Müller Corner and Müller Greek Corner Yogurts (Review) #MullerYogurt

I yogurt. I am grateful that my kids like yogurt too. They will often opt for yogurt over chips or junk food. That is why I make sure to buy yogurt that is not loaded with fat and sugar.

About a year ago I was introduced to Greek yogurt. Have you tried it yet? It’s so good! I love how rich and creamy it is. Sadly it tends to be a bit more pricier than regular yogurts so I usually only pick up a few at a time.

I love to try new things. When I was asked if I wanted to try out Müller Corner Yogurt and Müller Greek Corner Yogurt I jumped at the opportunity. I have never heard of the brand before. So far I haven’t seen it on my local store shelves but hopefully they will show up there soon.

Müller Yogurts are currently only available in the following locations;

  • New York
  • Boston
  • Philadelphia
  • Washington, DC
  • Hartford/New Haven
  • Providence/New Bedford
  • Buffalo
  • Albany/Schenectady/Troy
  • Rochester
  • Portland
  • Baltimore
  • Harrisburg
  • Norfolk/Portsmouth
  • Greensboro
  • Wilkes Barre/Scranton

I’m in the New York area. Perhaps they are more readily available in the New York City area.

Müller Corner Yogurts are available in the following flavors; Blueberry, Strawberry, Crispy Crunch, Choco Balls, Choco Flakes and Crunchy Granola.

The Greek style yogurts are available in, Blackberry & Raspberry, Caramelized Almonds and Strawberry mix-ins.

They also have Müller FrütUp varieties include Luscious Lemon, Peach Passion Fruit, Blueberry Bliss, Splendid Strawberry, Very Cherry and Radiant Raspberry.

We had the opportunity to try out some of the Greek style and FrütUp varieties.

The FrütUp varieties come in a cup of yogurt topped with a sweet and fruity gelatin type topping. The topping is VERY sweet. Almost too sweet. I suppose you can eat it “as is” but it’s much better when mixed with th yogurt that is located underneath the fruity mixture.

The one pictured is the Very Cherry variety. It does have a very cherry flavor. If you were to serve this flavor to me blindfolded and asked me to name the flavor I would use the very same words as my description – it’s very cherry.

I liked this variety mixed up. I still found it a bit too sweet for my liking. I also wasn’t too keen on the gelatin consistency. I prefer my fruity mixtures to be more creamy. Despite that I did like the yogurt. I found that the Luscious Lemon was less sweeter than the Very Cherry. In fact it was a bit tart, just like real lemons. Of the two flavors that I tried I would certainly buy the Luscious Lemon again.

My kids gobbled up the other flavors we received. Unfortunately they couldn’t elaborate on their opinions about the product except for “It was good” (daughter) and “I liked it” (son).

I really like the Müller Greek Corner Yogurts. Each one comes with a separate (but attached) container filled with a topping that can either be mixed in with the yogurt or you can take a spoonful of yogurt and dip it into the topping. You can also use the topping to dip other things into it such as cut up apple pieces or even baby carrots. For example, the  Honeyed Apricot flavor topping would go great with baby carrots. Had I had some on hand I would have tried it out myself.

Some people don’t like a lot of extra sweetness in thier yogurt. Personally I don’t want my yogurt too sweet so I like having the option of being able to control how much of the topping I want to use.

The yogurt it’s self was very thick and creamy, just the way I like it.

I LOVED the Crispy Crunch flavor.  I think that was my favorite Müller flavor. The little crispy crunches were a welcome addition to the smooth and creamy yogurt. It’s as if you had the best of both words – creamy and crunchy.

Müller yogurt has been a favorite in Europe for many generation. Thanks to The Quaker Oats Company Müller yogurts are now available in the US. I know they are not available in all areas yet, but keep an eye out for them as I’m sure they will be in the next few months.
For more information visit www.MullerQuaker.com. You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter (@MullerQuaker).
*I’ve received free product samples in order to do this review. All opinions expressed are my own and are not influenced in any way.

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  1. I’ve tried all three types in quite a few flavors. My area is not on the list. But larger cities in my region are listed. The day a saw the ad on tv for the first time I went to the store and there it was.

  2. awesome