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And While We Were Here Blu-rayA couple of years ago I had the opportunity to take a blogger trip to the Amalfi Coast of Italy. Sadly it didn’t pan out. Since then I have had regrets about what I missed by not going on the trip. It would have been my only opportunity to visit the infamous Amalfi Coast.

When I heard about the film And While We Were Here and how it was filmed around the Almafi Coast I wanted to review it. Not only because the trailer made the film look interesting, but also because I wanted to see the scenery that I missed out on.

And While We Were Here stars Kate Bosworth as Jane, the quite wife of a concert violinist Leonard (Iddo Goldberg). Right from the start you can tell that their marriage wasn’t exactly exciting. Both seemed like they had no interest in the other. They barely spoke and frankly they came across as very boring.

Leonard was in Italy to perform a concert at the end of the month. While he spent his days practicing Jane was left on her own. To occupy her time Jane worked on writing her grandmother’s memoir based on audio recordings she did with her grandmother (voiced by Claire Bloom). In addition she would go off on her own and explore the town and it’s historical sites.

While visiting one historical site Jane meets a young American boy name Caleb (Jamie Blackley). Caleb tells Jane that he didn’t want to go to college so he came to Italy to study marine life but left his studies right away because it wasn’t for him. He now lives with an elderly distant relative and earns his money doing this and that. Caleb’s main objective is just to have fun and explore the world. He plans on taking a trip to Tibet in the near future.

Initially Jane didn’t think much of their encounter, but the more she thought about Caleb’s free spirit lifestyle the more it made her crave that for herself. She loved her husband, but she was not in love with her life.

While We Were Here

Eventually Jane gives into her desires and has an affair with Caleb. She even goes so far as to tell her husband about it. Instead of being angry he tells her to do what she needs to go and to meet him at the train station after his concert and he won’t ask her any questions about what she does in the mean time. Basically he wants her to get things out of her system, then return to him.

What does Jane decide to do? Will she return to her husband or will she stay with her much younger lover? To find out you need to pick up a copy of And While We Were Here.

As far as the scenery goes it was gorgeous. I really wish that I had the opportunity to visit the Almafi Coast. I am grateful that the filmmakers showed a lot of the beautiful scenery in the film.

Kate Bosworth came across as being very cold and lifeless for the most part. This was not my favorite Kate Bosworth film. I prefer her in more cheery, upbeat films like Win a Date with Tad Hamilton.

Her husband, played by Iddo Goldberg was no better. He appeared stuffy, boring and aloof.

To be honest I had a feeling what direction the film was headed in about half way through. I figured it could be one of two possible endings. I was correct with my first guess.

I found the film to be slow, boring and forgettable. Maybe from a cinematic standpoint it was wonderful, but the storyline was predictable and the whole film was just dull. That doesn’t mean that others will find the enjoyable. Just because “I” didn’t care for it much doesn’t mean that you won’t love it.

The only bonus feature was the original black and white version of the film and the film trailer, plus sneak peaks at other upcoming releases.

The film is available where most movies are sold.

Here is the film’s trailer for your entertainment.


*I received a free screener copy in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.

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