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Do you have a son, daughter or grandchild currently away at college? Do they live in a dorm or an off campus apartment? If so you will want to learn more about AfreSHeet.

College students have a lot on their “plates” between attending classes, working, doing homework and enjoying and active social life. Who has time for keeping their dorm rooms clean or doing laundry.

Many college students bring their laundry home for mom to wash for them when they pay their family a visit during school breaks. Included among the laundry are the student’s bed sheets, pillow case and blankets.

One of the last thing on most college student’s minds are their bedding. Do you honestly think that a student will be sitting in class thinking to themselves “I need to wash my sheets when I get back to my room”. Probably not.

Now it’s possible for college students to have a fresh fitted sheet every week WITHOUT doing the laundry with a handy new product called AfreSHeet.

AfreSHeet is a fitted sheet (made especially for XL sized college dorm beds) that is really 7 sheets in one. When the top sheet needs to be cleaned simply peel it off and toss the dirty one out.

That’s right – disposable sheets!

Perhaps this brief video can explain it better.


AfreSHeet sent me a set to review. I knew exactly whose bed to put it on – my son’s bed – aka “Hair Central” or “The Hair Bed”. All of our pets (except the fish of course) flock to my son’s bed. If we didn’t wash it constantly it would be really gross.

Four of our five cats on my son's bed (missing one cat and the dog).

Four of our five cats on my son’s bed (missing one cat and the dog).

My son’s bed is a standard so the sheets were a bit too long. It’s OK though, he just tucked the excess underneath.

Please note that my son took the photos for this review post with his cellphone. Since he was using the sheets he wanted to help me with the review.

The sheets do feel a bit different. Not like a real sheet. It’s not a bad feeling – just a different feeling. My son said it took a few nights before he got used to them.

AfreSHeet works EXACTLY like they say they will. When you are ready for a fresh sheet just peel away the top sheet and toss it out. I wanted to find a way to repurpose the sheet but really couldn’t think of something.

Each sheet layer has a special backing on it to make it waterproof. That means liquid (coffee from late night studying…) won’t seep down to the other layers.


If you saw what was really on top of your bed sheets you would want to wash it daily. Dirt from sweat, dead skin cells, hair, dust, dust mites, bedbugs and pet dander can be found on your sheets. Ewww!!!! Lets not forget germs, bacteria and other icky stuff. That is why it’s very important to wash your sheets at least once a week.

My son went through most of the sheets already. I think there might be one or two left on the AfreSHeet. So far he is pleased. Once he got used to the different feel of the AfreSHeet he was OK with them. He says that he doesn’t notice any difference between these sheets and regular sheets anymore.

Our cat Bella loves the sheets too.

Our cat Bella loves the sheets too.

You might think AfreSHeet is expensive. They sell for $29.95 for seven weeks of fresh fitted sheets. If you think about how much sheets cost, plus the cost of doing laundry and laundry detergent these sheets might work out to be more cost effective. Not to mention less time doing laundry and always having a fresh, clean sheet each week.

I think this is an ingenious idea. Our daughter is heading off to college this time next year and I think I’ll pick up a few packages of AfreSHeet for her.

If you would like more information about AfreSHeet visit www.AfreSHeet.com. You can also check out AfreSHeet on the various social networking sites too.

What do you think about AfreSHeet? Feel free to share your thoughts.

AfreSHeet 2


*I received a free product sample in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.

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  1. Debbie Welchert says:

    I don’t have anyone in college but I do have grandchildren who like to spill or put things on their beds that get them dirty. These would com in handy for them.

  2. This would be great not just for college but for kids at home. Thank you for your great review.

  3. This is great! Sure do wish I would have had these when our kids were younger. I would have been so willing to pay the price for these. I am thinking too that they would be perfect for when the grandkids or even my parents are visiting for a few days. Great review!

  4. Michelle Elizondo says:

    I love that it advertises never wash your sheets again!

  5. Rebecca Smith says:

    This would be useful for children too..those that love to snack in their bed!