Money saving tips for the summer (and beyond…). Plus a $100 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!


Summer is almost officially here – June 21st to be exact. Since Memorial Day weekend people are in the summer mindset.

Summer means different things to different people – vacation, lazy days at the beach, hanging out by the pool, barbecues and traveling. For me it means something different – no work!

I work in the school district. I follow their schedule. I actually love that because I know I’m off for many holidays and I get the week off after Christmas, a week off for Winter Recess and a week off for Spring Recess. I also don’t have to stress out about driving to work in a snow storm (if the school has a delay or is closed I either go in late or I have off). Most of the time its great… except the summer time. From the end of June until the start of September I’m off from work because the school district is closed.

Honestly, I don’t mind too much. Since I’m not a fan of summer time to begin with I prefer to close the curtains, crank up the air conditioner, and putter around our home doing projects I’ve put off all year long. The downside is no paychecks.

Since we’re lacking an entire paycheck all month long, I have had to get creative when it comes to saving money. Here are just a few of the ways that save money during the summer months (and beyond) so that my family doesn’t feel like they have to do without anything.

Local Parks

My family and I frequent local and state parks regularly throughout the year. Most of time parking is free. There is often a nominal parking fee during the summer months.

Parks have so much to offer from hiking trails to picnic/barbecue areas. One of our local parks even has a zoo that is free to visit.

We can literally spend from dawn to dusk at parks.

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Shop at Farmer’s Markets

The summer months are the best time to stock up on fruits and vegetables. When you purchase from local farmers you not only help your local economy, you also save money too. Fruits, vegetables, even baked goods are less expensive from local farmers than if you purchase from a grocery store.

Learning to can your own foods and make your own jams and jellies is also another way to take advantage of the bounty of fresh produce available, and it can save you money too.

Attend local events

It doesn’t matter if where you live is a big city or a tiny town… there is always something going on.

Look for local Facebook groups and check out local publications to find events in your area such as free concerts, free swim days at local parks, and parades.

Many libraries host summer reading programs which are great for young children. My kids always enjoyed the summer reading programs at the local library. Our library hosted movie nights, craft days and even a carnival at the end of summer.

Sometimes movie theaters have discounted movie days. I know that a local movie theater chain (Regal Cinemas) has $1.00 movie days all summer long where they are showing fun, family friendly movies. You can learn more about their Summer Movies Express here.

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Be a smart shopper

When it comes to shopping you should always be a smart shopper. You should never pass up the opportunity to save money with discounts and coupons. This is not only something I do during the summer months. I do this year round. Whenever I need to purchase something I always search the internet for discount codes and coupons.

One such site is Coupon Dash. At Coupon Dash you can find great discounts for anything from concerts to fashion, and from home goods to automotive.

Here are just a few great entertainment discounts that I found while checking out the site.

  • Save $10 on Lady Gaga Tickets
  • Save up to 45% on Tours and Activities in New York City
  • Save 10% on movies and television shows at Fandango.com

Father’s Day is coming up. There are plenty of great deals to be found for Father’s Day gifts.

  • 15% off store wide at Mistfit
  • Free shipping on Father’s Day gifts at 1-800-Flowers
  • 20% off at Fathead.com (my husband always wanted one of these of his favorite NFL team)

If you would like to see what else Coupon Dash has to offer visit CouponDash.com. It’s free to join and they are always adding new deals and discounts. I have the site bookmarked so I can check it daily. You can also check them out on social media. All of their links are found on the bottom right of their website.

To be a smart shopper you should ALWAYS take some time to do some research to see if there are any discounts available. There is nothing worse than finding out you could have saved money if you only knew about a special discount that was available.

FYI… Coupon Dash is hosting a $100 Amazon gift card giveaway! The giveaway ends on June 27, 2017. Once the winner is selected the gift card will be shipped within 15 days. 

To enter visit the giveaway page on Coupon Dash’s website

Tackle home improvement on your own

Believe it or not, there is a plethora of “How to” instructions and videos to be found on the Internet. My husband has been able to fix many things around our home simply by Googling how to do them online.

My cousin was able to renovate her entire kitchen on her own without having to hire a handyman or contractor to do it. She told us she found all the how to videos on YouTube.

Before spending hundreds, even thousands of dollars to fix something in your home, do some research on the Internet and see if you can easily fix it on your own.

You can even trade with someone you know to help you fix the problem. For example, if your co-worker is good at fixing plumbing issues, offer to make them a delicious meal or help them with something they need help with in exchange. We’ve done that before with our neighbors. My husband has fixed neighbors computers in exchange for watching our pets when we go away for a day or help us put in a new air conditioner (it was too heavy for my husband to do on his own).

Don’t tackle more than you can handle. I’m referring to home repairs and improvements that are not difficult. Leave the hard stuff (or the big things) to the experts.

These are just a few ways that we save money during the summer months, and beyond.

Do YOU have any great money saving tips that you would like to share? If so, please feel free to share them with me and other readers in the comment section of this post.

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*I have partnered with Coupon Dash to bring you this information. Although compensated the opinions expressed are entirely my own and not influenced in any way. 


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