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I love learning about new products. I think that is one of the many perks about being a blogger – companies make you aware of new products that you might not otherwise know about.

Kraft has many new products that are now available. I was fortunate to try out most of them. Some of them are already my new favorites and I know I’ll be purchasing them once my sample products are gone.

One of the new products that stands out to me are the new Kraft Miracle Whip Dipping Sauces. The sauces are available in three different flavors – Sassy Sweet Tomato, Kickin’ Onion Blossom and Smokin’ Bacon Ranch.

Kraft Miracle Whip Dipping Sauces

Sassy Sweet Tomato is my personal favorite of the three. Think of it as ketchup with a kick. It’s a little bit sweet and spicy at the same time. Not only is it great with fries, but it also goes perfectly with chicken nuggets and fishsticks. I have even tried it with scrambled eggs. Mmm! It is so good!

The Kickin’ Onion Blossom is the perfect blend of Miracle Whip and onions. It also goes well with nuggets, fries and even a topping for your sandwich (try it with deli cut roasted chicken on soft bread).

Smokin’ Bacon Ranch is a bacon lovers dream. It’s packed with flavor. Not only is it great with chicken nuggets but it’s also a nice dipping sauce for veggie like cucumber slices and baby carrots.

All three of them would go great on hamburgers.

I don’t always have time to fix myself a nice lunch. On days that I am super busy I tend to grab for things that are really bad for me (chips, donuts…) or I skip lunch all together. Therefore it’s great to have some convenience foods on hand such as the Mac & Cheese microwave cups and bowls. The Kraft Homestyle Macaroni and Cheese is especially good. It’s quick (4 1/2 minutes in the microwave) and easy to make (just add water and then stir in the ingredients). Best of all they have great flavors such as Sharp Cheddar and Bacon, White Cheddar and Four Cheese. Now there are two more flavors to include – Southwest Tortilla and Creamy Bacon. Both flavors are awesome. The Southwest Tortilla comes with a crunchy tortilla topping and the Creamy Broccoli has a nice “grown up” taste. Who says kids are the only ones allowed to enjoy Kraft Macaroni and Cheese?

Creamy Broccoli

Creamy Broccoli with bread crumb topping

Kraft Homestyle Mac and Cheese bowls

Southwest Tortilla

Southwest Tortilla with crunch tortilla topping

 Both varieties would be perfect to keep on hand for those days you don’t have time to make lunch, or even dinner. If you have a microwave at work these would be great to keep in your desk just in case you forget lunch. All you need it water to make them.

Kraft also has a few new A1 products including rubs and marinades.

 A1 Mixes and Rubs

The new marinades come in Original and Savory Garlic & Herb. The dry rubs come in Bold Original and Sweet Mesquite BBQ. I haven’t had the opportunity to try either one of them. It’s not exactly barbecue weather here in NY. I also haven’t picked up any steak or chicken that I needed marinated… yet. I’m sure I will have opportunity to try them in the next couple of weeks.

I’m looking forward to the Savory Garlic & Herb marinade. I have a feeling that is going to taste really good.

Also new from from Kraft are Ice Age and Holiday Jigglers, although I don’t think the holiday ones are available anymore. You might want to keep an eye out for them this coming holiday season.

The holiday kit even comes with two 8 ounce servings of JELL-O so you can use them right away. There is even a recipe for creamy JELL-O which would work well with the Jigglers too.

I made the Ice Age Jigglers with the JELL-O from the holiday kit but I neglected to take a picture of the shaped JELL-O. My kids gobbled up right away. I’ll need to make more with the other box of JELL-O from the holiday kit.

 JELL-O Jigglers

In addition to these products, Kraft also has a variety of new Planters Nut-rition product, new Kool Aid flavor and a new MIO flavor. You can read more about these products on this post, http://www.shescribes.com/2013/01/im-nuts-for-planters.html.

Make sure to check out the Kraft Foods website often to keep up to date on new product releases coming out in 2013. You can also keep up to date on Kraft product news on their Facebook and Twitter pages.

If you want to see a plethora of mouth watering recipes check out Kraft’s Pinterest page. But be forewarned… don’t visit their Pinterest page unless you have a full stomach or else you are going to crave everything that you see. 🙂

For more recipe ideas check out Kraft’s YouTube page too.



*I received free product samples in order to do these reviews. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and were not influenced in any way.

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  1. I’m looking forward to trying the dipping sauces (love the idea of using them on hamburgers)
    Thanks for the review.