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So This is Christmas

Today (October 1, 2013), Image Entertainment, an RLJ Entertainment brand, brings you the film So This Is Christmas on DVD and Digital Download.

So This Is Christmas stars Vivica A. Fox (Independence Day), Eric Roberts (The Dark Night), Lexi Ainsworth (General Hospital) and Titus Makin Jr. (A Cinderella Story: Once Upon a Song).

Ashley (Ainsworth) and her family are the “poster family” for “dysfunctional families”. Ashley is a wild child who drinks and parties all the time. Her step brother, Jason (Makin Jr.), was a promising track star until he got involved with drugs. Their parents, Bill (Roberts) and Sharon (Fox) are no angels either. Bill is aware of his daughter’s problems but still treats her like a little girl and calls her “princess”. Sharon spends way too much time on her environmental cause then she does on her family. She is also in denial that her son, Jason, could do no wrong. It’s Ashley that is the trouble maker as far as she is concerned.

The entire family is quickly hitting rock bottom, not only as a family but also in their personal lives. They even neglect their once beautiful home and their family dog.

One day a handyman enters their lives and soon it becomes obvious to viewers that he might be an “angel in disguise”. Not an angel in the truest sense of the word, but he does change their lives – and for the better.

The handyman, Mac (Bryan Massey), encourages Ashley to volunteer and help out underprivileged children with their Christmas play. Unbeknown to her at the time, Mac wanted her to take over everything – from writing the script to coming up with costumes.

It’s one “drama” after another including lies, secrets, drugs, alcohol, abuse, teenage pregnancy, guilt and much more.

Is there any hope for this troubled family? To find out you need to pick up a copy of So This Is Christmas, available TODAY on DVD and Digital Download.

Here is the trailer for your enjoyment.


To be honest with you, I had hoped this was a Christmas movie. It’s not. While it does involve a Christmas play, it’s not really a Christmas movie. It’s more about a severely dysfunctional family and how they try and overcome their “demons”.

Eric Roberts was too “wishy-washy” in this film. He tried to be Mr. Nice Guy but it didn’t go over too well.

Vivica A. Fox’s character was not likeable at all. Even when she was at her most vulnerable, I really didn’t care for her character.

Both Lexi Ainsworth and Titus Makin Jr. did a great job playing troubled teens.

I think the one character that stole the show was Bryan Massey (“Mac”). His character was very genuine and charming. His warmth and compassion for the family and their friends really showed.

Another stand out was the part of Angelica, played by Danielle Vega. She really made me feel sorry for her and her situation.

Overall it was a good movie and it held my interest the entire two hours (just shy of 2 hours). At some points I wanted to reach into the screen and give people hugs. At other points I wanted to reach in my screen and knock some sense into them.

I am not sure of the rating but I believe it would be PG-13 due to the use of drugs and alcohol by the teen, plus there is some gang violence and even a gun shot wound.

IMDB (International Movie Date Base) lists this movie listed under comedy, drama and family. This is NOT a comedy. I didn’t find anything funny about it except a few scenes with the children during the Christmas play.

It’s a good movie, a bit on the “deep” and “intense” side, but over all it was good. Just let it be known that this is NOT a holiday movie, even if it sounds like it from the title.

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*I received a free screener copy in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.



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  1. Funny I would have thought this was a holiday movie with the title. Sounds like an interesting one to watch. I had never heard of this one before.
    Denise Taylor-Dennis recently posted..Giveaways – Balboa Baby Car Seat Canopy Ends October 14, 2013

  2. I am glad I read your review. I would have thought it was about Christmas and watched it with my daughter. I thik this is one I would watch but probably not with my daughter. Thanks for your honest review!

  3. I found Lexi, Eric, and Vivica to be very weak in this movie