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A few weeks ago I wrote a post about a special campaign that Sergeant’s is running that will help provide health care kit to various animal shelters across the country. Sergeants has pledged to send one kit for every pledge that is made, up to 5,000 kits.

Making a pledge is easy and it’s FREE to do. All you need to do is visit the emBARK on Pet Health website and click on the plege button. It will only ask for a little information, such as your e-mail address (nothing really personal). In addition to helping a pet in need you can also receive a $3.00 off coupon for Sergeant’s Pet Products.

Here are the details about the campaign.

There are nearly 70 million dog owners and 74 million cat owners in the  United States, and while many of these pet owners know it is important to keep  their pets healthy, they don’t necessarily think about the things they should be  doing on an ongoing basis to ensure that health. Sergeant’s  Pet Care Products, a  leading pet care product company, and actress and animal advocate Tiffani  Thiessen, are joining together to emBARK on Pet Health by educating and  empowering these families during Responsible Pet Owners month (February).

The emBARK on Pet Health campaign asks pet owners to take a simple  pledge to become more mindful of their pet’s ongoing needs at www.emBARKonPetHealth.com.  Each pledge will trigger the donation of a Sergeant’s Pet Health Kit, which – with the help of the American Humane Association – will be sent to help one of  the millions of animals waiting for their forever homes at local shelters  nationwide. Sergeant’s Pet Care Products is committed to donating up to 5,000  kits, which will ensure that these animals are sent home with all the products  they need to get started on a healthy and happy life together after  adoption.

My family and I have been doing all we can for our local animal shelter for many years (at least 15+ years). We donate money, food, blankets, pet products and cleaning supplies whenever possible.

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Volunteers are greatly needed, and appreciated, at any animal shelter. There is so much that needs to be done, from feeding the animals to cleaning out their pens, and from walking dogs to administrative/clerical work. They also need volunteers to help at local events and fundraisers. It doesn’t matter if you have an hour a week to spare, or an hour a month, any time you can offer as a volunteer at a local shelter would be a huge help. You don’t even need to be a pet owner, or lover, to help out. As long as  you are a compassionate soul who wants to help out those in need that is all that matters. Even children and teenagers can help out. You’ll need to check with your local shelter for age restrictions and limitations. For example, at our shelter you have to be 13 to handle the cats and small critters and 15 to handle the dogs.

If you have a camera and love to take photographs you should consider volunteering to take pictures of the animals available for adoption. I did that for a while at our local shelter. I was one of their official photographers. Not only did I take photos that were used for local publications and PetFinder.org, but I also took photographs fo their events for their newsletter and to share with the community.

I loved taking pictures of the beautiful animals. It was especially heart warming when I found out that animals found their “forever homes” thanks to one of my photos that they saw online or in the newspaper.

I volunteered my time whenever I had a chance. Usually it was an hour a day, 2-3 times per week. Trust me, that hour flew by quickly because I had way too much fun interacting with all the wonderful dogs and cats.

Here are a few of the photos I took for our local animal shelter.





Volunteering at our local shelter was one of the most heart-warming and rewarding experiences. Sadly I am unable to continue taking pictures for the shelter, but I do donate supplies as often as I can.

Animal shelters need A LOT of supplies. Here are just a few supplies that are greatly appreciated.

  • Blankets, comforters, pillow cases and towels for bedding.
  • Pet food
  • Litter and shavings
  • Pet Toys
  • Leashes and collars
  • Medical supplies
  • Formula
  • Office supplies (paper, pens, printer paper, tape, folders…)
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Hand wipes and/or hand sanitizer
  • Unused cages and carriers (meaning those you no longer have a need for).

In addition you could also consider fostering a pet in need until their forever home is found. As a foster mom to a pair of day old kittens I can tell you it was a wonderful, heart warming experience. It was a lot of work (they had to be bottle fed every 2-3 hours), but very rewarding.

E&B 1

We had never cared for newborn kittens before, so it was an experience. They were one day old when they were brought into the shelter. Someone found them in a dumpster. I was told the area where they were found (an industrial park) people would find stray kittens and just toss them in the dumpsters like they were trash. How sick is that? 🙁

Sadly Emma was very sick and had to be put to sleep when she was only 19 days old. Poor sweet little baby. 🙁


The above picture was taken only a couple of days before she passed away.

As for Bella, well, if you read my blog often you know that we adopted her.

Bella almost 6 months old

Be forewarned, you are most likely going to fall in love with your foster pet. So make sure you are ready to give them back to the shelter when they are found a forever home, or prepare yourself to keep them yourself. 🙂

Thanks to Sergeant, several shelters are going to be receiving much needed supplies in the form of “kits”.

