May I Be Frank?


May I be Frank? No… I’m not about to come clean about something. It’s actually a catchy title to a new documentary that I just watched about a man name Frank, who incidentally does come “clean”. The title of the film is just that – May I Be Frank?

Have you ever thought about transforming your life? Good golly… I think about that every day. I wish I could improve my health, have more energy, think clearly and most importantly, love myself. I can honestly say that I have never truly loved myself. I don’t like what I see looking back at me in the mirror. It’s not only a physical thing, it’s a mental thing too. I really don’t have much self worth, self esteem or confidence.

Most people feel it’s a cop out to blame your parents. I don’t blame my parents (my father is wonderful!). But I do blame my biological mother who abandoned me and never tried to reach out to me in my 40+ years. When you are little and someone abandons you it makes you doubt your worth – If I was good enough maybe she wouldn’t have left me? You get the idea.

Anyway… back to Frank.

Frank Before

May I Be Frank is a documentary follows Frank Ferrante, a 54 year old, overweight Sicilian-American from Brooklyn and his mental and physical transformation.

Frank was in dire straights when he found his way into a rather unusual restaurant called Café Gratitude. Café Gratitude offers patrons 100% organic vegan foods with a specialty in gourmet raw and cooked cuisines.

Frank stood out to the employees because he was very loud, crass and a bit obnoxious, but in a humorous sort of way. He was unlike anyone else that has come into their establishment. That intrigued them so they started up a conversation with Frank.

Frank told the young men about his life. He is a former drug addict who now suffers from Hepatitis C. He takes handfuls of pills every day and it extremely fatigued. He was also estranged from his family, most especially his daughter. Frank didn’t hold out much hope for the rest of his life, but he did tell the boys that he wished he could fall in love again at least one more time.

The young men were really taken with Frank and wanted to help him. So they made him a deal. They would help Frank to transform his life, mentally, physically and spiritually. In order to accomplish this Frank would have to eat meals from their restaurant at least twice a day. They would also send him to see special doctors and have certain unpleasant procedures done, all in the sake of improving Frank’s health. He would also have to recite affirmations every day to improve his feeling of self worth. After all, how can you fall completely in love with someone else when you don’t even love yourself?

What happened over the course of the next 42 days literally changed Frank’s life. He had plenty of ups and downs, some set backs and plenty of positive experiences. The entire time the young men filmed and documented Frank’s journey. May I Be Frank is a video record of Frank’s transformation.

After the documentary was done filming Frank did fall off course for a bit, but he was able to pick himself back up and continue to make himself and his life better.

This is Frank today.

Frank After

Not only is it evident that there was a major physical transformation, but also mental and personal transformations. Frank is now happy and vibrant and can truly say that he loves himself, something he was never able to do. He also have a good relationship with his family including his ex-wife and his estranged daughter. No longer does Frank sit around feeling sorry for himself. Instead he goes around the country sharing his story and giving hope to hundreds of people who feel the same way Frank did before he started his incredible journey.

The film was shot by a regular video camera by ordinary people – not Hollywood film makers. So the footage is raw and is sometimes grainy or shaky. But that is OK because it shows the viewers that what they are seeing is real and actually happened, and not something that was scripted.

There are a few curse words in the film, and a few times Frank refers to an area of his anatomy which I shall leave it up to readers to figure out. There is also a scene where Frank is totally naked. Needless to say this is not something you should watch with the kids around.

The film did have some slow spots but over all I found it fascinating. I’m shocked at how much of a difference 42 days could make in someone’s life. People often assume that in order to make real, life altering changes it would take months – even years. Frank proved in this documentary that you can change your life, physically and mentally, in just a short period of time. You just have to be committed and legitimately want to change. Of course having someone prepare meals for you and having personal coaches around you all the time does help. Not everyone has that luxury. But I’m sure with the love and support of family and friends you too could make a similar transformation.

May I Be Frank is available on DVD and video on demand (VOD) from Cinema Libre Studio.

For more information about the film, or Frank, visit MayIBeFrankMovie.com. You can also check out the movie and read what others have to say on the film’s Facebook page.



*I received a free screener copy in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and were not influenced in any way.

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  1. This sounds really interesting. I love true stories about self discovery and transformations and I had never heard of this one. Thanks for sharing.
    Sheri recently posted..Times have changed. OHIP needs to change too. #OHIP4IVF #ONPOLI

  2. This is such an inspiring story. I will definitely search out this video.

  3. This sounds like an amazing movie. I will definitely have to watch it. I love movies that are inspiring and show the true strength of a person.

  4. Olivia Rubin says:

    I often think about what it would be like if I were to stick to a new routine for a couple of weeks. Either way the weeks will pass and I can possibly be transformed. But i get in my way. It’s like I don’t care much for where I am, but I am also afraid that I won’t like the “new” me. Fear stops me. Complacency. I watch biggest loser and think if I could just walk daily a d change nothing else, but I don’t. I get lazy. And then think how I am at that date, and look at all I could have improved and didn’t.

    I really like documentaries. I will look for this one. Thanks for the review.

  5. Oh wow!! i want to watch this now for inspiration. It’s so hard to take that first step, though! Thanks for sharing!
    Lisa – Between the Kids recently posted..Happy Birthday, Kylie Adrianne!

  6. Donna George says:

    Ah-maz-ing! What a great idea, and he looks so wonderful now.

  7. What a great story. It just goes to show you that with a little interest and love that you can help someone see who they really are.

    And you, you are an amazing bright woman whose mother is the one missing out. Don’t doubt for one second it was your fault!
    Rachel recently posted..French Toast Casserole Recipe

  8. Vickie Couturier says:

    wow,interesting story,,I think we all have a little bit of Frank in us in some way or another,,Id like to read this book

  9. I would love to watch this. I have struggled with eating disorders and still struggle today with body image issues and my relationship with food. I totally relate to the lack of self-love, and seeing that someone else can find it within themselves is inspiring. Thanks for the post!
    Sam recently posted..Review: PR*Bar Apple Pie