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How attached are you to your smartphone? Can you go a moment without it or is it almost attached to you at all time? Does it even follow you into the bathroom? In the middle of the night if your phone next to your bed?

Some people are practically “addicted” to their phones and are almost lost without it. My daughter is one of those people. She is forever attached to her phone. The only time she’s not is when she’s in the shower or at the dinner table (cellphones are not allowed at the dinner table).

My daughter has Raynaud’s disease. It’s a rare disorder of the blood vessels. My daughter is always cold, even when everyone else is hot. Her hands turn pure white when she’s cold. Literally! It’s the weirdest looking thing.

Even though she has this condition she doesn’t always take good care of herself, especially when it comes to cold weather. She’ll wear a Northface jacket (which is not warm enough for the blistering cold) instead of a heavy coat, and she’ll go without gloves on just so she can use her cellphone (iPhone 5C). In order to use the touch screen you need to use your bare fingers – or do you?

Girl with striped gloves

I have seen those special gloves that you can wear that allow you to use your touchscreen device. They usually have a weird little patch-like thing on the end of the index finger that allows you to use your touch screen device. The only problem is that you can only use the index finger. If you are a speed texter like my daughter you need the use of all your fingers.

The company U|R® POWERED believes nothing should come between you and your touch screen, not even gloves. They created an innovative and invisible solution that enables you to use touch screen devices while wearing their gloves INCLUDING all five fingers on each hand. That means you an update your Facebook status and tweet your followers while not having to remove your gloves.

U|R® POWERED sent me some gloves to try out for myself. I was in need of gloves, so this was perfect timing. I was also excited to be able to check my e-mail and browse the Internet on my phone while waiting for the bus in the morning (in my car) without having to remove my gloves.

My kids get on the bus around 6:45 AM. During the winter months it’s FREEZING inside my car. It’s also one of the times when I check my Facebook feed, reply to messages and read the various entertainment websites that I follow. Unlike my daughter who’ll use her phone even if her fingers are so cold they are about the break off, I won’t use my phone if it means taking off my gloves. My fingers are more important to me than knowing what someone had for dinner on Instagram.

With the U|R® POWERED gloves I am able to use my iPhone the same way I normally do without anything standing in my way. I can type with both hands like I normally do and not have to peck at the keyboard like you have to when you only have one finger that works with the touchscreen.

Glove 1

According to U|R® POWERED;

After a year of research and development, the U|R® POWERED team created a breakthrough treatment that transforms insulating materials with an invisible capacitance for connectivity, making the entire glove connective. U|R® patented conductive coatings are state of the art, contain no metals and are environmentally friendly. Best of all, they are sleek, comfortable and elegant in a variety of styles, materials and colors for men and women. The U|R® POWERED collection of connected accessories also includes audio headwear; hats, headbands and earmuffs with built-in headphones that allow for simple audio integration. Not only will your ears be nice and warm, but you can also listen to your favorite tunes or answer phone calls with a swipe of a finger.

I currently don’t have a camera. My only camera is my cellphone. I do enjoy taking photos, including outdoor photos (snow glistening on trees always makes for a nice photo). Until I can buy a new camera my cellphone is all I have.

Without the U|R® POWERED gloves I would have to remove my gloves every time I wanted to take a photo or video. Depending on how cold it was I might be reluctant to do that and I would miss out on some great photo ops. With the U|R® POWERED I am able to snap all the photos and video I want, edit and share them all while keeping my hands and fingers toasty warm.

Glove 2

Not only are these gloves great for using with your touchscreen devices they are also very comfortable and fashionable. Even if I wasn’t planning on using my iPhone I would wear these gloves. They feel great on and keep my hands nice and warm.

My husband has a pair too. He has been using them all the time too. He says he likes how flexible they are. He is able to use the ice scraper or snow brush with ease and he’s able to easily hold on to things (keys, brushes…) wearing the gloves. They don’t prohibit him from doing the things he normally does.

If you live in a part of the country that experiences bitterly cold winters, and you are someone who NEEDS your touchscreen devices with you all the time, you might want to invest in not only a great pair of gloves, but also gloves that will keep your hands warm and allow you to enjoy your phone or other touch screen device the way you normally do.

U|R® POWERED gloves are available for both men and women and in different sizes and colors.

These would also make a great gift.

For more information about U|R® POWERED visit www.URPowered.com. They are available for purchase on their website as well as retailers like Macy’s, Lord & Taylor, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, Dillard’s, Von Maur and Amazon.

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*I received free product samples in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.

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  1. I have seen gloves similar to these. But the big difference is most only have the thumb and pointer finger with special material for using on touch screens. I like that these ones have it on all 5 fingers.