friend that doesn’t much funds for Christmas too.

  196. sandra thomas says:

    $300 would go a long way to make a wonderful Christmas.

  197. I’d buy groceries

  198. buy new shoes

  199. If I win this giveaway, I would give it to my mom who would be really happy. 🙂
    Jessamine D. recently posted..Yo Gabba Gabba! A Very Awesome Yo Gabba Gabba! Christmas DVD Review

  200. I am a bloglovin follower.
    Jessamine D. recently posted..Yo Gabba Gabba! A Very Awesome Yo Gabba Gabba! Christmas DVD Review

  201. janna johnson says:

    I would save for vacation

  202. Alicia Arrington says:

    I cannot afford to buy Christmas for anyone this year. So this would be an awesome prize to win. I would use this money to my loved ones something special from me. If any is leftover, it would go towards the Christmas dinner.

  203. I would use it for groceries.

  204. I would help out my daughter with her wedding.

  205. Catherine says:

    Following along on blog lovin’

  206. I’d buy all new linens for our home. We really need them!
    Andrea recently posted..Mint Oreo Cookie Balls

  207. hmm, I think I would put it away to use towards our vacation next year
    Angie B. recently posted..Energy in Chocolate Form: Yes Please!

  208. I’m following on bloglovin’: Luv Saving Money
    Angie B. recently posted..Energy in Chocolate Form: Yes Please!

  209. I save money by using coupons and using those coupons when I shop early for the holiday season. I like to have all of my ingredients and presents purchased before the holiday “rush” begins.

  210. Patricia Wojnar Crowley says:

    I would use it to buy my nephew an ipad mini for the holidays!

  211. I would spend it on my nieces and mother for Christmas. Nothing like seeing your loved ones smile.

  212. Heather Baribeau says:

    I would be able to buy my 3 year old autistic son toys that i normally could never afford, just to see him smile! thanks for the chance.

  213. Heather Baribeau says:

    I would be able to buy my 3 year old autistic son toys that i normally could never afford, just to see him smile! thanks for the chance.

  214. I would use the money to buy Christmas gifts for my family!

  215. Melanie Montgomery says:

    I would finish up my Chrsitmas shopping.

  216. M Campbell says:


  217. I’m having a microdiscectomy on Friday (back surgery to repair a ruptured disc), so I would probably apply it toward medical bills.

  218. ellen casper says:

    I would get my husband a new radio for his truck

  219. Sonya Morris says:
  220. The $300 would help me surprise my wife with a present that I WON’T be questioned about an unknown charge in our bank account. The ability to keep it secret would be wonderful.

  221. Every little bit helps!

  222. holiday shopping and bills

  223. angela lazo says:

    If I won I would give my son a memorable holiday

  224. jodi goins says:

    i would spend most of it on christmas and take at least a quarter of it and pay a bill.that way we dont get behind through the holidays!

  225. I’d use it for groceries.

  226. Douglas Houston says:

    We could use a new computer

  227. I would love to get some small home improvement projects done around the house with $300. Thanks!

  228. Sonya Morris says:
  229. I would use the money to start next year’s Christmas fund!
    Marissa S. recently posted..45 min. elliptical playlist

  230. Tanya White says:

    I would probably save it until it is needed-use it as back up for emergencies.

  231. Buy my family some gifts!

  232. Gennie Lancaster says:

    I would use the money to buy Christmas gifts and pay some bills!

  233. Sonya Morris says:
  234. Christina Sparks says:

    I would use it towards getting new tires for my vehicle.

  235. I’d use it for Christmas gifts and Toys for Tots!
    Sonya recently posted..Hauck Go Kart Giveaway

  236. I would apply it toward a small generator because we have power outages during storms.

  237. joseph gersch jr says:

    if i won i would get christmas gifts

  238. joseph gersch jr says:

    follow bloglovin jtwark

  239. Jill Rivera says:

    Hubbie stick to the list and not go overboard.

  240. I would use it for Christmas presents.

  241. Tiffany Hearn says:

    I would use this for Christmas gifts. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  242. Michelle S says:

    I would use this towards bills!

  243. If I won the $300, I’d go Christmas shopping, since this year we are ‘shopping lean’.

  244. Patrice Roussell says:

    I did not know H&R Block had this type of thing – cool.

  245. Tammy Shelton says:

    I would buy a Tablet to enter sweeps & giveaways while I’m on the go.

  246. Tammy Shelton says:

    I follow on Blog Lovin’.

