My hubby and his heart of gold

Our cars buried under snow - compliments of Snow Storm Nemo.

Our cars buried under snow – compliments of Snow Storm Nemo.

I am one of the luckiest people in the world. I’m not rich (far from it), I’m not beautiful, I don’t have a fabulous career and I have never, nor will ever, travel the world. But I have something better. Something that no amount of money, education or social status can buy – a wonderful husband.

Everyone loves my husband. Our family joke is that he’s the Pied Piper (in a good way of course). People, young and old, flock to him. He literally has a “magnetic personality”. Sometimes people actually dislike him because if that. Like some of his co-workers at his former job. Whenever someone on his team did something “above and beyond” for one of the people in the office they were given lunch tickets which they could use for a free lunch in the cafeteria. My husband had so many lunch tickets he barely had to bring lunch in. Meanwhile his co-workers barely got any. That is because my husband puts 125% into everything he does and he always goes “above and beyond”, not only at work, but also in his day-to-day life too.

Today is a great example of just how amazing my husband is. We had about 12″ – 14″ of snow last night with Winter Storm Nemo. We live in a condo complex so we have a lot of neighbors.

This morning around 7:00 AM my husband and our 13 year old son went outside with shovels in hand to dig out my car and my husband’s car. Over three hours later they returned. It didn’t take them long to dig out our cars. They were gone so long because they dug out 18 cars in total. EIGHTEEN!!! They did our two and then sixteen of our neighbor’s cars.

Our cars after they were dug out.

Our cars after they were dug out.

This is not uncommon. My husband always digs out the cars of our elderly neighbors, single moms, single ladies and our friends. He’s also willing to help others dig out their cars, even able bodied men. He never asks for anything in return. Not a single dime. His payment is the smiles and gratitude that people show him.

One neighbor that we don’t really know was outside trying to dig his car out with a snow brush because he didn’t have a shovel. He asked to borrow my husband’s shovel. My husband actually shoveled the guy’s car out for him.

My husband over heard the man asking one of his kids if they had any money on them. When they said “no” the man asked my husband how long he was going to be there because he didn’t have any money. My husband told him he didn’t want any money. He was just being a good neighbor.

One of our elderly neighbors (a woman) who lives in our building came out to dig out her car and saw it was already done. Instead of being grateful she demanded that someone come and clean off her car some more because it wasn’t good enough for her. No thank you. No appreciation. NOTHING! Needless to say that is the last time my husband cleans off her car. That took some nerve. The car was fine. It shouldn’t matter that there was a little snow left on the roof. GRRR!!!!

My husband and son dug out all these cars... and then some!

My husband and son dug out all these cars… and then some!

Another neighbor of ours in a near by building lives with his elderly mother. It’s just the two of them (he’s single and in his 60’s, his mom is in her 80’s). He’s gone through a lot this year with having his job hours cut and his mom in the hospital for several month. My husband and son dug out his car too. He didn’t show up until after my husband was back inside. We watched him from our window. He went down to his car to shovel it out and stood there for a moment totally perplexed and shocked. My husband just giggled and walked away from the window.

Our son was out there the whole time working hard along side of my husband. My son LOVES to shovel (he aspires to drive a snow plow someday – I tell him to aspire to OWN the snowplow company :-)). He kept asking my husband what car could they shovel out next. I hope that seeing how kind hearted my husband is will inspire our son to continue doing nice things for neighbors when he’s grown up and on his own.

Sadly my husband and son are paying the price now. My husband has a weak spot on his back and he’s in total pain from all the shoveling. I feel really bad for him. I keep putting muscle cream on his and he’s been using the heating pad but it’s not helping. Even my 13 year old is complaining his back hurts. I feel really bad. They both did such a wonderful thing and now they are in pain. 🙁

Where were me and my daughter when all of this was happening? SLEEPING! My husband let me sleep in (my daughter normally sleeps in on the weekend). We only have two shovels too so he knew there was not much I could do (but I could have taken turns with the shovel and dug too!). I feel guilty that he let me sleep in too.

Now you see why I consider myself a very lucky person? Because I married my best friend – a man who has a heart the size of the sun.

Piles of snow in the parking lot that my husband and son dug out from the cars.

Piles of snow in the parking lot that my husband and son dug out from the cars.


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  1. Your husband is a gem! And the old lady that complained is an ingrate. It amazes me the degree of kindness that some people can show in comparison to the degree of entitlement others show.
    Virginia from That Bald Chick recently posted..New Baby Checklist

  2. How wonderful! If only his “heart as big as the sun” could melt away all the snow, but I suppose it’s good they get their exercise in together, too ;).

  3. That is amazing!!!

  4. I wish your family were our neighbors. Your hubby sounds like a nice guy.

  5. You are very lucky. You also have done an amzing job with your son! It’s people like your husband and son that give me hope and realize that we still live in a caring society.

  6. You had me saying “aww” at the second paragraph.

    You are a lucky woman to have such a husband. Your husband is a lucky man to have such an appreciative wife!
    Wendy T recently posted..My Story

  7. He sounds llike a wonderful husband! How kind and thoughtful.