My Resolve All-Stains “commercial”

*I am a brand ambassador and I am being compensated for my participation. I received free product samples in order to do this stain torture test. Any opinions expressed are entirely my own and are not influenced in any way.


One of my assignments as a brand ambassador for Resolve All-Stains was the make a video (commercial) about Resolve All-Stains. I was free to get as creative as I wanted to.

I have never attempted to make a faux commercial before. When I shoot videos they are usually of my family and they are unscripted. I keep hoping to get the perfect video to submit to America’s Funniest Home Videos in hopes of winning $10,000. LOL!

I wanted to shoot a commercial that expressed how Resolve All-Stains removed a variety of common stains, all in one bottle. After all, why would you want to take a gamble and pick the wrong stain remover and risk making a stain worse?

I wanted to make the video with a gambling theme – Vegas style! I was hoping to find plenty of props to use at our local Dollar Store rather than hike across the county to the nearest party supply store. Sadly the Dollar Store didn’t have what I had in mind. They didn’t even have dice! Ugh!


I still wanted the video to have a gambling theme. When I think Vegas I think about slot machines and how they spit out all that money when you win the jackpot. So I went with that angle.

I kind of created a script. I read it over and over again until I knew what I wanted to say. If I didn’t have something planned I would end up stumbling over my words. You’d be amazed at how quickly I forgot my lines. I ended up having to re-shoot the video several times.

To make matters worse our one cat, Bella, kept jumping on the table that I was filming on. Our dog was also walking around the table the whole time. If you listen you can hear the click-click-click of his nails on the wood floor.

Without further adieu here is my “commercial” for Resolve All-Stains. If you are reading this via e-mail you can see the video here, http://bit.ly/IRVzxX.


It’s safe to say that Steven Spielberg and James Cameron have nothing to worry about. I won’t be nominated for any Academy Awards any time soon.

Making the video was a lot more challenging that I thought it would be.

Thankfully you don’t have to take a gamble and make a commercial for Resolve All-Stains to win their “Are You A Stain Gambler” sweepstakes. One lucky person will win a brand new washer and dryer plus a year’s supply of Resolve All-Stains.

To enter visit the Resolve Facebook page, www.Facebook.com/ResolveUS. Like their page then take the Stain Gambler Quiz. The quiz features a series of “ink blots” (the kind that psychologists use). The multiple choice answers are super easy. The last part of the quiz you have to find specific images in a graphic. It seems easy but it’s not. I have yet to find all of the images. But that is OK. Even if you don’t complete that section of the quiz you are still eligible to enter the sweepstakes.

While you are on the Resolve Facebook page be sure to check out the special Q&A myself and the other Resolve brand ambassadors did with Resolve’s Facebook fans.

You can also check out my Stain Torture Test using Resolve All-Stain, http://www.shescribes.com/2012/04/stain-torture-test-facebook-sweeps-and-more.html.

For more product information please visit http://powerofresolve.com/laundry.php.



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