  247. I would use the gift card for groceries, and perhaps some gifts.

  248. Heather B says:

    I would use the $300 towards new tires for my car.

  249. melissa Resnick says:

    i really could use this for christmas

  250. I would use this to buy new hearing aides for my mother.

  251. Paula Tavernie says:

    I would use it to pay my Utility Bill and buy some Christmas gifts for my 2 grandsons!

  252. Crystal F says:

    Since we are close to being finished for Christmas I would put the money up for a trip we have to take next June. My daughter plays travel softball and we are having to go out of state for a week for her to play. I would use it for the hotel or food while we are away. Thank you!

  253. Susan Smith says:

    I would use the money for Christmas presents

  254. Susan Smith says:

    I follow on Bloglovin Susan Smith

  255. i could get all my Christmas shopping done with that.

  256. Julie Lawson says:

    I would buy MYSELF clothes. I haven’t done that in a LONG time.

  257. Karen Munday says:

    I would give this to my husband to go golfing

  258. I would use it for Christmas presents and dinner thanks!

  259. tina reynolds says:

    I would buy christmas for my kids and husband

  260. mary renshaw says:

    I would use the money to do something special for my hubby! Maybe a nice dinner or even a night out! We could really use some time to ourselves!!! Or even take the kids and get away for a weekend!

  261. Richard Hicks says:

    I would get a new garmin gps with it!

  262. Mary Cloud says:

    I would use it to pay bills and buy Christmas gifts
    annabella @ centurytel dot net

  263. I would use it on my son’s Christmas gifts.

  264. Lanicsha Wynn says:

    I would buy a few gifts and treat myself to something nice

  265. I would pay off a credit card bill! Thank you for the chance to win!

  266. I’d use it to buy books.

  267. I’d use the $300 to get new tires
    Lisa recently posted..Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette Giveaway

  268. Denise Donaldson says:

    I would buy Christmas presents for my whole family if I won

  269. I’d buy groceries.

  270. I would spend this on gifts and groceries. One tip to saving during the holidays for me is to use coupons and shop sales.

  271. follow on bloglovin
    melina ramirez mramirez999

  272. Stephanie Larison says:

    I’d use it to get my daughter the Lalaloopsy house she’s been wanting. It’s on sale for $100 at Toys R Us right now! Then I’d use the rest towards groceries to have a nice Christmas dinner.

  273. car payment

  274. following you on bloglovin

  275. Josh Turner says:

    This would be great to buy Christmas with my for my daughter!

  276. Sonya Morris says:
  277. Kelly Kimmell says:

    I would finish my Christmas shopping!

  278. We have a huge dental bill coming up – this would help with that!
    Carmen recently posted..FO Friday – Trimborn cowl

  279. I’d buy Christmas presents

  280. This would get me a Garmin GPS Watch! Awesome!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com
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  281. I follow you on Bloglovin: Cori Westphal

    coriwestphal at msn dot com
    Cori Westphal recently posted..Ahhhhh….relief with Curel Intensive Healing Cream! #review #imabzzagent

  282. Julie Hawkins says:

    I would use it to buy Xmas gifts and pay bills

  283. I would spend it on my family for the holidays with nice presents and Great food goodies!

  284. I follow on Bloglovin’ as Sharon Braswell.

  285. I commented on your post “A Great Gift For That Special Guy In Your Life,” as Sharon.

  286. Sarah Marshall says:

    I would use the money to pay bills!! I’m waiting on a disability hearing and making it in the mean time is a challenge!

  287. I would use it to help with my daughter’s college expenses.

  288. Melinda Stephens says:

    I’d use it to buy groceries and other necessities.

  289. I follow you on blog lovin

  290. Oh you know, the fun stuff, groceries and bills. :C

  291. help pay off some bills.

  292. I would put it towards Christmas gifts for the family.

  293. Put it towards my D-I-V-O-R-C-E1

  294. Rajee P Pandi says:

    I would use the money for home repair

  295. I would use it towards Christmas presents.

  296. Thanks for the giveaway…would put the $$$ towards a new laptop for my daughter.

  297. I would use it for Christmas for my family.

  298. I would use it for Christmas, and boy do I need it

  299. Christian Alejandro says:

    I would love to use it towards christmas gifts.

  300. Buddy Garrett says:

    I would use it to pay medical expenses.

  301. Leslie L Stanziani says:

    I would use it for a few gifts for my 4 kids but mainly on winter clothing for them.They have outgrown everything.

  302. Leslie L Stanziani says:

    I follow on bloglovin’ as lstanziani. Thanks!