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Now that old man winter has FINALLY packed his bags and moved on (yeah!) it’s time to throw open the windows, pack away the sweaters and do some spring cleaning.

I keep all my clothes in our walk in closet. I’m happy to finally be able to move my cold weather clothing to the back of the closet and move my warmer weather clothing up front.

I don’t know about you but I’m not one to follow fashion trends. If it fits, it’s comfortable and it looks good on me I’ll wear it. I don’t usually “keep up with the Joneses”, so to speak. My daughter on the other hand, she’s really into what’s hot and trending. She loves to read fashion magazines and she practically lives on the site Wanelo – a website that showcases what’s “hot” including fashion, interior design and accessories.

My daughter has been into fashion since she was six years old. Back then she wanted to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology when she graduated high school. She’ll be a senior in the fall. She’s still deciding on whether she wants to follow through on her dreams of being a fashion designer or go another route (she’s thinking about teaching, law and/or psychology).

My daughter is totally into her handbags, totes and purses. She has amassed quite a collection over the years. I must say she does have great taste.

As it is with your wardrobe, the start of a new season is always a great time to swap out your handbag. Pack away your winter handbag and pick up this seasons “must have” bags.

The Cambridge Satchel Company (www.CambridgeSatchel.com) has a great assortment of bags to suit any taste or need. This spring they debuted many near designs and colors. One that is especially appealing is their Mini Satchel in bright, hot pink (Fluoro Pink). The bag features a top handle, detachable shoulder strap and handy magnetic closures for easy access.  There is even a front pocket that is the perfect size for most cellphones. My daughter went crazy when she saw it. She just HAD to have it.

 Pink Cambridge Mini Satchel

The bag is super cute (and bright!). My daughter can’t wait to go to the mall next weekend with the bag. She plans on wearing black pants and a black top. The hot pink Mini Satchel is going to POP with the black background. It’s the perfect size for her to bring to school or shopping at the mall (or movies) with her friends.

When it comes to your purse, what are your “must have” essentials?

When it comes to my purse I always make sure to keep the following on hand.

  • Cellphone (of course! I never leave home without it)
  • Wallet (even if it’s empty most of the time – ha ha)
  • Hand sanitizer (for those times soap/water are not available)
  • Hand Lotion (I have chronic dry hands)
  • Mints (you never know when you’ll need to freshen up your breath)
  • Panty Liners (a girl always wants to feel fresh)
  • “Mad Money” / Emergency Money (usually I tuck it inside an interior pocket)
  • Coupons (I have several coupons for FREE coffee at my favorite coffee shop)
  • Lip Balm (for kissable lips all day long)

I don’t usually carry make up (except lip balm) unless I am going someplace, such as a party, where I might want to touch up a bit. Then I might toss in something like Cover Girl Outlast Double Lipshine. It’s a dual colored lip gloss and clear lip gloss all in one.  It’s one of those products that goes great from the office to a night out on the town. You can enjoy the clear gloss by day and the colorful shiny lip gloss at night. You won’t need two products because they are both the same product. Having the one tube also takes up less space in your bag (you won’t need a separate lip glosses).

There is a new product that I am considering keeping in my bag that is quickly becoming a favorite of mine –  Olay’s {Bright On Schedule!} Eye Awakening Cream. I just started to use it and already I love it. It’s a lightweight cream that helps to hydrate the delicate skin under your eyes and helps reduce dark circles and puffiness. It comes in a tube with a tri-ball roller which makes application quick, easy and mess free.

{Bright On Schedule!} Eye Awakening Cream

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a product I would keep in my bag at all times. It’s just something I would toss in my bag should I have plans in the evening to go out and want to freshen up my look. I would bring along the eye cream, make up and make up wipes so I can clean my face, apply the eye cream and then my make up.

My daughter on the other hand carries everything except the kitchen sink in her bag. LOL! She’d be great on the show “Lets Make a Deal” because chances are she’d have whatever was asked of her in her bag. I used to be that way but have simplified things as I’ve got older.

Did you know that according to a recent Always survey, women carry liners in their purse at the same rate as mascara (40%). I find that interesting, but it does make sense. Always panty liners are super thin and flexible and come individually wrapped which makes them convenient to toss into your purse. Their small size won’t take up any room at all, even in the tiniest of purses/bags. They are also a must have for gym or work bags because you just never know when you might want to freshen up a bit. They are great for every day use all year long.

 Always Sheer Liners

Always Dailies Sheer come in a package of 54 liners which are separated into smaller “purse packs” of 18 liners. The purse packs are not much bigger than a compact (the whole pack fits in the palm of your hand). Or you can open up the pack and toss just a few into your purse. Individually they are no bigger than a debit/credit card (but much thinner). The liners themselves are so thin that you may forget that you are even wearing one. Their small size makes them discreet too. No one will even notice them in your purse.

The purse packs even fit nicely in my daughter’s beautiful new Cambridge Satchel Company Mini Satchel. I know she uses liners on a daily basis too.

The new Always Dailies Sheer are available at major retailers. If you would like more information visit Always.com or check them out on Facebook (Facebook.com/Always).

What do YOU keep in your purse? If we were to dump it out on the table right now what would we find inside? Are you a minimalist like me or do you put everything in your bag like my daughter? Feel free to share your thoughts.

Messy Handbag


*I received free product samples and other goodies in exchange for my participation. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.

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  1. I am more like your daughter. I am one of those woman who has everything but the kitchen sink. I carry all kinds of meds just in case. Plus I always end up carrying things for my son or daughter. That’s why I am also a firm believer you can never have to many handbags.