Each “kit” is worth $50 and contains;

  • Sergeant’s Whiff Shampoo
  • PurLuv Sizzlin Strips
  • SENTRY Petrodex Dental Kit
  • SENTRY Calming Collar for dogs with Good Behavior pheromone technology
  • Sergeant’s Vetscription Joint Eze Plus

The shelters that are benefiting from all the emBARK pledges are;

Bergen County Animal Shelter and Adoption Center

100 United Land

Teterboro, NJ 07608

Humane Society of Atlantic County

1401 Absecon Blvd

Atlantic City, NJ 08401

Big Dog Rescue Ranch

10948 Acme Rd.

Wellington, FL 33414

Humane Society of North Texas

1840 E Lancaster Ave  

Fort Worth, TX 76103

Guardians of Rescue

34 E. Main St., Suite 303

Smithtown, NY 11787

Tri County Humane Society

21287 Boca Rio Rd.

Boca Raton, FL 33433

Animal Foundation

655 North Mojave Rd.

Las Vegas, NV 89101

As you can see, taking the emBARK pledge is very beneficial to pets in need around the country. It only takes a minute of your time and it’s FREE to do. To take the pledge please visit www.emBARKonPetHealth.com and click on the paw on the left side of the screen, or click on the Take the Pledge tab on top of the screen.




*I am participating blogger in this campaign with The Motherhood and Sergeants.

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  1. stephanie says:

    i love the pictures so cute!

  2. I would have never had thought to donate hand wipes but it really makes a lot of sense!
    Alison recently posted..I Love Driving

  3. Pamela Halligan says:

    I have volunteered at my local animal shelter and have participated in fundraising events. All of my pets – three dogs, a cat, three lizards, and two rabbits – all came from local shelters. Thanks for raising awareness of the needs of animal shelters.

  4. Sandy VanHoey says:

    It breaks my heart when I see some of these pictures. I need to use my coupons and help more at our shelter. I know there was a time I bought Pedigree bags of dog food and got them for $.99. Ended up giving to my sister but I could do things like this to help out.

  5. bayle stoneback says:

    we were in the search for a puppy. these pics are so cute i should go to our local shelter!

  6. Margot C says:

    Animal Shelters are heart breaking and inspiring. Our vet also has a small shelter for cats and kittens which he places (no kill!!) or keeps – there are quite a few there. I always contribute when we go there but feel that it isn’t enough sometimes.

  7. Cody Anderson says:

    I always adopt from shelters and try to help my local one whenever possible.

  8. The Sergeant campaign is such a great idea! I’m glad all the kits will be able to help so many that need it! Your family is very inspiring about volunteering and giving so much to the animal shelters! I’ve been wanting to do my part, but I haven’t been healthy recently so I’ve put it off. It’s nice to know that even a little can help. I will try to seek out my local animal shelter and see what I can do. Taking photos is something I never considered would be needed! I could definitely do that! Your photos are very nice and really help present each animal in a beautiful way! I’ve taken note of the supplies that are needed, some I can try to contribute! Being a foster carer must be such a great experience! I’m sorry that little Emma didn’t make it. Thank goodness Bella survived and how lucky she is to find herself a family like yours! Thanks for this post, it was very inspiring!

  9. This is a very good cause for shelter animals. The photos here are so cute, especially the baby kittens.

  10. Maria Iemma says:

    I always loved pets and grew up with dogs, cats and rabbits – It hurts me to see so many pets that are neglected – they just want someone to love.

  11. Donna George says:

    I love my pets and can’t imagine dumping them like that. All my pets have been rescues. AND they are fixed immediately.

  12. Amy Orvin says:

    I really love and admire this campaign. I am so happy that pet companies and others do stuff like this. I made the pledge and so proud to do it! May every one get a loving forever home!

  13. Thanks for sharing–both the info and the adorable pictures. This is a wonderful campaign.

  14. Livivua Chandler says:

    i have because just recently a lady was brought up on charges in our hometown for the neglect of over 100 animals.

  15. sandy weinstein says:

    love it when companies help out homeless pets and shelters….i have already pledged.

  16. We all love pets here in our house. Love the pictures especially the black and white cat. It is wonderful that companies help out with the shelters . they need that help , lots of animals especially cats are dumped . last summer someone dumped 5 baby kittens in the back alley. luckily we found home for all them ourselves

  17. June M. says:

    I love my pets…they are definitely my fur babies. Both of my dogs were adopted from unwanted/abusive homes and one of my cats I actually “inherited” when my great grand-mother passed away (my other boy I have had his whole life). I love companies that help out animals in need.

    RANDY FULGHAM recently posted..http://www.addthis.com/bookmark.php?v=250&pubid=eprizeaddthis