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I love horror movies. I’ve been watching them since I was very young. The first horror movie I ever saw was The Crawling Eye (58′), which was about a giant eye that went around killing people. Another movie I saw when I was younger was The Deadly Mantis (57′). That was the first movie to scare the heebie jeebies out of me! I was 12 when I saw it for the first time (I was born in 68′). I was home alone and I watched it during a thunderstorm. I was so scared that I ran from my home to my grandparent’s house next door in the pouring rain and barefoot. 🙂 Since then I’ve had an unnatural fear of Praying Mantis. We had one in our home a few weeks ago. I freaked out!

I have watched so many horror movies over the years that I think I’ve become a bit jaded. I am never scared and it has to take a lot to gross me out or make me even wince. None the less, I still enjoy watching horror movies in hopes that I’ll come across one that truly scares me.

A few months ago I saw the trailer for the film Rec 3: Genesis. It’s an unusual title but I believe there are other films in the series.

This is the same trailer that I saw. Needless to say I just had to see this movie. It looked really good.


If you are reading this via e-mail you can see the trailer here,  http://bit.ly/Pwuqqq.

I love the AMC series The Walking Dead. I can totally get into zombie movies. As soon as I saw the trailer for Rec 3: Genesis I wanted to see it. Sadly it never played locally so I had to wait for the DVD to be released.

I was so excited to get a screener copy of the film to review. I couldn’t wait to watch it.

There was one itty bitty detail about the film that I did not know – it’s in Spanish, but it does have English subtitles. I’m not a fan of reading subtitles, but, for this film I would do it. You also don’t need to read them, per say, as the film is pretty easy to follow along even if you don’t know what people are saying.

Rec 3: Genesis follows a young couple, Koldo and Clara, on their wedding day. It’s filmed in a hand held camera style (later on it changes to regular filming).

The wedding was perfect. The bride was beautiful. The groom looked handsome. Even even sang a romantic song for her during the wedding. It was a beautiful day and the happy couple was surrounded by their loving family and friends.

The wedding moves over to a mansion for the reception. Everyone was excited to be there, including Koldo’s uncle, who was bit by a dog earlier in they day but he came to the wedding anyway.

During the reception the uncle starts to act unusual, even vomiting outside. While outside the wedding photographer happens to film men in Haz Mat suits on the mansion grounds. There is even a Police car parked outside.

Back inside guests are eating, drinking, dancing and having a great time. That is until Koldo’s uncle is spotted on the balcony. Guests stand below in horror trying to talk the uncle off the railing. The uncle, who appears to be drunk, falls to the ground. His wife runs to his side. When he awakens he reaches over and takes a huge bite out of her neck. When he stands up he proceeds to vomit on another guest. From that point on terror sweeps across the reception and people try to escape as guests start to turn into demonic zombies.

In the choas that ensues Koldo and Clara get separated. Koldo runs off with Clara’s younger sister, Tita, his cousins and another man. Clara is no where to be found.

The group find a way out of the mansion and find safety inside a chapel along with other survivors. The people who are infected with the deadly zombie-like virus cannot enter the chapel thanks to the holy water.

While in the chapel Clara’s voice comes over the PA system. She is not sure if Koldo is still alive or not, but she wants to let him know she’s OK just in case he can hear her. She also tells him that she’s pregnant.

Determined to rescue his wife and unborn child, Koldo sets out to find Clara, while Clara tries to escape to find Koldo.

For a short time Clara is with the priest who married them. He spoke about “Genesis” and “nature of the Demons”. When you see the zombie’s reflections in the mirror they do look like demons.

Will Koldo and Clara find each other among the hoard of hungry zombie demons? And what about their unborn child? Will anyone survive? To find out pick up a copy of Rec 3: Genesis where ever movies are sold.

This movie had it’s good and bad points. The idea of demon zombies was a bit far fetched. You can be either a zombie or a demon – you can’t be both. 🙂

There were a few times in the film that it seemed a bit goofy, like Koldo dressed up in a knight’s uniform that he found in the chapel.

This movie could have been made to be overly gross. I’m glad they didn’t go that route. Movies that try too hard to be incredibly gross are are “turn off” in my eyes. I do want the movie to be gory and gross, but not the point where I have to look away because they’ve gone overboard. That was not the case in with this film. If you are a fan of The Walking Dead then you’ll find the gore about the same as you would find in that show.

The over all story was good. I wish they would have gone into more detail about why they were demon zombies and what the people in the Haz Mat suits were doing there and why they didn’t try and help the survivors (including all the kids at the wedding who were killed).

If you love movies that keep you on the edge of your seat, then you’ll love this film. There were a few times I found myself on edge not knowing what was going to happen. I also love that they had people jump out when you least expected it.

Over all I loved the film. The only thing that could have made it better was if it was in English and I didn’t have to worry about reading subtitles.

If you are horror movie fan, and don’t mind the subtitles, then you should enjoy Rec 3: Genesis


*I received a free screener copy in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and were not influenced in any way.

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  1. Ann Perkins says:

    If you haven’t seen the first two [REC] films you should definitely add them to your DVD collection. I was talking about this movie with my co-worker from DISH, we both are fans of the original series, but I had given up on the American versions. I just got a Blockbuster @ home account through DISH, and I’ve decided to add this to my movie list. The shipping is fast, and I can return this movie to the store in exchange for a new movie instead of waiting for it in the mail. I like that this takes place at a wedding as I’m sure every newlywed can relate to wanting to chainsaw some of their in-laws and guests!